Studio 33 11-20 (flac)

Down Be Low, Studio 33 The 11th Story


Summer Intro
Klubbheads – Discohopping
Naline & Kane – Beachball
Bass Bumperes – Keep Me Running ’97
Dr. Alban – It’s My Life
Da Bomb – The Original
Vertigo – Magic Eyes
Scatman John – Let lt Go
Olive – You’re Not Alone
Colonel Abrams – Trapped ’97
Sunbeam – Dreams
Icehouse – Hey Little Girl ’97
DJ Zuul – The Day After The Party
Triple S. – Keep Your Head
S.M. Trax – Climb On Top
Million – Money
The Sign – Words
Space Frog – Follow Me
Object One – Typewriter
Chicane – Sunstroke
Mrs. Ping & Mr. Pong – S.0.S.
Hole In One – Life’s Too Short
Nova – Welcome To Earth
Nana – Let lt Rain
Flip Da Scrip – You Can Run
Sabrina Setlur- Glaubst Du Mir
Ginuwine – When Doves Cry
Paris Red – Love Hurts
Gina G. – Ti Amo
Masterboy – La Ola Hand In Hand
T-Spoon – Sex On The Beach
Yayas – To Love Somebody
Los Locos – Tic Tic Tac
Hanson – Mmm Bop
Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You
DerWolf- Sei Dein Eigener Held
Mr. President – Jojo Action
Funky Diamonds – It’s My Game
Camen – Everything Changed
Bed & Breakfast & Squeezer- Get lt Right
Johnny Right – I Wanna Be with You
Cartouche – Running Up That Hill
Cream – Why
P.A. Project – Hold Me Forever
Back In Town – You’ve Gotta Move
Sir Prize – Don’t Go Away
Favilli – So In Love with You
DJ Dado – Coming Back
Unique 2 – Do What You Please
Hand In Hand For Children – Children Need A Helping Hand
Double You – Somebody
John Secada – Too Late Too Soon
Datura – The Sign
Axel – Just Your Love
Alfonso – Stay
Le Click – Don’t Go
Alexia – Uh La La La
Texture – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
N.T.N. – Heartbeat
O.N.H. – I Wanna Fly
Molella – It’s A Real World
Captain Jack – Holiday

Loveparade, Studio 33 The 12th Story


Ricky Martin – Maria
Temp-Work – Happy Children
Michael Jackson – History
Tania Evans – Prisoner Of Love
Simone Jay – Wanna Be Like A Man
Corona – The Power Of Love
Carilio – Carneval In Rio
Supertrip – C’est La Vie
Real McCoy – Wanna Come
Age Control – Mr. Vain
Red 5 – For This World
Brooklyn Bounce – Take A Ride
Sash! – Stay
Da Hool – Meet HerAt The Loveparade
Space Brothers – Shine
Paradiso – Bailando
John Wesley – Lover Why
Sequential One – Dreams
Beam & Yanou – On Y Va
Path Force – Boom – Let’s Do lt Again
Kosmonova – Ayla
Black Mushroom – Don’t Clap Anybody
Disc-O-Thek – Don’t You Want Me
No Sleep – Moonlight Shadow
Midnight Lover- One Night In Spain
Matchbox – Love, Peace & Harmony
Groove Gangsters – Funkybeats
Coco Loco – Oue Pasa
Dr. Motte & Westbam – Sunshine
Two Phunky People – Space The Base
Camelot – The Ultimate
Scooter – The Age Of Love
Dos Amigos – Borriquito
DJ Ouicksilver- Synphonica
Spanish Fly – Love Song
Paradiso – Bailando
The Sunclub – Fiesta De Los Tamborileros
Afrika Bambaataa – Mind Control
Loving Loop – Listen To That Fat Bass
lnteractive – No Return
Dynam-X – Give The DJ A Break
Megalomania – Circusclown
Encore – Le Disc-Jockey
Arkimed – L‘ Ultimo Die Mohicani
U.S.U.R.A. – Open Your Mind ’97
Lutricia Mc Neal – Ain’t That Just The Way
Coolio – C U When U Get There
Down Low- Moonlight
C-Block – Summertime
A.K. Swift – In The Game
WyclefJean – Trying To Stay Alive
Daisy Dee – Hey You
R’N’G – Here Comes The Sun
No Face – Without You
WyclefJean – Trying To Stay Alive
Lil Kim – Not Tonight
Fun Cruiser- Fun In The Sun
Notorious B.I.G. – No Money, No Problems
Robin Cook – Comanchero
Backstreet Boys – Everybody
Will Smith – Men In Black
N-Trance – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
No Mercy – Kiss You All Over

Men In Black, Studio 33 The 13th Story


N.O.H.A. – Start
Plastic Noise – Los Ninos Del Parque
Jam & Spoon – EI Baile
Beatbuster- Ding Ding Dong
Full House – Full House
Daft Punk – Burnin‘
Da Boogie – Da Par
Ultra Nate – Free
Blank & Jones – Sunrise
Kristine W. – Feel What You Want
X-Perience – I Don’t Care
Aqua – Barbie Girl
B-Rock & The Bizz – My Baby Daddy
Jam & Spoon – EI Baile
DJ Visage – Formula
Tank – Can You Feel The Bass
Kickofi- Check The Groove
DJ Schwede – Heart Attack
Chase – Obsession
B-Rock & The Bizz – My Baby Daddy
Disco Blu – No More Baby
Fascination – High Energy
La Bouche – You Won’t Forget Me
Run D.M.C. – It’s Like That
Ian Lex – Let Me Take Your Love
Boris Dlugosch – Hold Your Head Up High
DJ Teeno – The Sound Of Mallorca
Nalin Inc. – Planet Violet
Cooky – Old Damn House
Intermission – Blow Your Mind
Hypertrophy – Beautiful Day
Toss & Turn – Bang Bang
Disko Brothers – Rock The Disco
Toss & Turn – Thank You Dee Jay
Beam & Yanou – On Y Va
Seven – Slave 2 Love
Dr. Alban – Mr. DJ
La Voix – Up (La La La)
Aqua – Roses Are Red
Ace The Space – 9 ls A Classic
Magic Afiair- Night OfThe Raven
DJ The Crow – Fly Away
Plastic Voice – Los Ninos Del Parque
DJ Tomcraft – Mind
Katana – Erotmania
House-0-Matic – Know What I Mean
Future Breeze – How Much Can You Take
Jaydee – Plastic Dreams ’97
D.O.N.S. – Pump The Jam
Lust – Planet Paradise
DJ Schwede – Heart Attack
Influence – We Are Crazy
Disko Brothers – Rock The Disco
Gorgeous – I’m Gorgeous
Uncle Tom – Motherf…
Phantasma – Welcome To The Club
DJ Spacesurfer- Spacetrash
Spacefrog – I Feel Your Pain
DJ Bobo – Shadows OfThe Night
Max Deejay – Come Along
Soundlovers – Another Day
Kickofi- Check The Groove
Mr. President – Take Me To The Limit
Blümchen – Gib Mir Noch Zeit
Shola Ama – You Might Need Somebody
Young Deenay – Walk On By
Ricky – Easy
Bootsy Collins – I’m Leavin‘ U
Dusk & Dawn – House OfThe Rising Sun
Sweet Box – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
Poetry ‚N Motion – Romeo & Juliet
Black Attack – It’s A Shame
Tymebomb – One By One
Alexia – Uh La La La
Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me
Nana – He’s Coming
Puff‘ Daddy – Been Around The World
Strike – I Have Peace
D-Fact – The FinerThings In Life
Foxy Brown – Big Bad Mama
Coolio – Ooh La La
Blacknuss – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Mola – Don’t Give Up

Merry Mixmas, Studio 33 The 14th Story


Intro – Merry-Mi-X-Mas
Static – Gonna Take U Higher
R.O.O.S. – lnstant Moments
Whigfield – No Tears To Cry
Paralyzer- Bib Bib Bob
Da Hool – Bora Bora
DJ Errik – Manual Of Operation
Bubbles – Bidibodi Bidibu
Dario G. – Sunchyme
666 – Alarma
Patricia – Never Never Never
Chocolate Milk – Harddrummer
Mr. X & Mr. Y – Free Me
Dea Li – Caling The Angels
Dr. Alban – Long Time Ago
Dance 2 Trance – Power ofAmerican Natives ’97
Brooklyn Bounce – The Real Bass
R.O.O.S. – lnstant Moments
Pat Krimson – My Playground
Beep – Tamagotchi
Brooklyn Bounce – The Real Bass
De Bos – On The Run
666 – Alarma
Disco Nation – Boom Da Sound
Vertigo – Twilight Zone
Westbam – Hard Times
Paralyzer- Bib Bib Bob
Moby – James Bond Theme
John B. Norman – Your Lover
Shakira – Let Your Mind Got Free
Dolphin’s Mind – The Flow
Lee Marrow- Pain ’97
Tha Pumpkin – Take Me
Quadrofonia – Quadrofonia ’97
Loving Loop – Bass Please
Disco Nation – Boom Da Sound
Ace Of Beat – Responsible
DJ Ouicksilver- Planet Love
Nalin & Kane – Talkin‘ About
Bossi – Time To Make The Floor Burn
Three ‚N One pres. Johnny Shaker- Pearl River
Kosmonova – Take Me Away
DJ Energy – Step lnto The Arena
Celvin Rotane – Bienvenue
Aqua – Dr. Jones
Sqeezer- Tamagotchi
Groove Zone – Eisbär
Hobo – Star
Brooklyn Bounce – The Real Bass
The Ultimate Seduction – A Walkin‘ Nightmare
DJ Sammy & Carisma – Golden Child
Bell Book & Candle – Rescue Me
Basic – Wenn Ich Nur Noch 1 Tag
Cappuccino – Du Fehlst Mir
Stefan Raab – Es War Sommer
Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone
Will Smith – Just Crusin‘
Freundeskreis – Wenn DerVorhang Fällt
R’N’G – Open Up Your Mind
Down Low – Johnny B.
The Rapsody – Prince lgor
Pappa Bear- Cherish
Shola Ama – You’re The One I Love
Salt ‚N Pepa – R U Ready
Lutricia Mc Neal – My Side ofTown
Refugee Camp Allstars – Avenues
Rolling Stones – Anybody Seen My Baby
Pandora – In My Dreams
Awesome – Rumours
LL Cool J – Phenomenon
Robert Miles – Freedom
Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life
Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins – It’s Like That
Chase – Stay with Me
Wild Switch – Tell Me What You Want
Noble Savages – Can We Talk
Simone Jay – Midnight
Blackwood – I Am
Gala – lnto My Life
Adventures Of Stevie V. – Dirty Cash ’97
Puma – Do lt Right
Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins – It’s Like That

Yearmix 1997, Studio 33 The 15th Story


Red 5 – Da Beat Goes…
DJ Schwede – Boom Boom
Amber- This ls Your Night
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Jam & Spoon – EI Baile
Klubbheads – Klubbhopping
Ricky Martin – Maria
Corona – The Power Of Love
C-Mania – Cross My Mind
Bellini – Samba De Janeiro
Gala – Freed from Desire
2 Eivissa – Oh La La La
Shanin & Simon – The Rebel
Sash! – Stay
Toss & Turn – Bang Bang
Grooveyard – Mary Go Wild
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar
Sequential One – My Love ls Hot
DJ Quicksilver- Bellissima
Beatbusters – Ring Ding Dong
Brooklyn Bounce – Get Ready To Bounce
Red 5 – Jumps
Celvin Rotane – Back Again
Disco Blue – No More Baby
Rufi‘ Kutz – The Chemist
DJ Positive – Rock Da House
La Bouche – You Won’t Forget Me
Le Click – Call Me
Dylia Brown – Baby, I Need Your Love
Triple S. – Keep Your Head
Kosmonova – Ayla
DJ Quicksilver- Free
DJ Balloon – Climb On Top
Da Techno Bohemian – Pump Da Bass
SM Trax – Climb On Top
Disco Nation – Rock Da Jam
Tank – Can You Feel The Bass
Gorgeous – Don’t Stop
Brooklyn Bounce – Take A Ride
Black Mushroom – Don‘t Clap Anybody
Sash! – Equador
Future Breeze – How Much Can You Take?
Nalin & Kane – Beachball
Red 5 – I Love You… Stop!
Central Seven – The Opera
Da Bomb – The Original
Hypertrophy – Beautiful Day
Brooklyn Bounce – The Real Bass
Sash! – Encore Une Fois
Hypertrophy – Just Come Back To Me
Red 5 – Lift Me Up
Groove Gangsters – Funky Beats
Future Breeze – Keep The Fire Burning
General Base – On & On
Sequential One – I Wanna Make U
Soundlovers – People
Kadoc – Rock The Bells
Milk Inc. – La Vache
Da Hool – Meet Her At The Loveparade
Brooklyn Bounce – Progressiv Attack Theme
Klubbheads – Discohopping
Supertrip – Dolce Vita
Alexia – Number One
Ondina – Dance Into The Night
Alexia – Uh La La La
Striking Man – Da Lover You Go
Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening
La Voix – Up La La La
Cupido – Historias De Amor
Magic Afiair- The Night OfThe Raven
DJ The Crow- I’ve Got No Time
Scooter – Fire
U.S.U.R.A. – Open Your Mind
Disko Brothers – Rock The Disco
Space Frog – Follow Me
Disc-O-Thek – Don’t You Want Me?
Members Of Mayday – Sonic Empire
B.B.E. – Flash
Sunclub – Fiesta
Chicane – Sunstroke
DJ Quicksilver- I Have A Dream
DJ Quicksilver- Free
lnteractive – Wake Up
Rollercoaster- Keep lt Goin‘
Bossi – Funky Technican
Vertigo – Magic Eyes
Atlantic Ocean – Waterfalls
Max Deejay – Rhythm ls A Dancer
Kosmonova – Raumpatrouille
Toss & Turn – Flexx-lble
DJ Supreme – Tha Wildstyle
Three ‚N One – Reflect
Da Techno Bohemian – Pump Da Bass
Object One – Typewriter
After Hour- Yah K.K.
Clueless – Don’t Speak
Sonar Impulse – The Door To Eternity
Gorgeous – I’m Gorgeous
Megalomania – Circusclown
DJ The Crow – Fly Away
Poco Loco – Oue Pasa
Porn Kings – Amour
lntrance – Te Ouierro
Sequential One – Dreams
Da Hool – Bora Bora
De Bos – On The Run
Rhythm Inc. – We Gotta Groove
Paralyzer- Bip Bip Bop
Shaq – Strait Playin‘
Lutricia Mc Neal – Ain’t That Just The Way
Cappucino – Du Fehlst Mir
Tic Tac Toe – Mr. Wichtig
Poetry ‚N Motion – Romeo 8. Juliet
Coolio – C U When U Get There
Black Attack – Bang Bang
Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone
Nana – Let lt Rain
Sabrina Setlur- Glaubst Du Mir?
Anjali & Preshuz T. – Rhythm ls My Life
C-Block – Summertime
Marcel Romanoff- I’d Love You To Want Me
Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
The Monsters – Hit ‚Em High
A.K. Swift – Light In Me
Shaq – Strait Playin‘
R’N’G – The Rhythm Of My Heart
Nana – Lonely
Pappa Bear- Cherish
Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me
Salt ‚N Pepa – R U Ready
C-Block – Time ls Ticking Away
Jam & Spoon – Kaleidoscope Skies
Depeche Mode – It’s No Good
Blue Boy – Remember Me
Garcia – Bamboleo
DJ Bobo – It’s My Life
Los Locos – Tic Tic Tac
Hanson – Mmm Bop
Notorious B.I.G. – Mo Money, Mo Problems
Refugee Allstars – Electric Avenue
Awesome – Rumours
Foxy Brown – Big Bad Mama
Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Will Smith – Men In Black
Coolio – Atomic Dog
Puff‘ Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You
N-Sync – Tearin‘ Up My Heart
Mr. President – Jojo Action
Emel – On & On
Squeezer- Saturday Night
Flip Da Scrip – Everybody Funk Now
Bed & Breakfast/Squeezer- Get lt Right
Daft Punk – Around The World
Plastic Voice – Los Ninos Del Parque
Touche – I Can’t Get No Sleep
Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart
Ultra Nate – Free
Michael Jackson – History
No Mercy – Please Don’t Go
Daniel Aminati – I Want You Back

Kiss-Parade, Studio 33 The 16th Story


Novy vs. Eniac – Superstar
Daft Punk – Revolution 909
DJ Disco – Stamp Your Feet
T-Sign – Hide & Seek
Paradisio – Vamos Ala Discoteca
Outhere Brothers – Pass The Toiletpaper ’98
Smax – We Want Some Pussy
N.Y.C.C. – Fight For Your Right
Split – Perfect Bass
Johny Depper- Annie’s Song
Wienna – In The Name Of Love
Bandolero Team – Paris Latino
Blank & Jones – Heartbeat
Legacy – Under My Command
Plastic Voice – Welcome To The Jungle
Sequential One – Imagination
Space Brothers – Forgiven I Feel Your Love
Trance Atlantic Air Waves – Chase
Tank – The Return Of Power
DJ Scana feat. Naline – Dream On Me
Ken Laszlo – When I Fall In Love
Object One – Emergency
Homeboys Only – Turn lt Out ’98
Buddha In The Chocolate Box – Satisfaction
Novy vs. Enaic – Superstar
Brooklyn Bounce – The Music’s Got Me
B.B. Inc. – Tar-Zan
Nalin & Kane – Krazy People
Da Klubbkings – It’s Time To Get Funky
DJ Tomcraft – The Circle
Westbam – Crash Course
Manon – Yesterday Has Gone
Superstring – Try lt
Happa – Mind The Step
Central Seven – Error
L. Dedalo – Easy Lady
Aqua – Lollipop (Candyman)
Bruce Wayne – Ready
DJ Mo vs. Marc De Claro – Lunatic Child
OM. – Brett In Tibet
DJ Supreme – EnterThe Scene
De La Cruz – Tonight In My House
DJ Priest – I Pray
Theressa Burnette – I’m In Heaven
Viper – It’s A New Day
Kai Tracid – Your Own Reality
Ayla – Ayla Part II
Koala – Indian Spirit
Tranx Mission – Gone with The Winner
Space Frog – Lost In Space ’98
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Next 2 Me
Usher- You Make Me Wanna…
Missy Elliott – Sock lt 2 Me
Blue System – Shame, Shame, Shame
EI Paso – Matador
Jay-Z feat. Gwen Dickey – Wishing On A Star
Black Attack – Heartless
Flip Da Script – I NeverTold You
Creme De La Creme – Letzte Nacht
Green – I’ll Pray
Backstreet Boys – All I Have To Give
Trey D. – Mirror Mirror
AZ – Hey AZ
Spektacoolär- Du Bist Abgehau’n
Blackdraft – Where ls Your Dream
Midge Ure – Breathe
R.L.C. – Soldiers
Groove Foundation – Aquarius
Nostradame feat. Trooper – Nostradame
Bell Book & Candle – Read My Sign
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
Sex Appeal – Dirty Talk
5ive – Slam Dunk Da Funk
MC Ace – The Monster
Busta Rhymes – Dangerous
MarKo – Girls Got A Brand New Toy
Salt ‚N Pepa – Gitty Up
Jonestown – Sweet Thang
Lighthouse Family – Raincloud
Wes – Alane
In.Deep – Torn
Janet – TogetherAgain
Todd Terry – It’s Over Love
Run ‚N Green – Everybody
Culture Beat – Pay No Mind

Hitparade, Studio The 17th Story


Captain Future – Intro
Guildo Horn – Guildo Hat Euch Lieb
Phil Fuldner- The Final
Van Bellen – Let Me Take You
Beatcounter- Refresh Your Mind
Aqua – My Oh My
Chase – Gotta Lot Of Love
Huckleberry – Walking Around The Appletree
Lita Brown – Lovin‘
Ittybitty Boozywoozy – Pumped Up Funk
Klub Knights – Tell The DJ
Wienna – Little Angela
Huckleberry – Walking Around The Appletree
DJ Bobo – Where ls The Love
Run D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins – It’s Tricky
Alexia – Gimme Love
Daze – Superhero
Supermax – Lovemachine
Marisa Turner- I Wanna Be Loved By You
Ric Moraine – Neverending Story
Chou Project – Jungle In My Heart
Corona – Walking On Music
Woody Van Eiden – Freaky Wings
Rollercoaster- Keep The Frequency Clear
Tantra – I Want Your Love
Bamboo – Bamboogie
Phil Fuldner- The Final
RMB. – Shadows
Members Of Mayday – Save The Robots
Pat Jam – The Squeeler
D-Tune – Burning Down
Sash! – La Primavera
King O.- House Of House
Future Breeze – Another Day
Marc Van Dale – Water Verve
DJ Patrick – Back Once Again
Music lnstructor- Super Sonic
2 Unlimited – Wanna Get Up
Legend B. – The Spirit
Jam In Deep – The Wave
Boys On 33 – Slam The Jam
Jungle Kids – Back To The Jungle
Tony Esperanza – La Mosca
Carlos – La Silmarilla
DJ Progress – In My Mind
Kosmonova vs. Fiocco – Celebrate
Thomas D. & Nina Hagen – Solo
The Rapsody & LL Cool J – Dear Mallika
X-Perience – Garne Of Love
3P – License To Kill
Sweetbox – Don’t Go Away
Rappers Against Racism – I Want To Know What Love ls
Poetry ‚N Motion – What You Want
La Cross – Save Me Swanlake
Mellowbag/Freundeskreis – Tabula Rasa
The Element – All I See ls The Future
Coma – Requiem
H-Bomb – Playaz Need No Love
Pappa Bear- When The Rain Begins To Fall
Jay Z. – The City ls Mine
P.M. Dawn feat. Ky Mani – Gotta Be… Movin‘ On Up
C-Block – Broken Wings
Sunvibe – Dreamer
Sqeezer- Without You
Lighthouse Family – High
Queen Pen – All My Love
Solid Harmony – I Want You To Want Me
Down Low – Hit Me Right
No Authority – Don’t Stop
Der Wolf- Kein Kuchen Da
Will Smith – Gettin‘ Jiggy with lt
Valerie Dore – The Night ’98
Peter Andre – All Night, All Right
Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul ’98
A.T.O.O.C. – Repeated Love
Andreas Dorau – Girls In Love
Madonna – Frozen
DJ Tonka – Security
Phil Fuldner- The Final
Den Harrow – Future Brain ’98
Fun Kee Runners – The Real Tribute
Bamboo – Bamboogie
Abuna E. – Watch Me
Hufi‘ & Herb – Feeling Good
Janet – I Get Lonely
Candida – You & Me
2 Eivissa – Move Your Body

Wett-Mixen, Studio 33 The 18th Story


Ricky Martin – La Copa De La Vida
Vengaboys – Up & Down
Deadly Sins – We Are Going On Down ’98
Hi-Town DJ’s – Ding-A-Ling
Groove Gangsters – Make You Yeah
Debbi Clark – Virtual Lover
Grandmaster D. – Rock You
Dune – Keep The Secret
DJ Maui – That’s How We Do lt
Da Hool – Hypochonda
DJ Don & Svenson – My Beat Shoot Back
lttybitty‚ Boozywoozy & Greatski – Pumped Up Funk
Spacegirl – I Wanna Be A Spacegirl
Y.D.Project – Wannabe Ur Lover
CM. – Sensation
Ian Lex – I Wanna Be Your Man
Klubbheads – Kickin‘ Hard
R.O.O.S. – Living In A Dream
Gate – Open The Gate
Tank – Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Hi-Town DJ’s – Ding-A-Ling
fitamino feat. Da Force – What I’ve Got
Limit feat. DJ Memet – Go!
Promo – White Label
Fellini – Amore
Booster Inc. – People Are Still Having Sex
JR’s Revenge – Dallas
Paffendorf- Smile
Superfly – Dial ‚M For Moguai
Blend – Blend
Disc-O-Thek – Heaven’s Tears
D. Project – Wannabe Ur Luver
Cyrus & The Joker – Milky Way
DJ Maui – That’s How We Do lt
N.Y.C.C. – Can You Feel lt (Rock Da House)
Sara – Time Of Change
Plankz – Killabeat
Fiocco – Spread The Word Around
Paralyzer- The Movin‘ Generation
Kai Tracid – Dance For Eternity
Vengaboys – Up & Down
Phantasma – Revolution
Born On Trouble – One ForThe Trouble ’98
The Bronx – Wet Like The Rain
Two Phunky People – Space The Base (Sash! Remix)
DJ Zuul – Feel The Music
Groove Gangsters – Make You Yeah
Chou Project – A Love Like This
Absolom – Secret
Klubbheads – Kickin‘ Hard
Resistance D. – Impression
DJ Sammy – Magic Moments
Paradisio – Bandolero
Mr. John – Take Me Away
Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
Deep Down – Sufier & Die
Rapublic – Serenade
Troja – Tiefer
Young Deenay – Wannabe Your Lover
Nana – Remember The Time
Superboy – Wish You Were Here
In-Mood feat. Juliette – Ocean Of Light
Navigators – Come Into My Life
Toni Cottury – My Life
Dignity – Talk To Me
4 The Cause – Stand By Me
Flava – Summer In The City
Ace Of Base – Life ls A Flower
Dr. Alban – Enemies
Sweet Connection – True
Aphrodelics – Rollin‘ On Chrome
Take 5 – I Give
Markus Anthony – We Love Money
5ive – When The Lights Go Out
Bootsy Collins – Do The Freak
T-Street – Words
Awesome – Crazy
Ultimate Chaos – Casanova
Heaven l7 meets Fast Eddie – Let Me Go
The Tampererfeat. Maya – Feel lt
Funkjunkeez – Got Funk
Funky 9ers – Stars On 45
Whigfield – Givin‘ All My Love
Jaxx On Five – Poppin‘ Da Cork
Caught In The Act – Baby Come Back
Nek – Laura Non C’e
La Bomba feat. Los Primos – Chiquitan
Jaxx On Five – Poppin‘ Da Cork
Hufi‘ & Herb – Up On The Blue
U96 – Energie
Madonna – Ray Of Light

Sommer Mix, Studio 33 The 19th Story


Helmut & Die Dominos – Komm Lass Die Sau Raus
Porn Kings – Busiest Rhymes
DJ Schwede – One 4 The Trouble
Xxpolove feat. Lori Glori – Ohh La La La (I Wanna Have Some Fun)
Tuttifrutti – Superboy
Jam X. Project feat. Zhype – La Fiesta
Daze – Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song)
Turtle Beach – Summer Nights
Loona – Bailando
Pafiendorf- Smile (US-Mix)
Vengaboys – We Like To Party (The Vengabus)
Inferno DJ’s – Tower Inferno
Candela – Juegalo
Dario G. – Carnaval De Paris
Cordalis – Partyman
Martinique feat. Crissy Cee – Pata Pata
Regina – What Can You Do
Dixies Gang – EI Ritmo Tropical
Sheryl Lee Ralph – Evolution
De-Wze – Activate Your Energy
Tania Dixon – Show Me The Way
B.C.M. – We Are In B.C.M.
Peter Fly – Oriental Dream
666 – Amokk
Music lnstructor- Rock Your Body
666 – Amokk
Dr. Motte & Westbam – Love Parade ’98
Cook vs. Ebo – Rock You So
Cooky – Wap Bam Boogie
Highlight – Can You Feel lt
2 Live Crew- Party
Race feat. Who’s Dat Girl – Fantasy
Cooky – Wap Bam Boogie
Funky Racoon – Key To My Heart
DJ Schwede – One 4 The Trouble
Jhava – Don’t Tell Me Lies
Low Dive – Don’t Tell Me That You Love Me
Dumonde – Tomorrow
DONS feat. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam ’98
DJ Red 5 – Da Bass
Joe T. Vanelli pres. Csilla – Play with The Voice
The Effect – Follow Me
Trance Atlantic Air Waves – Crockett’s Theme
Absolom – Where?
Scooter- How Much ls The Fish?
Koala – Planet Blue
Sunbeam – Lost In Music
Libra – Take Me with Your Love
Radiorama – Give Me The Night
Lutricia Mc Neal – Stranded
Nana – In My Dreams
Fargo – No Way Out
Jazzy Jefi‘ & Fresh Prince – Lovely Daze
Souldiers feat. Charles Simmons – This ls Not America
R’N’G – Can’t You Ce
Reflexx feat. K.T. – Day By Day
Blackvogue Soundsystem – Fast Car
LL Cool J – Hot Hot Hot
Pandera – Summer Feeling
Mr. President – Happy People
Jody Roberts – Gimme Gimme
Janet Jackson – Go Deep
Owest feat. Shannon – Let The Music Play
Busta Rhymes – Turn lt Up, Fire lt Up
Los Umbrellos – No Tengo Dinero
Heath Hunter – Weedy Weedy Wee
Bus Stop feat. Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
Bad Boys Blue – You’re AWoman ’98

Jubilaums Mix, Studio 33 The 20th Story


Black & White Brothers – Put Your Hands Up
Doozer- Berlin Berlin
Prezioso – I Wanna Rock
Zycro meets DJ Silencer- Check lt Out
Soca Boys – Follow The Leader
Sash! feat. Tina Cousins – Mysterious Times
Nathalie De Borah – Living On Wdeo
Gifted – Party On Plastic
Marc Van Dale with Enrico – White Label
Black & White Brothers – Put Your Hands Up
Object One – Not Available
Basic Connection – You Are My Love
Mr. Joy – Everybody Say Hou Hou
Alexia – The Music I Like
Garcia feat. Rod D. – La Wda Bonita
Gala – Suddenly
Wienna – Fire On The Moon
Storm – Storm
Soca Boys – Follow The Leader
2 Unlimited – Edge Of Heaven
Groovement – The Right Thing
Marusha – Don’t U Come Back
Camisra – Let Me Show You
Kadoc – Clap Your Hands
DJ Toxic Twin – Discomovement
Lovestern Galaktika Project – Galaktika ’98
DJ The Crow- Release Yourself
The Snoopy Crew- Hey You
Central Seven – Big Fun
Bamboo – The Strutt
DJ Space C. – We Don’t Talk Anymore
Doozer- Berlin Berlin
Carlos – Rush Me
Zycro meets DJ Silencer- Check lt Out
Mamba – This House ls Progressive
Heaven & Earth – Thank God, It’s Friday
DJ Ouicksilver- Escape 2 Paradise
The Soca Boys – Follow The Leader
Puff‘ Daddy & Jimmy Page – Come with Me
Solid Harmonie – I Wanna Love You
Sasha feat. Young Deenay – I’m Still Waitin‘
Militia – Burn
101 – Why Don’t You Stay
Rappers Against Racism – Key To Your Heart
Brandy & Monica – This Boy ls Mine
Sweetbox feat. C. Taylor- Shout
A.K. Swift – The Professional
Alex Prince feat. Mazaya – How We Livin‘
Pras Michel feat. ODB & Mya – Ghetto Supastar
Imajin – Shorty, You Keep Playin‘ with My Mind
Code K- Sacriflce
Mobbs IV Real – Missing You
Des’ree – Life
N-Trance – Paradise City
Mousse T. vs. Hot ‚N Juicy – Horny ’98
Tzant – Sounds OfThe Wickedness
Fun Factory – Party with Fun Factory
Mousse T. vs. Hot ‚N Juicy – Horny ’98
Babe lnstinct – Disco Babes from Outer Space
Falco – Der Kommissar ’98
Bacon Popper- Free
Culture Beat – Rendez-Vous
Bamboo – The Strutt
Neja – Restless
Gigi D’Agostino – Elisir
She-Male – No Glove, No Love
Cisko Brothers – Guaglione
Ti.Pi.Cal feat. Kimara – Follow Your Heart
Dani König – Disco 3000
Dr. Motte & Westbam – Love Parade 1998
Dune feat. Vanessa – Electric Heaven
T.I.M. – Baby I Want You
B.B. Team – The lbiza’s Angel


PW: mixandremix

Studio 33 01-10 (flac)

Let´s The Story Begin, Studio 33 The Story Of January. Der erste Teil der grossen Studio 33 Serie



Masterboy – Land Of Dreaming
Robert Miles – Children
Blizzard – It’s Only Love
Double Vision – Knockin’
Shannon James – Far Away
Stanley Foort – You Make Me Believe In Magic
Magic Afiair- Energy Of Light
Squeezer- Scandy Randy
Culture Beat – Inside Out (Remix)
Bliss Team – Love ls Forever
Stricktly MOR – Long Long Nite
Dynamic Base – All Of My Life


Fun Factory – Doh Wah Diddy
Maxx – Move Your Body
Tinman – Gudvibe
Paris By Air – All Around The Sound
T.H.K. – So Big
No Sukkaz -1-2-3-4 All The Ladies On The Floor
Two Culture – (He’s A) Dreamer
L.A. Switch – Kiss Me Baby
Double Dee – Found Love ’96
Sweetbox – Shakalaka
Wildchild – Renegade Master
Mighty Dub Cats – Magic Carpet Ride
Time Zone – Imagination
Rodriguez – Revolution


Moratto – Radar System
Cherry Coke – No Hages EI Cherokee
Nova – Feel lt
DJ Sammy feat. Carisma – Life ls Just A Game
Technohead – Headsex
Perplexer- Love ls In The Air
Eniac – My Way To Planet Love
DJ Paul Elstak – Don’t Leave Me Alone
DJ Paul Elstak – Luv U More
RMB. – Passport To Heaven
Tom Knox vs. Steve – Vision Of Love
Scooter- Back In The U.K.

Deejay lntro 1

It´s Not A Trick – It´s A Session, Studio 33 The Story Of February 1996


Dance Session:

K.O.’s feat. M. Buffer- Let’s Get Ready To Rumble
Love Massage – Love Massage
Mark ‚oh – TeII Me Why
Technotronic – I Want You By My Side
Outta Control – Tonight It’s Partytime
Me & My – Baby Boy
Gilly B. – Tonight
DJ Panda – Dreaming Of Fantasy
Lisa Oakfield – La La La
Jill Dreski – This Is My Time
Indra – We Belong Together
Love Dove – Say You Want Me
Capella – I Need Your Love
Snap – Rame-Beloved

Groove Session:

Down Low- Don’t Look Any Further
Skee-Lo – I Wish (Remix)
L.V. – Throw Your Hands Up
Coolio – Too Hot
Max-A-Million – Sexual Healing
Sir Prize – Love Is The Answer
Sonic Dream CoIIective – Oh Baby All
E-Rotic – HeIp Me Dr. Dick
Flip Da Scrip – Throw Ya Hands In The Air
Beat System – Fresh

Rave Session:

Music Instructor – Throw Your Hands In The Air
Megababe – Partytime
Fedi – Tell Me Why
General Base – Thank U (For Your Love)
C.O.R. feat. Mike Nova – Paradise
Aldus Haza – Noise Theme
2 Unlimited – Jump For Joy
Intermission – Miracle Of Love
Party AnimaIs – Have You Ever Been MeIIow?
UItrasonic – Make That Move
Shanin & Simon – Do The Right Thing
Dune – Rainbow To The Stars
Blümchen – Herz An Herz

The Dance Compilation Continues… Studio 33 The Third Story


Dance Experience:

Money Penny – Natural Love
Zhi-Vago – Celebrate The Love
New System – Let Me Take
Los Del Rio – Macarena
T.H. Express – Missing In The Rain
Captain Hollywood – Over & Over
Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain
2 Fabiola – Lift U Up
Mr. John – Get lt On
Day Dream – Throught The Night
Captain Jack – Drill lnstructor
Double Vision – Allright

House Experience:

Dr. Alban – Born In Africa
B-Code – I Got A Love
Triple J. – Deep House
Whigfield – Sexy Eyes
D.F.S. – Ou Eee Ou
Black Nero – Ring My Bell
Phantomas – No Doubt About lt
F-Action – Let’s Get Closer Baby
Tom Novy – I House U
Eskimos & Egypts – Welcome To The Future
400 Hz – I’ve Got The Music In Me
Max-A-Million – Everybody’s Grooving
E. Sensual – You Should Be Dancing
J..J. Brothers – Move lt Up
Candy Girls – Wham Bam
L.D.C. – Each Generation

Rave Experience:

T-Spoon – A Part Of My Life
Interactive – We Are One
Blue Heart – Sing Song Rhyme
Raver’s Nature – Somebody Scream
Sonic – (The Call Me) Sonic
Nakatomi – Free
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor- Fairytales
Scooter- Let Me Be YourValentine
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Your Smile
Das Modul – Frühlingsgefühle

There Can Be Only One, Studio 33 The Fourth Story!



Ice MC – Give Me The Light
Gina – Just A Little Bit
Whigfield – I Want Love
Locura – EI Ritmo Da Fiesta
D.C. Mark – Baby Love
Me & My – Lion Eddie
Garden Eden – Lemon Tree
Diana’s – You Are My Angel
Squeezer- Blue Jeans
U96 – Heaven
Imperio – Cyberdream


Streetnoise – Horse with No Name
Pet Shop Boys – Before
Carol Bailey – I Can’t Make U Love Me
C-Block – Shake Dat A22
America – I Love America
Dee – Feeling Hm-Pa-Paa-Paaa
Adeva – I Thank You
Queen – You Don’t Fool Me (Remix)
Con Colour – House T Up
S-Express – The Return Trip
D-Generator- Electronic Samba


Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
MC Lyte – Keep On, Keepin‘ On
2 Pac – California Love
Montell Jordan – Payback
Deborah Cox – Who Do U Love
Mark Morrison – Return OfThe Mack
Fun Factory – Don’t Walk Away
Mr. President – Coco Jambo
George Michael – Fast Love
Scoop – Ladies Night
Coolio – 1 ‚ 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin‘ New)

Mission Impossible, Studio 33 The 5th Story


Dance Mission:

Sarah – Loving You
Zhi-Vago – Dreamer
T.H. Express – Love 4 Liberty
Alexia – The Summer ls Crazy
Kikka – Could lt Be Love
U96 – A Night To Remember
Mr. President – I Give You My Heart
Radiorama – Like An Angel
Robin – Juliet
Imperio – Atlantis

House Mission:

No Mercy – Where Do You Go?
Umboza – Sunshine
Regina – Killing Me Softly
Candy Club – Let The Love Go On
Garcia – Vamonos
Los Del Rio – Maria
Livin Joy – Don’t Stop Movin’
Bizz Nizz – Dabadabiaboo
Red 5 – Da Beat Goes
B.B.E. – Emmanuel Top
Sonic Surfer- Dance To The House
Farmhouse – No Control

Groove Mission:

Fugees – Ready Or Not
Ex-lt – Body Talk
Ron ‚N Raz – Take A Ride
Sir Prize – Sing Along
Flip Da Scrip – You To Me
Eddy N. – Just Be Good To Me
Robin Cook – I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down
Heath Hunter- Revolution In Paradise
Masterboy – Mister Feeling
Beat System – Reggae Night

A Journey Into Sound, Studio 33 The 6th Story



Masterboy – Show Me Colours
Worlds Apart – Je Te Done
Culture Beat – We Walk The Same Line
Nomansland – Seven Seconds
Free 2 Dance – Piece Of Heaven
DJ Bobo – Pray
D.C. Project – Mary’s Prayer
Squeezer- Sweet Kisses
U96 – Venus In Chains
DJ Pierro – Another World
M.A.N. – Stay
Soarky – Follow Me
Captain Jack – Little Boy


Down Low- Murder
Ghetto People – In The Ghetto
Hip Hop Alliance – Nothing Like Viva
Aleksey – Come Into My Life
Warren G. – What’s Love Got To Do
Nas – IfI Ruled The World
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor- Mirror Of Love
C-Block – So Strong Out
Skee Lo – Holdin’ On
Pete Anare – Flava
Sin 8 – TuffAct To Follow
Captain Hollywood – The Afterparty


Danny Lee – (Here Comes The) Music
Stretch & Vem – I’m Alive
With lt Guys – Sweet Love
Marisa Turner – Deeper Is The Night
Lady Gee – The Game Is Over
Pearl – Kissing Like A Virgin
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam ’96
Soundlovers – Runaway
Galeria – The Geal (We Gotta Party)
Klubbheads – The Magner
Disconation – Kick Da Disconation
G-Spline – I’m Gonna Party
Faithless – Salva Mea

Merry Mix-Mas, Studio 33 The 7th Story


Mix-Mas Intro


Dragana – Up & Down
J.A.M. feat. Natasha Wright – The Way To Your Heart
Arena – Brasilian Night
Alexia – Number One
Westbam – Born To Bang
Imperio – Return To Paradise
Daisy Dee – An Angel
Mr. John – It’s Not Too Late
Intermission – Real Love

Rave-Ballads & Ballads:

Dune – Who Wants To Live Forever
Scooter- Break lt Up
Mark ‚oh – The Right Way
Tic Tac Toe – Verpiss Dich

Funk & Soul & Reggae:

Nas – Afiirmative Action
Blackstreet – No Diggity
MC Lyte – Cold Rock A Party
Mr. President – Show Me The Way
Heath Hunter- Master & Servant
Mr. President – X-Mas Jambo
Backstreet Boys – Ouit Playing Games
N-Sync – I Want You Back
Party Jingle


Robert Miles – One & One
The Catch -25 Years ’96
Captain Jack – Another One Bites The Dust
No Mercy – Please Don’t Go
Amber- This ls Your Night
Whigfield – Gimme, Gimme
Gina G. – I Belong To You
Alexia – Number One

Vocal House:

Livin‘ Joy – Follow The Rules
Cymurai – Let Go
Central Bass – Waiting ForThe Summer

Dream House:

Groove Solution – Sweet Memories
Jeremy Healey – Stamp
Zoe S. – Keep On Jumping


Lori Glori – Come Set Me Free
Three ‘N‘ One – Reflect
DJ Supreme – Tha Wildstyle
Future Breeze – Why Don’t You Dance with Me?
DJ Quicksilver- Bellissima
Magic Afiair – Bohemian Rhapsody
J. Daniel – To Eden

All That You Want, Studio 33 The 8th Story


Kate Project – Heart & Soul
Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena
C-Mania – Cross My Mind
Soundlovers – People
Mannequeen – I Feel Diva
Nick Beat – Bow Chi Bow
DJ Ouicksilver- I Have A Dream
Sequential One – My Love ls Hot
Red 5 – I Love You Stop!
Exit Way – Back To The Promised Land
DJ Positive – Rock Da House
Cupido – Historias De Amor
J.K. – Sweet Lady Night
Luna – You & I
Supertrip – Dolce Vita
J.A.M. In Deep – Bastard
Max Deejay – Rhythm ls A Dancer
DJ Schwede – Boom Boom
MR. – To France
2 For Good – You & Me
Zhi-Vago – with Or Without You
B.G. Prince Of Rap – Take Me Through The Night
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Party
Hobo – Hoochie Coochie Man
Pandora – A Little Bit
Brooklyn Bounce – The Theme
A-Trax – Sweet Lullaby
Mary Kiani – 100%
DJ Liend ok.E.Y. – Mixing
Object One – Ping Pong
Welcome – Typhiko
Object One – Ping Pong
Masterboy – Just For You
Cyberbeat – Merkaba
Free – This Groove
Rexanthony – Capturing Matrix
Phantasia – Hold Me Now
Free – This Groove
DJ Paul Elstak – Unity
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – There’s A Key
Remix – Not Ready
No Doubt – Don’t Speak
Kaleef- Golden Brown
Down Low- Potion
Nana – Darkman
LL Cool J – Ain’t Nobody
DJ Bobo – Respect Yourself
Angel – Don’t Tell Me Why
Blue System – Body To Body
Salt ‚N Pepa – Champagne
Mola Adebisi – Shake That Body
Marky Mark – Hey DJ
DJ Bobo – Respect Yourself
Flip Da Scrip – Everybody Funk Now
Lorenza – And The Beat Goes On
Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart
Orange Juic – Never Gonna Lose
D. & G. – Music
DJ Malin – La Serenissima
Lisa Stansfield – People Hold On ’97
Kaikoo – My Emotion
Rob Tissera – Kick Up The Volume
DJ’s @ Work – Ballon-EI Globo
DJ Cook – Play My Track

Top Secret, Studio 33 The 9th Story


Joosy – Indian Power
Mental Ground Zero – Tubular Bells
Radiorama – Cause The Night
DJ Ballon – Forfun
Dr. Kucho – Put The Needle On The Racket
Central Seven – The Opera
Toni Cottura – Da Party Boom
PC Groove Sensation – Across My Heart
Future Breeze – Keep The Fire Burning
MR. – Listen To Your Heart
DJ Maverick – Wrong ls Wright
Ian Lex – I Believe In You
Blizzard – Living In The Light
Nomansland – Fantasy
B.B.E. – Flash
Daniel Van Cock – Don’t You Wanna Dance
Clueless – Don’t Speak
Mercury J.D. – Belissimo
Marc Farris – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Horny Hombress – Hossa
Libra – Dreaming Of You
Horny Hombress – Hossa
Magic Afiair – Break These Chains
Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena
Madonna – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
Gala – Let A Boy Cry
Jimi Tenor- Take Me Baby
0190/566 – Paradise Telephone
Penny Lane – Sissy’s Delight
Tori Amos – Professional Widow
Chicane – Offshore
C’Hantal – The Realm
General Base – On & On
X-Perience – Magic Fields
Real McCoy – One More Time
Pharao – Temple Of Love
Blackwood – Ride On The Rhythm
Vertigo – Oxygene
Face The Bass – Dominate
Pulsar- House Nation
DJ Schwede – Boom… Boom
DJ Maverick – Wrong ls Wright
Khaled – Aicha
Fugees – Rumble In The Jungle
Warren G. – I Shot The Sheriff
Helge Schneider- Fitze, Fitze, Fatze
Ofi‘ Da Hook – Ofi‘ Da Hook
Space Jam – Hit ‚Em High
Ghetto People – Fever
Ring – Rhythm Of My Heart
Activate – Fall In Love with You
S.Y.A. – What’s Your Face 2
Beat System – What’s Going On
Mark Morrison – Horny
N-Sync – Tearin‘ Up My Heart
Pandera – Come To Me
Daft Punk – Da Funk
Fresh System – Down Under
Squeezer- Saturday Night

Mars Attacks, Studio 33 The 10th Story, Spezial Double Pack Edition


CD Mars Attacks I:

Solar Base – Jeanny Return
Disco Nation – Rock Da Jam
Chumi DJ – Come Back Before You Leave
Glow- I Am Gonna Be
Le Click – Call Me
Brooklyn Bounce – Get Ready To Bounce
Disco Nation – Rock Da Jam
Kadoc – Rock The Bells
Dune – Nothing Compares To You
Morgana – When I Dream Of You
Parasonic – Power Of Love
Porn Kings – Amour
Joosy – Indian Power
Alis – Let lt Out
Reset feat. Danni – You Got The Key
Dirty Boys – Do lt WeII
Disco Citizens – Footprint
Dr. DJ Cerla – The DJ It’s Saturday Night
DJ Ouicksilver- Free
Celine – All I Need ls Love
Imperio – Wings Of Love
Interactive – Wake Up
Flash Of Fantasy – Flash Of Fantasy
D.0.N.S. – Drop The Gun
Blackwood – My Love For You
The Course – Ain’t Nobody
N-Trance – D.I.S.C.O.
Pet Shop Boys – A Red Letter Day
Amber- Colour Of Love
House Lizards – Check Out Da Bassline
Real Stuff- Club lt
Hyper Trophy – Just Come Back To Me
A-Trax – A Dream Within
Velvet – Show Me The Way
Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
Skanky – Where’s My Money
Sash! – Ecuardor
Bossi – Funky Technican
U Me 2 – The Night
Tiggy – Ring-A-Ling
Hypnotic Beat – Funky Divas
Leroy & Eddie – Careless Whisper
Die Fantastischen Vier- Der Picknicker
Marcel Romanoff- I’d Love You To Want Me
Nana – Lonely
Double feature – Get Closer
Outkast – Atliens
Lisa Stansfield – The Real Thing
Spice Girls – Mama
Depeche Mode – It’s No Good
2 Rufi- The Lover In You
Down Low- We Do lt Like That
PeterAndre – Natural
Funky Diamonds – I Know That You Want Me

CD Mars Attacks II:

Yve feat. Alexia – Virtual Reality
Libra – A Second Change
Sancocho – Tumba La Casa
Celvin Rotane – Theme from Magnum
Heartclub – Alone
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar ’97
Space Junkies – Wippin‘
House-O-Matic – Know What I Mean
Rollercoaster- Keep lt Goin‘
The Difierence – Funny Walker
Red 5 – Lift Me Up
Shanin & Simon – The Rebel
Capella – Be My Baby
Yve feat. Alexia – Vitual Reality
Sequential One – I Wanna Make U…
Discomaniax – Rock The Disco
Sequential One – I Wanna Make U…
Sequential One – Get Down
Toss & Turn – Flexxible
DJ Starmax – Take Me To The Top
Trey D. – Higher & Higher
DJ The Crow- Piece Of Mine
Scooter- Fire (Remix)
Gorgeous – Don’t Stop
Members Of Mayday – Sonic Empire
DJ Panda feat. Nadir- True Life
Linda M. – Rhythm Of Love
DJ Sammy feat. Carisma – Prince Of Love
Black Attack – Bang Bang
A.K. Swift – Light In Me
C-Block – Time ls Tikin‘ Away
Jam & Spoon – Kaleidoscope Skies
Blue Boy – Remember Me
Paul Lowe – We Love To Love
Papa Winnie – World Of Fantasy
Loft – Long John Silver
DJ Bobo – It’s My Life
Sunrise – Open Your Eyes
Foxy Brown – I’ll Be
2 Shy – U Give Me All I Need
Michael Jackson – Blood On The Dancefloor
N-Sync – Here We Go
The Boyz – Round & Round
The Docs – Another Bomb
Alternative Experience – All Around The World
Daft Punk – Around The World
Toni Braxton – I Don’t Want To
Charlie Dors – Time Goes By
Kenny B. – The Promise You Made
Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days ’97
Eternal – Don’t You Love Me
Alex Party – Simple Things
DanielArmand – I Want You Back
Regina – Day By Day
2 Eivissa – Oh La La La
Plastic – The Secret Key Of Life
Bellini – Samba De Janeiro


PW: mixandremix

M…DJ Beats 90-97

Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 90 WAV (May 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 91 WAV (June 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 92 WAV (July 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 93 WAV (August 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 94 WAV (September 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 95 WAV (October 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 96 (November 2020)
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol. 97 (December 2020)


PW: mixandremix