Dreamteam – Volume 04


Century – The Spint
Shut Up & Dance – Save lt ‚TiI The Moming After
20 Fingers – Lick lt
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On
M.N.8 – I’ve GotA Little Something For You
Hithouse – It’s A Bright Day…
Corona – Baby Baby
Michael J. Gibbs – Back To Heaven
S.A.Y. – The Music Takes You Higher
Twenty 4 Seven – Keep On Trying
Africa Bambaataa – Feel The Vibe
2 Unlimited – Here We Go
Indian Fire – Hold Me
Pharao – Wor1d Of Magic
Ororo – Zombie
Das Modul – Computeniebe
Magic Vision – Here Comes The Hotstepper
Captain Hollywood Project – Find Another Way
Intennission – All Together Now
Dune – Hardcore Vibes
Scooter – Friends

Dance Classics meets Techno with:

Synthax – Need Your Lovin
No Limits – Logical Song
Paco – Bright Eyes (Breakbeat Remix ’95)
Major T. – Tell Me Why
Abbacadabra – Lay All Your Love On Me
N.O.R.A. – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
Tokia – Big In Japan
Gai Jin – Reality
Dance Departmentfeat D.Lead – Oh L’Amour
Hyperactive – Tanz Brüderchen
Lipstick 69 – I’d Love You To Want Me
Bommbastic – Falling In Love With You
Gaga Club – Eisbär
Ravers United – Skandal Im Spenbezirk
Joachim Witt – Goldener Raver (Rave Mix)
Peter Schilling – Major Tom ’94 (Club Mix)
Rosenrot – Nur Noch Mit Dir
L.E.T. Generation – Send Me An Angel
Special D – We Are Raving
Paradox – We Are Ravin‘
Wave Kid – Baby I Need Your Lovin
Spacebaby – Spacebaby

Slow Motion Mix with:

Fun Factory – I Wanna B With U
Stella Getz – All In All
Those 2 Gins – All I Want
Real Mc Coy – Love & Devotion
DJ Bobo – There Is A Party
Pandora – Tell The World


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