Hot Dream – The Dark Side Of Funk & Freestyle 03

Funk Mix:

VSF – Velocity Speed & Force
Tricky D – Take It To The Max
Unknown DJ – Dance Your Ass Off
The Arabian Prince – Situation Hot
C-Vello – The Jam Is Cold
Egyptian Lover – Kinky Nation
K5 – Passion
Egyptian Lover – The Lover
Black Power – Shake It To The Dancefloor
2 Live Crew – Get It Girl
Beatmaster Clay D – Do Your Duty
M4Sers – Get It Boy
C-Jam & Kid Frost – Commando Rock
Captain Rock – Cpt. Rock To The Future Shock
Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
B.O.S.E. – Rock The World
Freestyle – In Your Face
Beat Club – Security
Kraftwerk – Tour The France

Freestyle Mix:

Samira – I Can’t Get You
Freestyle Project – Music For My Soul
Real Mc Coy – Operator
Freestyle Project – Rock Your Body
Pandera – In My Dreams
Zweety – Rumphaka
Geena D – You
Marcello – Every Day & Night
Lil Suzy – Just Can’t Get Over You
Laura Branigan – Self Control
Kosta Dee – Come Back
Trinere – When I Hear Music
Elissa – I’ll Keep Searching
Baby Doll – Always & Forever
Rockell Team – I Feel In Whoomp


Trinere – Minimix


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