Hot Dream – The Dark Side Of Funk & Freestyle 02

Classic Phonk Mix:

Jaya – If You Leave Me Now
Pajama Party – Yo No Se
Sweet Sensation – Hooked On You
Angelique – I Can’t Live Without You
Cynthia – Endless Night
MC Cook Rock – Let The Music Play
MC Cool Rock – Taking Control
RJ Kole – The Party
Gucci Crew II – Sally
T.N.T. feat. DJ Boom – Bobby (The Little Boy)
Tone Loc – Wild Thing
Keisha Boom – Lame Thing
Wild Boys – Pissy Thang
2 Live Crew – We Want Some Pussy
Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – Push It
Mc Cool Rock – Clax D Get Funky
TechMaster P.E.B – Dont Stop The Bass

Rap ‚N‘ Phonk Mix:

Activate II
Leot Littlepage – The Rain
Camelot II – We’re In The House
Starr Crew – Oakuree Rap
Royalcash – Radiactivity
MC Fosty & Lovin-C – Radioactivity Rapp
Missy Mot – Make It Mellow
Buffalo Solders – Penny
RJ Kole – Ich Bin Der Mann


69 Boys – Tootsie Roll
Ginuwine – Pony
Knightz Of Bass – Renegades
Stylz & The Jiz – Don’t Stop Shakin
Knightz Of Bass – Star Traxx
Sleezy Boys – Zoids
Dis-N-Dat – Party
The Get Funky Crew – Tonight
Sleezy Boys – Let’s Dance
JJ Fad – Slipersonic
Pressha – All The Way Life
The Dogs – Let’s Go Let’s Go
2 Hyped Brothers – Doo Doo Brown
Knightz Of Bass – Cooleys In The Panic Zone
DJ Laz – Latin Swing
Get It Boyz – Shake To The Booty
Captain Rapp – When Doves Cry Rapp

Surprise Bonus Track:

Flim Flam Gang – Don’t Look Into The Future


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