Shark Attack 11

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 11


Captain Hollywood Project – Over & Over
Clock – Holding On 4 U
Alexia Phillips – I Never Needed
N-Trance – Electronic Pleasure
J.K. – My Radio
Orange Blue – Runaway
Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain
Mr. John – Get It On
Shine – By The Light Of Nature
2 Fabiola – Lift U Up
Eddy N. – Really On my Mind
M. System – I Can Fly
Cosmix – Ma Nah Ma Nah
Captain Jack – Drill lnstructor
Scooter- Let Me Be YourValentine

Downbeat Dance Mix 3:

Shaggy – Why You Treat Me So Bad
Enya – Anywhere ls
Down Low – Vision Of Life
Sonic Dream Collective – Oh, Baby All
Lighthouse Family – Lifted
Ro-Cee – Gettin‘ All Da‘ Babes
Ace Of Base – Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry
Stefan Raab – Hier Kommt Die Maus
E-Rotic – Help Me Mr. Dick
Masterboy – Land Of Dreaming
Rob ‘N‘ Raz Circus – Whose Dog Is Dead?
Dr. Alban – Born In Africa
Max-A-Million – Everybody’s Groovin‘
Ex-lt – Night Fever
Scoop – Ladies‘ Night
Flip Da Scrip – Throw Ya Hands In The Air
Coolio – (Sumpin‘ New)

Shark House Attack 3:

Sharam – Keep On Moving
J.J. Brothers feat. A. Senator- Move It Up
Gala – Everyone Has lnside
C-Block – Shake Dat Azz
Stella Getz – Ta Di Di Boom
Headscrash – So High
K.C. Flight – Bang (Mixmasters Remix)
His Royal Freshness – They Don’t Understand
Juan Wells – Round & Round
Crescendo – Are You Out There?
Zhi-Vago – Celebrate
Robert Miles – Children
Pisquito – Mambo In The House


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