Shark Attack 1-10

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 1


Shark Attack Megamix Part 1
Culture Beat – Serenity Megamix
Shark – Chart Breaker Megamix Part 1
Depeche Mode – Waiting For The Night (Noogman Mix)
Kraftwerk – Trance Mix
Depeche Mode – Fly On The Widescreen (Nobu-Bros Mix)

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 2


Shark Attack Megamix Part 02:
Rozalla – I Love Music
Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night
Kim Sanders – Tell Me That You Want Me
Technotronic – Hey Yoh, Here We Go
MC Sar & The Real Mc Coy – Automatic Lover
Peeze – All Wee Need Is A Perfect Balance
Masterboy – I Got To Give It Up
Datura – Eternity (RMX)
Odyssey – Riding On A Train
Marmion – Schöneberg (RMX)
Dream Your Dream II – Belgium Jump
Cardiac Infarction – Flying (Ba-Da-Da)

Mezzo Mix Number 1:

Next Generation – Future
Culture Beat – Anything
Coloured Vision – Virtual Reality
God’s Groove – Voices From The Sky
Twenty 4 Seven – Is It Love
Def Dames Dope – Havin‘ A Good Time
Deadly Sins – Come Down With Me
Love 4 Sale – Do You Feel So Right
Medusa – Sempre Tu
Reggy O. – Let The Music Play
Loft – Hold On
DJ Bobo – Take Control
Maxx – Get-A-Way

The Best Of Shark Attack 1993:

DJ Bobo – Somebody Dance With Me
Haddaway – What Is Love?
Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own
West End feat. Sybil – The Love I Lost
Haddaway – Life
Kim Sanders – Show Me
Captain Hollywood Project – Only With You
Urban Cookie Collec. – The Key, The Secret
Intermission – Piece Of My Heart
Captain Hollywood Project – Impossible
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
U 96 – Love Sees No Colour
Loft – Hold On
Ice MC – Take Away The Colour
Jam & Spoon – Right In The Night


D.D. – Bundy Rap (Extended Marriage)

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 3


Shark Attack Megamix Part 03:
Whigfield – Saturday Night
Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – United
2 Raff – Don’t Stop The Music
Heart Attack – Get Me Going
Power Nation feat. Kurtis Blow – Calling You
Kim Wilde – Kids In America ’94
Ice MC – Think About The Way
Unity Power – Dancin‘ Is Like Making Love
Unit feat. Red Bone – Move Your Body
Base Department – You Let Me Down
Maxx – No more (I Can’t Stand It)
Intermission feat. Lori Glori – Six Days
Le Click – Today Is The Night
Pharao – I Show You Secrets

Chart Breaker Megamix Part 2:

Win & Two – Winnetou
Beatproduction – The Beat Is My Life
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Never Alone
DJ Company – Hey Everybody
Twenty 4 Seven – Take Me Away
E.N.S. – Lay Your Heart On Me
Urban Cookie Collective – Sail Away
Major T. – Keep Your Frequency Clear
Dr. Alban – Look Who’s Talking Now
Space Boys – Inch By Inch
Capella – Move On Baby
Masterjam – Rhythm In Your Mind
MC Sar & The Real Mc Coy – Automatic Lover
Loft – Love Is Magic
Darkwood – Gimme The Love
Energy Go – There’s A Music
Now – Dance You Up
Activate – Let The Rhythm TakeControl
Magic Affair – Omen III (RMX)
Culture Beat – World In Your Hands

Trance Escalation Megamix:

Tranceparents Vol. 3 – Child 7 (In Progress 2)
Friends Lovers & Family – Diamond Lil’s
Brainchild Vol. II – Singularity/Symmetrie (P-Mix)
Luxor – Perpetuum Mobile (A.M. Mix)
Illuminatus 3 – Hope (Spacelab Mix)
VooDoo Posse – Totem Vibe
Sorcerer – My Wicked Stepmother
The Apex – Zimboom (Beats)
Iron Wobble – Neverending Dreams (Rapid Mix)
The Apex – Chromosome
Mo-Tune – Infinite Climax
Nexus 6 – Trés Chic
Perplexer – Acid Folk

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 4


Shark Attack Mega Mix Part 04:

4-2 The Floor – Future Love
Hithouse – Jack To The Sound ’94
Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman – Go On Move ’94
Patric – Love Me
X-Sample feat. Jennifer – Goin‘ On
MC Sar & The Real Mc Coy – Run Away
Mr. President – Up’n Away
Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Find Me
A.B. Logic – Real World
C.B. Milton – Hold On
2 Easy – Summertime
Sirius – This Is My Life
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
Onda Del Futuro – Amore Senza Fine

Mezzo Mix Part 2:

T.N.N. – Marchinha
Opus III – When You Made The Mountain
Loft – Wake The World
Redcat – Everybody’s Walking
Rob’n Raz – Power House
Double U Flesh – Music Non Stop
Zoo Inc. – Lay Down
High & Mighty – Tell Me
Mash – U Don’t Say U Love Me
Maxim – Let Me Feel The Groove
Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Find Me
General Base – Base Of Love
Ramirez – Bomba
Solid Base – Dance To The Beat
Lian Ross – Keep This Feeling
Gregory – World Of dreams
Intermission feat. Lori Glori – Six Days (RMX)
Odyssey – Move Your Body
State Of House – Atomize Rhythm
Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – United (RMX)
Marusha – It Takes Me Away
Onda Del Futura – Amore Senza Fine

Highlander Minimix:

Double You -Run To Me
Twenty 4 Seven – Leave Them Alone
Comico Base – Chico’s Dream
T.F.O. – Soul & Body
Funtime Club – The Sunny Side Of Life

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 5


Shark Attack Mega Mix Part 05:

2 Unlimited – No One
Spagna – Lady Madonna
Ice MC – It’s A Rainy Day
D2D feat. Tajal – Take Your Time
Eu-Jheene – This Is The Night
Dr. Alban – Let The Beat Go On
Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman – Can You Feel It?
Culture Beat – Adelante!
Sin-Club -(I Wish You A Lot Of) Luck
Arena – Fly Away
3-O-Matic – Success
DJ Company – Rhythm Of Love
Centory – Point Of No Return (RMX)
DJ Bobo – Let The Dream Come True
Bass Bumpers – Good Fun

Mezzo Mix Number 3:

Ice MC – It’s A Rainy Day
The Purple Kings – That’s The Way You Do It
Eu-Jheene – This Is The Night
Masterboy – Is This The Love?
The Free – Lover On The Line
Fun Factory – Take Your Chance
Pharao – I Show You Secrets (RMX)
Pet Shop Boys – Yesterday When I Was Mad
Century – Point Of No Return
Dancenethic – The Beat
Ophelia – Hand In Hand

The Best Of Max Mix:

Bananas Style


Marusha – Cardinals Paints Of Life
Frams – Trance Trip
Marusha – Go Ahead
Manitou – A-a-a-h
Marusha – It Takes Me Away
Wetsbam – Bam Bam Bam
Pierre Morgan vs. Natural Vipes – Sanctury Of Lovers
Mr. President – Sir (Hu Uh Uh Hu)
Odyssey – Move Your Body (RMX)
DJ Hooligan – Olimpic
Ilsa Gold – Golden Shower
Members Of Mayday – The Religion
Capslock – Was bin ich für ein Perverser?
Cyberdelia – Destruction
Sinique Trioxieme – Apocalipse
Mark Oh – Love Song

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 6


Shark Attack Mega Mix Part 06:

Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak
Billy & The Kids – Oh Susannah
Heart Attack – Move Me Stranger
Fame – The ABC Of Love
Nevada – Take Me To Heaven
DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
Vertical Vibe – Everybody’s Free
B-Cop – Send Me An Angel
Definition Of Joy – Stay With Me Forever
Funnymen – Let Me Do My Thing
Mr. President – I’ll Follow The Sun
Unit – Live It Up
Ma-Radscha – Right Now
Luxoria – Get High
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Can’t Love You
Pharao – There’s A Star (RMX)
Fun Factory – Pain
Captain Hollywood Project – Flying High
Snap – The First, The Last Eternity
Promo – ???
Sunbeam – Outside World
Scooter – MoveYour Ass
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Wonderful Days

Shark Mega Classics Part 1:

Oliver Cheatham – Get Down On Saturday Night
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Today’s Your Lucky Day
Melba Moore – Mind Up Tonight
One Way – Shine On Me
Orlando Johnson & Trace – Turn The Music On
Hot Wax – Hot Wax
Linda Lewis – Class / Style
Toney Lee – Love So Deep
Evelyn „Champagne“ King – I’m In Love
The Limit – She’s So Devine
The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On
Carol Williams – Can’t Get away

Bananas ’95 Mega Attack:

Bananas 95 Mega Attack

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 7


Shark Attack Mega Mix Part 07:

Destination – Happy Days
Winx – Don’t Laugh
Corona – Baby Baby
Jin feat. Sai -24 Hours (RMX)
La Bouche – Be My Lover
Sharif – Pearls Of Peace
2 Unlimited – Here I Go
Twenty 4 Seven – Keep On Trying
General Base – I See You
Techno Cop – The Miracle Of Life
Cymurai feat. Thea Austin – Magic Touch
Groovecult – Midnight Dream
DJ Igo – Far Away
Microbots – I Didn’t Knew What To Expect
Indian Fire – Hold Me
Two Heads – Do You Really Want My Love?
Tranceformer – Lunatic Angel
Herbie – Right Type Of Mood
Pharao – World Of Magic
Chary T. – Love’s Gonna Get The Feeling
Captain Hollywood Project – Find Another Way
Wave Kid – Baby I Need Your Lovin‘
Loft – Don’t Stop Me Now

Shark Hype! One:

Überschall -4 A.M.
P.H.1 – Sizzling Love
Taucher – Infinity
Wonderboy – Wave On Rave
Spoo-Key – Video Killed The Radio Star
Perplexer – Church Of House
L.E.T. Generation – Send Me An Angel
Komakino – Outface
DJ Errik feat. Alina – Wonderland
Members Of Mayday – The Bells Of Reformation
Interactive – Living Without Your Love
Radical Abuse – Jealousy
Cosmix feat. Ernie – Quietsche Entchen
Ego 69 – This House Is Hot
Megalomania – Emotion
Rave-O-Lution – Falling In Love
Fanatic Cracks – Universal Sound
Sequential One – Pump Up The Bass

Scooter Hai-NRG Megamix:

Scooter – Hai-N.R.G. Megamix

Shark präsentiert Attack Volume 8


Shark Attack Mega Mix Part 08:

Michael Jackson – Scream
Nightcrawlers – Surrender Your Love
La Bouche – Falling In Love
Whigfield – Think Of You
2 Unlimited – Nothing Like The Rain
Corona – Try Me Out
740 Boyz feat. 2 In A Room – Shimmy Shake
Haddaway – Catch A Fire
Marky Mark – No Mercy
Herbie – I Believe
Public Sun – Let’s Do It
Activate – I Say What I Want
X-Ite – Down Down Down
Warm Up – Take Me Up
D-Phase – I Owe You Nothing
Playahitty – 1-2-3 (Train With Me)
Centory – Eye In The Sky
Dr. Alban – This Time I’m Free
DJ Hooligan – Sueno Futuro (Wake Up And Dream)
John Scatman – Scatman’s World
Yoko Dance – Hashima
Erotic – Sex On The Phone
Capella – Tell Me The Way
Sandman’s Dummies – Der Fuchs geht durch den Wald
U 96 – Movin‘
Deep Vision – Sometimes (The Sun Shines)
Loft – Free Me
Datura & U.S.U.R.A. – Infinity
Bass Bumpers – Keep On Pushing

Down Beat Dance Mix:

Diana King – Shy Guy
Whigfield – Big Time
Human League – One Man In My Heart
Ace Of Base – All That She Wants
Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message
La Bouche – Fallin‘ In Love
Fun Factory – I Wanna Be With You
DJ Bobo – There Is A party
Sonic Dream C. – Don’t Go Breaking My Herat
Real McCoy – Love & Devotion
Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
Michael Jackson – Scream

Shark Hype! Two:

Hattrixx – Hattrixx
Once Again – Nessaja (RMX)
Die Langnasen – Eiskalt
Recycler feat. Sister Jacob – Schokoflocken
Sequential One – Happy Feelings
Scooter – Endless Summer
Dune Are You Ready To Fly
D-Sign – Rave Pour Adeline (Feel The Music)
RMB – Experience
Kim Ono – Big In Japan
DJ Nick – Randy II (Let’s Do It Again)
Intermission – Planet Love
Gompie – Alice, Who The X Is Alice?
DJ Paul Elstak – Luv U More
Das Modul – Kleine Maus
Paradise Place – Stargazer (Follow Your Heart) (RMX)
DJ Thoka – You Make Me Feel So Good (RMX)
De Luna – Moonriver

Shark Attack Mega Mix Part 09:

The Original – I Luv U Baby
Sandy Beach – Undercover Lover
Gloria Gaynor – Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away
Escrima – Deeper
Berri – Sunshine After The Rain
House Heroes – Tanzflash
Nightcrawlers feat. John Reid – Don’t Let The Feeling Go
Juliette Jaimes – Take It Easy
MagicAffair – The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance
Indra – Anywhere
Xpansion ’95 – Move Your Body
Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – Rastaman Vibration
DJ Bobo – Freedom
Alex Party – Wrap It Up
Märy Kiani – When I Call Your Name
Masterboy – Anybody
Mr. President – Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Love)
Sir Prize – Lullaby Of Love
Fanny Cadeo – I Want Your Love
Mr. President – Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Love)
Robotnico – Can You Feel The Beat
Perplexer – Love Is In The Air
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Stars
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy – I Kiss Your Lips
Nutri Brain – The World Is Turning
DJ Paul Elstak – Rainbow In The Sky

Shark House Attack Part 1:

Nightcrawlers feat. John Reid – Don’t Let The Feeling (M.K. Mix)
The Footclub – Driftwood
Ruffneck feat. Yavahn – Everybody Be Somebody
Paris – Brokendown
E.G. Fullalove – Didn’t I Know? (Divas To The Dancefloor … Please)
The Original – I Luv U Baby
Pizzaman – Sex On The Streets
Umboza – Cry India
Greed vs. Doug Lasy – Roll On ’95 (D.M.C. Mix)
Nush – U Girls (Look So Sexy)
Celvin Rotane – I Believe (Shark vs. The Flirts RMX)
New Order – Blue Monday ’95 (Hardfloor Mix)
Mike Oldfield – Let There Be Light (Hardfloor Mix)
Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy – Tempo Fiesta
Groove Solution – Magic Melody
Groove Garden – Positive Energy (RMX)
H20 feat. Billie – (Satisfied) Take Me Higher
DJ Quicksilver – Bingo Bongo
Scatman John – Scatman (D.M.C. RMX)
Pussy – Suck My Pussy
Mr. Jack – Only House Musik (RMX)


Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy

Shark präsentiert Double Attack Volume 10.


CD 1

Shark Attack Megamix 10:

Corona – I Don’t Wanna Be A Star
2 Unlimited – Do What’s Good For Me
Mary Kiani – I Imagine
Cheny Moon – Everybody Get Down
Me & My – Dub I Dub
Trival Voice – Ridin‘ On The Night
DJ Hooligan – I Want You
Open Minded People – Are You Ready?
Aladino – Stay With Me
La Bouche – I Love To Love
Moratto – Radar System
DJ Sammy feat Carisma – Life Is JustA Game

Shark Hype! Three:

Club X. – The Sequel
De Donatis – The Virus
The Montini Experience II – Astrosyn
Marusha – Unique
Hector – Luv Me
Caballero – Love Is A Shield
Onda Del Futuro – Storia d’Amore
Castello – II Sogno
Rexanthony – Polaris Dream
Chill – Na Na
Technohead – Headsex
Eniac – My Way
Megalomania – Close Your Eyes
Robotnico 3 – Can You Feel The Beat (Remix)
House Oflnsanity – Krypton (444 Mix)
DJ Paul Elstak – Don’t Leave Me Alone
Party Animals – Have You Ever Benn Mellow’?


Culture Beat – Inside Out (Remix)
Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Remix)

25×1995 = Bananas’s Madmix:

Feat The Outhere Brothers, Celvin Rotane, Snap, Alex Party, Masterboy, Marusha,
Star Wash, Perplexer,

CD 2

Shark House Attack Part 2:

Jazzy Jeff – Boom! Shake The Room
Joelle – Upside Down
Upliflers – Mr. Real
20 Fingers feat Katrina – Sex Machine
The Original – B 2 Gether
Crystal Waters – Relax
Double Dee feat Dany – Found Love
Happy Clappers – I Believe
Michael Jackson – Earth Song
E.Motion – The N. North & The Sexy South
Sweetbox – Shakalala
Machito Ponce – Ponte A Brincar
Molella feat Outhere Brothers – If You Wanna Party
Pizzaman – Happiness
Maxx – Move Your Body
400 Hz – I’ve Got The Music In Me
Hed Boys – Girls & Boys
Chazz – A Mover La Colita
M&M Crew feat Cali Gold – Move On
Head-On – I Want Your Love
Party Happening People – People
Mer1yn & Six Wicked Kids – Grooveliker

Downbeat Dance Mix 2:

Alliance Ethnik – Honesty & Jalousie
Ace Of Base – Lucky Love
Fever feat Tippalrie – Stayin‘ Alive ’95
La Verona – Love Of My Life
D-Zone – Don’t Stop It, I Like It
De De – Party
M.N.8 – Happy
Diana King – Ain’t Nobody
DJ Bobo – It’s Time For Christmas
Kool G Rap – Fast Life
T.L.C. – Diggin‘ On You
Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Remix)
Luniz feat Teddy – Playa Hata

Highlander Minimix 2:

Double You – Because I’m Loving You
Irene Cara – Rhythm Of My Life
Donald Duck – Mr. Duck (That’s Donald)
T.H. Express feat Joe – I’m On Your Side
Me & My – Baby Boy


Highlander Minimix 1


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