Power Mixx 05

Power Dance Mix:

General Base – I See You
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Can’t Love You
DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
Ice MC – Take Away The Colour
Luvdub – Run To Me
Da Blitz – Stay with Me
La Bouche – Be My Lover
Video Kids – Woodpeckers from Space
Corona – Baby Baby
2 Unlimited – Here I Go
Centory – The Spirit
Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark – Babylon
Taboo – I Dream Of You Tonight
The Free – Dance The Night Away

Power Rave Mix:

Aqualuna – Take On Me
Intermission – All Together Now
Mr. Zino – It’s Time To Move On
Das Modul – Computerliebe
Tanzdiebe – Fred vom Jupiter
Mark ‚Oh – Tears Don’t Lie
Captain Hollywood Project – Find Another Way
Jam & Spoon – You Gotta Say Yes
Kosmos – Codo
Coloured Vision – Fly Away

Power In An Oak Mix:

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak
Rednex – Swamp Thing
Rednex – Mary Lou

Yabba Dabba Power Mix:

Da Blitz – Stay with Me
Pan Position – Jacky‘ All
Whigfield – Saturday Night
20 Fingers – Short Dick Man
Silvia Coleman – Take My Breath Away
Pilato, Monti – Gam Gam
Systematic – Love Is The Answer
Twenty 4 Seven – Leave Them Alone
Taleesa – I Found Love

Power Night Mix:

MC Sar – Another Night
The Outhere Brothers – La La Hey Hey
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Let Me Be Free
Ice MC – It’s A Rainy Day
U96 – Love Religion
Moby – Feeling So Real

Power Bumper Mix:

Hyper Logic – Only Me
Deuce – Call It Love
Bass Bumpers – Good Fun
Zong – Tangoa


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