Krzys-PL – Megamixes 01-10


Aventura – Di Mi Quando
Fabian Nesti – Heigh Ho
Electra – Quando Quando
Cyber People – Doctor Faustu`s
Michael Bedford – Tunight
Roger Meno – A Find The Way
Mozzart – Malice & Vice
Fancy – Bolero
Alan Ross – Valentino Mon Amour
Swett Connection – Need Your Pasion
Grant Miller – Wings Of Love
Savage – I`m
Cliff Turner – Moonlight Affair
D.J. Priject – Vision Of Love
David Lyme – Bye, Bye, Mi Amor
Monte Kristo – Lady Valentine
Primadonna – Angel You
Cliff Turner – Your Love
Lou Sern – Swiss Boy
Silent Circle – Oh, Don`t Lose Your Heart …
The Radio Pirates – What Shall We Do With …
Numero Uno – Tora Tora
Joy Peters – One Night In Love
Silent Circle – Touch In The Night
David Lyme – Bambina
Chriss – Sweets For My Sweet
Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen
Paula Evans – C.I.A.O.
Jassica – Little Tiger
Grant Miller – Red For Love
U.K. – Roadrunner


Alan Bery – Come On
Cyber People – Digital Signal Processor
Scotch – Delirio Mind
Alex C – Tonight All Night
Albert One – Four Your Love
Dany Keith – Keep On Music
Brayan Ice – Talking To The Night
Eddy Huntington – U.S.S.R.
Lee Marow – Sayonara
Baltimora – Woody Boogie
New Romantique – She’s Like An Angel
Squash Gang – I Want An Illusion
Max Coweri – Run To The Sun
K.B. Caps – Catch Me Now I’m Falling
Eddy Huntington – Up & Down
Del Faro – Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
Chris Luis – The Heart Of The City
Monte Kristo – Sheri Mi Sai
Michael Bedford – Space Boys
Love Kills – I Want To Become
Saphir – A’m Alive
Mirage – No More, No War
Laskovyi Mai – White Roses
K.B. Caps – Do You Really Need Me
Milou – Sentimental Lover
Jessica – Like A Burning Star
Mauro – Buona Sera Ciao Ciao


Savage – Only You
Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover
Fun Fun – Happy Station
Koto – Visitors
Alex C – Tonight All Night
Michael Bedford – More Than Kiss
Jules – I Want To
Mr. Zivago – Sadness Is Like Snow
Airplay – For Your Love
Andrea – Macho Man
Triple G – Nervous
Laserdance – Power Run
Mr. Freaky – Get Out Of My Life
Fresh – The Wolf
Brayan – Ice Ower
J.D. Jaber – Don’t Wake Me Up
Roy – Destiny Time
Peter Schilling – Titanic
David Lyme – Bye, Bye, Mi Amor
T. Ark – Under Cover Lover
K.B. Caps – Julia
Eddy Huntington – Physical Attraction
David Lyme – Playboy
Fancy – Flames Of Love
David Lyme – Bambina
Patty Ryan – I Don’t Wanna Lose Tunight
T. Ark – Conton Me
Anthony’s Games – Sunshine Love
Fancy – Angel
Jessica – Like A Burning Star
Danuta – Touch Me Heart
Shy Ross – I Cry For You
Mozzart – Jasmin China Girl
Mike Mareen – Love Spy
Fun Fun – I’m Needing You
Fun Fun – Baila Bolero


Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight
Mr. Black – Monnalisa
Roxanne – Charlene
Kongo Band – Africana
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
Martinelli – Voice In The Night
Scotch – Delirio Mind
Lena – Run To Me
Mr. Zivago – Yesterday
Miko Mission – How Old A You
Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream
Valerie Dore – Get Closer
Facts & Fiction – Give Me The Night
Silver Pozolli – Pretty Baby
Miko Mission – The World Is You
Scotch – Take Me Up
Mr. Ziwago – Little Russian
P4F – Diamond
Albert One – Hopes & Dreams
Mr. Me – I Go Down
Taffy – I Love My Radio
Dana Kay – Give Me Your Body
Carrara – S.O.S Bandido
Cliff Turner – Moonlight Affair
Silent Circle – Stop The Rain
Chriss – What A Boy Like You
Alan Cook – Bad Dreams
David Lyme – Playboy
Grant Miller – California Train
Silent Circle – One More Night

Special for YABI:
Magazine 60 – Que No Sa


Eight Wonder – I’m Not Scared
The Twins – Ballet Dancer
Fable Time – Russia Russia
Spy 71 – Take Me Mr. Love
Susanne Meals – Forever
Jules – I Want To
Milou – Sentimental Lover
Diviacchi – Waiting For Heaven
Paul Rein – Show Me Tonight
The Hurricans – Only One Night
Les Mc Keown – It A Game
Shooting Party – I Go To Pieces
Solid Strangers – Music In The Night
Interface – Plastic Age
Primero – Oh Que Calor
Ric Fellini – Welcome To Rimini
Roy – Shooting Star
The Nasty Boys – I Was Made For Loving You
Daydream – Crazy
Mike Mareen – Agent Of Liberty
Claudia T – Dance with Me
Click – Duri Duri
Rocky M. – Disco Lady
Silent Circle – Every Move Every Touch
Robert Camaro – Let Me Fall In Love
The Twins – Tonight
Patty Brown – New York City
Attack – Special Love
Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen


K.B. Caps – Do You Really Need Me
Monte Kristo – Sheri Mi Sai
Sweet Connection – Need Your Pasion
Grant Miller – Wings Of Love
Lou Sern – Swiss Boy
Savage – I’m Loosing You
Silent Circle – Touch In The Night
David Lyme – Bye, Bye, Mi Amor
The Radio Pirates – What Shall We Do with A Drunken D.J.
Joy Peters – One Night In Love
David Lyme – Playboy


Argentina – Baby Don’t You Break My Heart
Roger Meno – I Find A Way
Airplay – Help Me Through The Summer
Ivan – Fotonovela
Ricky Maltese – Rainy Day
Brando – Rainy Day
Frankie – Have You Heard Of Atlantis
Caron – Out Of The Night
JD Jaber – Dont Wake Me Up
Koto – Visitors
Mike Mareen – Here I Am
Alan Cook – Do You Want To Stay with Me
K.B. Caps – Do You Really Need Me
Robert Camero – Love Games
Dance Deperment – Paradise
Silent Circle – Moonlight Affair
Grant Miller – Track In The Snow
Claudio Mingardi – Star Man
Grant Miller – Colder Than Ice (Remix)
Silver Pozzoli – Step By Step
Ken Laszlo – Tonight
Gina T. – Tokyo By Night
Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
Beagle Music Ltd. – Daydream
Marce – I Want You
Fred Ventura – Streets (All Right)
Moulin Rouge – High Nrg Boy
Psychic Interface – Tribal Stomp
M&H Band – Popcorn


P. Lion – Dream
Joe Yellow – Love At First
Italian Boys – Midnight Girls
Lee Marrow – Mr. Fantasy
Night Society – Hold Me Tight
Lala – Johnny
Hipnosis – Droid
Facts & Fiction – Melody D’Amour
Silver Pozzoli – from You To Me
Patrick Colby – Mandrill
Roger Meno – What My Heart Wanna Say
P. Lion – Happy Children (Summer Latino Remix)
Via Verdi – Diamond
Black Denim – Your Are The One
Rudy & Co – Mama Radio
David Dean – Bye Bye Baby Goodbye
Daydream – Baby Baby
Moulin Rouge – D.J. I Wanna Be Your Record
Mike Mareen – Love Spy
Max Him – Japanes Girl
Sauvage – Do You Want Me (Dance Mix) (2)
Kim Taylor – Say You II Be Mine
Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom
Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Extended)
Valerie – The Night ’97 (Vinyl DJ Edit)
Mike Mareen – Dancing In The Dark (DJ Shah Remix)
Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover (B.B.E. Remix ’96)


Martinelli – Voice In The Night
Monte Kristo – Girl Of
LabanL – Love In Siberia
50 & 50 Brothers – Red Man
Bad Boys Blue – Gimme Gimme Your Lovin
Facts & Fiction – Supernova
Digital Game – Please Don’t Go
Joe Yellow – I’m Your Lover
Fesh – Scandal Eyes
Miko Mission – Two For Love
Atrium – Weekend
Denise & Baby’s Gang – Disco Maniac
London Boys – London Nights
Baby’s Gang – Challenger
Bad Boys Blue – Pretty Young Girl
Alan Ross – The Last Wall
Patty Ryan – Chinese Eyes
Flo Astaire – Monkey Monkey
London Boys – Love Train
Fancy – Slice Me Nice
DJs Gang – Masterpiece
Laffair – Secret Eyes
Alphatown – Hey Robin
Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy (Extended)
Kristian Conde – Dolce Vita
Orlando – Passion
Mozzart – Money
Radiorama – Abcd
Michael Fortunati – Into The Night
Alan Barcklay – Don’t Let Me Go
Dave Merlin – Electric Night
Venus – Hot Sun On Video
Vivien Vee – Heartbeat
Maltese – Its All Right


My Mine – Can Delight
Italian Boys – Forever Lovers
Saphir – Shot In The Night
B.B. Bonsai – Prince Of The Night (Maxi)
Closed – Living In Your Eyes
Black Denim – Everybody Dance
Batty Miranda – Take Me To The Top
Brian Ice – Night Girl
Brothers Return – Jericho
Jessica – Chinese Magic
Margie M – China Boy
Fake – Frogs In Spain (Extended)
Creative Connection – Don’t You Go Away
Fun Gang – Just For Fun
Cliff Turner – (I Need) Your Love (Extended)
Brand Image – Love In A Summer Night
Thai Break – Flowers In The Rain
Angie Care – Your Mind
Courdini – Night After Night
R Bias – Dial My Number
Fancy – Lady Of Ice
C.C. Catch – Don’t Be A Hero
Two Girls – Another Bay In Town
Julia Claire – A Summer Romance
Felli – Diamond In The Night
Rocky M – Look In My Heart
Carrara – Welcome To The Sunshine
Jock Hattie Band – To Be Or Not To Be
Albert One – Turbo Diesel
Annie Anner – Night In The City


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