Dr. Alban – Collection (1990-2012)

Albums & Compilations:

1990.Hello Afrika – The Album
1991.Dr. Alban – Hello Afrika – The Album (2nd Edition)
1992.One Love – The Album
1993.It`s My Life – The Album
1993.One Love – The Album (Second Edition)
1994.Look Whos Talking – The Album
1995.Look Whos Talking – The Album (U.S. Release)
1996.Born In Africa
1997.I Believe
1997.I Believe (Promo)
1997.The Very Best Of 1990-1997
1998.It’s My Life
1998.The Best – New
1999.200% Platinum Hits
1999.Dance Remixes ’99
2000.Hit Collection
2006.Chiki Chiki
2008.Back To Basics
2008.Back To Basics (Poland)

Singles & Remixes:

1990.Hello Afrika (Dr. Alban feat. Leila K.)
1990.Hello Afrika (Remix)
1990.No Coke
1991.No Coke (Remix)
1991.Sing Shi-Wo-Wo (Stop The Pollution)
1991.U & Mi
1992.It’s My Life
1992.It’s My Life (Raggadag Remix)
1992.One Love
1992.One Love (Remix)
1993.It`s My Life (US)
1993.Sing Hallelujah!
1993.Sing Hallelujah! (Remix)
1994.Away From Home
1994.Let The Beat Go On
1994.Look Who’s Talking
1994.Look Who’s Talking
1994.Look Who’s Talking (The Remix)
1995.Sweet Dreams
1995.Sweet Dreams Remixes (Swing feat. Dr. Alban)
1995.This Time I’m Free
1995.This Time I’m Free (The Remixes)
1996.Born In Africa
1996.Hakuna Matata (Swahili Nation feat. Dr. Alban)
1996.Hallelujah Day
1996.Take A Ride (Rob’n’Raz With D-Flex and Dr. Alban)
1997.It’s My Life – ’97
1997.Long Time Ago
1997.Long Time Ago
1997.Mr. Dj
1997.The ’97 Remixes
1998.Enemies – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
1998.Fly Eagles (Promo)
1998.Papaya Coconut (Come Along) (Dr. Alban vs Kikki Danielsson)
1999.Alla Vi (Friends In Need)
1999.Colour The World (Sash! feat. Dr. Alban)
2000.Looking For Something
2001.Because Of You
2001.What Do I Do
2002.I Like To Move It (DJ Aligator Project feat. Dr. Alban)
2003.Work Work
2004.Sing Hallelujah! (Recall 2004)
2005.Sing Hallelujah (Yamboo feat. Dr. Alban)
2006.Chiki Chiki (Starclub feat. Dr. Alban (Promo))
2007.Sing Hallelujah 2007 (Yamboo feat. Dr. Alban)
2008.I Love The 90’s (Dr. Alban vs. Haddaway)
2009.Carolina (Dr. Alban & Charly Boy)
2009.Summerday (m:ret-zon feat. Dr. Alban)
2010.Hello Afrika 2010 (Dr. Alban & Dr. Victor feat. Cantona & Sash!)
2010.Hello South Africa (Dr. Alban feat. Sash!)
2012.Freedom Remixed
2012.Freedom Remixed 2
2012.Loverboy (Remixes) (Promo)


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