Germix – The Ultimate Collection 2

Germix präsentiert The Ultimate Collection Volume 2. Enthält Mixe & Remixe von Roger Hundt, Martin Sak, DJ Sven Schmidt, DJ Alf The R.

Top Tune Medley 1992:

Dr. Alban – One Love
Loose Ends – Hangin´ On A String
Michael Jackson- Who Is It
Chaka Khan – Give Me All
Monie Love – Full Term Love
Joe Public- Live & Learn
Michael Jackson – In The Closet
Markie Dee – Trippin´ Out
Alison Limerick – Make It On My Own
Genesis – I Can´t Dance
TLC – Ain´t No Proud
Frankie Knuckles – Work Out
Kym Sims-Take My Advice
Dina Carrol – Ain´t No Man
L.Vandros / J.Jackson – The Best Things..
Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
AB Logic – The Hitman


Depeche Mode – Somebody (The Lonely Mix)

Dr. Alban This Is My Life Megamix:

Dr. Alban – It´s My Life
Dr. Alban – One Love
Dr. Alban – U & Mi
Dr. Alban – No Coke
Dr. Alban – Hello Afrika
Dr. Alban – Sing Shi-Wo-Wo

Erasure Last Chance Megamix:

Erasure – Take A Change On Me
Erasure – Take A Trance On Me
Erasure – Supernature
Erasure – Star
Erasure – Waiting For Sex
Erasure – Oh L´Amour
Erasure – Chorus
Erasure – Breath Of Life

Underground Is On The Move:

JD´s Jam – Back To Musik
Known Chic – Dance
Progetto Tribal – Behavior
E-Culture – Tribal Confusion
Sound Source – Waterfall
Lifeforce – Altitute
Travis Nelson – Tunnel Of Love
Code 718 – Equinox
Sybiosis – Feel The Rhythm


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