Studio 33 Story 81-90

The 2nd Wild, Wild, West…! Studio 33 The 81th Story


Tom Mountain – Little Respect
The Real Booty Babes – Meet Her At The Loveparade
89ers – Ritmo Forte
Greatest Deejays – Cut The Music
United DJs vs. Pandora – Trust Me
Age Pee – Hymn
4 Clubbers – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
DJ Roberto Kfeat. Valerie – Blame lt On The Summer
Jessy & Micky Modelle – Dancing In The Dark
Eyra Gail – Love ls On The Way
Millenium – Day After Day
DJ NLSiO vs. DJ Kicken – Living On Video
Joyfull – Alegria
Mike Wind & Marc Korn – On My Way
Pimp Code – We Are The Best
Raccooon – Around The World
Lara – Fate
Deejay Goldfingerfeat. Felisha – Baker Street
Fantasy – Fire
Luca Zeta – My Angel
Sample Rippers – Miracle Maker
Franky B – Lifes For Living
Liquid Spill – My Tears Are Running Dry
Dan Winter – Check That Body
Basslovers United – I Cant Dance
DJ Sledge Hammer- Sunshine
DJ Machine – 7 Days & One Week
DJ Millo & DJ Bony – Emergency
Headhunters feat. Karen Danzig – I Got A Feeling
S.E.X. Appael feat. Lyane Leigh – Fragile Love
East Clubbers – Its A Dream
Frisco – The Summer Is Magic
Roxi – Schöner Ist Ohne
Natalie feat. Bun B – What You Gonne Do
Avant feat. Nicole Scherzinger – Lie About Us
Six4one – If We All Give A Little
Jojo – Little Too Late
Galaxy feat. Deejay Jay – Fell In Love With An Alien
Luttenberger Klug – Super Sommer
Stacie Orrigco – Im Not Missing You
Karmah – Toms Diner
Delia – Alles Wird Gut
S. Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas – Mas Oue Nada
Blue Lagoon – Isle Of Paradise
Bürger Lars Dietrich – A Criminal Affar
Jonathan Walter- Es Ist Warm
Bejonce feat. Jay Z – Deja Vu
Preluders – I Want Your T.I.M.E.
Blog27 – Wid Out Ya
Sebastian Hamer- Sommer Unseres Lebens
Xavier Naidoo – Zeilen Aus Gold
Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
lnfernal – Ten Miles
Rosenstolz – Ich Geh In Flammen Auf
Dannii Mingue – So Under pressure
Jessica Simpson – A Public Affair
Lasgo – Hold Me Now
Michael Gray – Boarder Line
Musikk – Lamour
Cube Expierience – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Groove Cats – Once In A Lifetime
Bango – Tarzan Boy
Limelight – Gotta Let You Go
Yoomii – A Kiss ls All I Miss
Erkan Und Stefan – Checker
Kathy Phillips – When You Say Nothing At All
Sakin & Friends – ForThe Love Of A Princess

Zeit, Dass Sich Was Dreht…! Studio 33 The 82th Story


Tranceforma – Self Esteem
Basshunter- Vi Sitter Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota
Booty Shakerz – Who Knew
The Hitmen – Bass Up
Groove Coverage – Let lt Be
Azuria – Forgive Me
Bryan Cox feat. Dutch – Beat ForThe Streets
Bass Up – Hold Me Back
Molella – Discotek People
Here & Now – Bizarre Triangle Love
Mellee – Beautiful‚ Rich & Horny
89ers – Higher Love
Partyrausch – Keep There
Club Generation – Patch-E
Matt Ricks – Home Again
Tonic & Serenity – Elements of Trance
Pafiendorf- La La La Girl
Akira – Peace Of Heaven
Anonymus vs. Grandmaster D – Magic Melody
Peat Jr. & Fernando – Let lt Be Love
Whitelabel – I Dont Know
Alibee feat. DJ Dee – Letz Hear lt ForThe Boys
Siria – I Will Believe lt
Kim Sczzi – Break Up
Cascada – Love Again
Tivoli Beatz – Nowhere Near
Lunaspace – Wheres The Party
Lacuna – Celebrate The Summer
Chuck Love – Funkapella
Coona – Everyday
Alex M vs. Marc Van Damme – Stand Up
Bangbros – Feierschweinerei
Bounce Brigade – Drop The Bass
2 Jays – Heartquake
Cerla vs. Millo – R U Ready
Gold Searcher- 9 Bicycles
Frank Raven – Friends
K DJs feat. C. Ryan – All Around The World
Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent – Hands Up
Bushido – Von Der Skyline Zum Bordstein Zurück
Agnes – Kick Back Relax
Mary J. Blige feat. Brook-Lyn – Enough Cryin
Pearls Club – Creepin Away
RNG feat. Chicanoz – Im In Love
Pussycat Dolls – I Dont Need A Man
Robbie Williams – Rudebox
Oueens – No Goodbye
Eko Fresh – Ek ls Back
Paris Hilton – Turn lt Up
Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland – Promiscuous
Jamelia – Something About You
Tom Novy – Unexpected
Sha – Jaja
George Michael – An Easier Afiair
Akon feat. Eminem – Smack That
lnfernal – Self Control
DJ Crab – Le Freak 2k6
Gummibar- Ich Bin Dein Gummibar
84 King Street – Are You Lovin Somebody
Dance Nation – Ridin High
Fesfebrik DJ Michel & Eerappel – Whole Again
Sharon Dexter- Finally 2006
Royal Gigolos – Tell lt To My Heart
Dir Brothers – Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Fragma – Radio Waves
Kate Ryan – Alive
Mary – Dreams
Beatfreakz – Superfreakz
Milk Inc. – Run
Bo & Monica – This ls How We Party

Ice, Ice, Baby…! Studio 33 The 83th Story


Steve Twain pres. Escape One – Numero Uno
Cascade – Truly Madly Deeply
Melanie Flash – Halfvvay To Heaven
Tunnel Allstars feat. Yanny – Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen
Rave Allstars – Beam
Renegate Masterz – Nasty Girl
Jens O – Find YourWay
2 Playaz – Tune
Pafiendorfvs. The Real Booty Babes – Where Are You 2006
Triple Bounce – Magic Melody
DJ Deect – Love Changes
Dancecore Allstars – When The Sun Comes Out
Jan Wayne – Pease Of My Heart
Nino Jarko & DJ P-Lu – Los Pajaros East Clubbers – Sextasy
Discotronic – Tricky Disco
Meloshooters – Hot Bumping Jumper Style
Sample Rippers – Kick The Nation
Floorfilla – Cyberdream
Central Seven – lfl Were You
Raverdiago – Pupananny
H2K- Summermelody
Partyrausch – Cut & Break
Nordic Stars – Jump Jump
Heiko & Maiko – Technorock Minozza Inc. – Running from The Rain
Dance Nation – Move Your Body
Desperate Deejays – The Sound Of E
Sonic Alive feat. Kate Lesing – I’ve Got The Love
Xavier Naidoo – Was Wir Alleine Nicht Schaffen
Sebastian Hamer- Nur Mit Dir
Sterling Simms feat. Sean Paul – Jump Off
Janet & Nelly – Call On Me
Rapsoul – Sommerschein
Bushido – Vendetta
Take That – Patience
George Michael feat. Mutya – This ls Not Real Love
Melissa Young – Mad At Myself
Monrose – Shame
Prinz Pi – Bonzenland Flavour
Naturally 7 – Feel lt (In The Air Tonight)
Robbie Williams – Lovelight
Aksent – Krunk Krunk
USS – In The Club
Lemon lce – Stand By Me
Christina Stürmer- Ohne Dich
Kathy Brown vs. Miami Calling – Dare Me
U96 feat. Das Bo – Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light
2 Raumwohnung – Besser Geht’s Nicht
Armand Van Helden feat. Fat Joe – Touch Your Toes
Mark ‚oh – Let lt Out (Shout Shout Shout)
Rivaz feat. Ronin – Broken Wings
Sixty-9 vs. Discodrive – Rainbow
2 Small Aka Caddly Toy – Feel 4 Me
Dutch Mafia – Break My Stride
The Caramel Club – Mama Say Mama Sa
Yanou feat. Liz – King Of My Castle
Wnylshakerz – Love’s A Fragile Thing
2 4 Grooves – The Way I Do
Royal Gigolos – Tell lt To My Heart
Sharam – Party All The Time
Mike Red – 4 Living
Cascade – Everytime We Touch 2007
Syke ‚N Sugarstar – Are You Watching Me Watching You

Studio 33 – The 083½ Story

Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind
Blog 27 – Uh La La La
Marie Serneholt – That’s The Way My Heart Goes
Marquess – EI Temperamento
Sergio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas – Mas Oue Nada
Pink – Stupid Girls
Aneela feat. Arash – Chori Chori
Chris Brown – Run lt
Blog 27 – Hey Boy
Bluelagoon – lsle Of Paradise
Shakira feat. WyclefJean – Hips Don’t Lie
Azad feat. Cassandra Steen – Eines Tages
Grup Tekkan – Wo Bist Du Mein Sonnenschein
Bass Sultan Hengzt – Millionaer
Flipsyde feat. Piper- Happy Birthday
Ne-Yo – So Sick
Stacie Orrico – I’m Not Missing You
Bushido – Von Der Skyline Zum Bordstein Zurück
Eko Fresh feat. Bushido – Gheddo
Jesse Mccartney – Beautiful Soul
Walter Moers 8. Thomas Pigor- Ich Hock In Meinem Bunker
USS – Mama
Rapsoul – Gott Schenk Ihr Flügel
The Pussycat Dolls feat. Will I Am – Beep
The Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg – Buttons
Tarkan – Start The Fire
Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
Eko Fresh – Ek ls Back
Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland – Promiscuous
Seeed – Ding
Sean Paul – Temperature
Nelly Furtado – Maneater
Rhianna – S.0.S
Christina Stürmer- Nie Genug
Oliver Pocher- Schwarz Und Weiss
Chipz – 1001 Arabian Nights
Banaroo – Sing 8. Move
DJ Bobo 8. Sandra – Secrets Of Love
Ferry Corsten – Fire
Bob Sinclar- World Hold On
Loco Loco – Mosquito
Hot Banditoz – I Wan’t lt That Way
Gummibar- Ich Bin Dein Gummibar
Kim Wilde – You Came
DJ Bomba – Honk lf You Are Horny
Age Pee – Out OfThe Dark
Pimp Code – We Are The Best
Bulldozer- Bboy Mc
Partyrausch – Keep There
Yom Trax – The Sound
Pulsedriver – Whistle Song
Mike Newman – Dubble Dubby
Cascada – Ready For Love
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Survival
Aycan – Devil In Disguise
Bangbros – Bangjoy The Music
Acardipane vs. Balloon – Go West
Spring Fever- Give Me More
Pimp Code – We Are The Best
Age Pee – Out OfThe Dark
The Dreamers – Dancefloor
DJ Manian vs. Tune Up – Rhythm 8. Drums
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Survival
Yom Trax – The Sound
Rob Mayth – Barbie Girl
Pafiendorf- Lala Girl
Groove Coverrage – On The Radio
89ers – Higher Love
Matt Ricks – Home Again
Rocco – Street Knowledge
Sample Rippers – Kick The Nation
DJ Magic feat. Rhianna – Unfaithful
Sven R-G vs. Bass-T – The Sign 2006
DJ Tricky – The Riddle
Rave Allstars – Baem
Pulsedriver – Whistle Song
Age Pee – Hymn
Pitchers – Back Once Again
Frank Raven – Friends
Floorfilla – Komputermelody
Raverdiago – Pupananny
Rave Allstars – Wonderful Days
The Boyscouts – Ubap
Tune Up – Feel Fine
Groove Coverage – Summer Rain
Cascada – Ready For Love
DJ Cyrus – Don’t Break My Heart
The Hitmen – Bass Up
DHT – Listen To Your Heart
Bangbros -1‚2‚3 Feierschweinerei
D-Tune – Burn lt Up
PVS – Fly On The Wings
Mike Newman – Dubble Dubby
DJ Klubbingman – Ride On The White Train
Bulldozer- BBoy MC
Shaun Baker- Push
Max Farenthide 8. DJ Hubertuse – Are You Ready
Tranceforma – Self Esteem
Supermode – Tell Me Why
Colonia – Time
Basshunter- W Sitter I Ventrilo (Dota)
Yoomiii – A Kiss ls All I Miss
Renegade Masterz – Crystal Ship
Partyrausch – Keep There
Jens 0 – Find YourWay
Basshunter- Boten Anna
Pafiendorf- Where Are You
Heiko 8. Maiko – Technorock
Medznezz vs. Stinger- Paradise

Put Your Hand In The Air…! Studio 33 The 84th Story


Tranceguards – Sunshine Star
Kira – Against All Adds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Liz Kay – When Love Becomes A Lie
United DJ’s vs. Pandora – Don’t You Know
Accuface – Let Your Mind Fly 2007
Datura vs. MNS – lnfinity
Klubbhoppers – Rain Again 2k7
Rocco – Fucking Beautiful
Scooter- Behind The Cow
Crazy Rockerz – Dance With My Pants
Tune Up vs. ltalobrothers – Colours OfThe Rainbow
Vocana – Every Part Of You
The Real Booty Babes – 4 Ever
Gabry Ponte – U.N.D.E.R.G.R.O.U.N.D.
M.Y.C. – Freakshow
Luca Zeta vs. Sander- I Will Be Good To You
Dancetech vs. Tune Up – Ride On Time
Sunny Inc. feat. Yeal Peles – Loving You
Clubbticket – Sunshine
Beat Bomber- It’s Funtime
DJ Yanny – Rhythm ls A Dancer
Mental Madness Allstars – The Anthem
Rodick – Any More
Max Deejay feat. Faith – Boys Of Summer
Nasty Deejays – Hard To Say I’m Sorry
Joanna Zimmer- Bringing Down The Moon
J. Jimberlake – What Goes Around Comes Around
2 XL feat. Cherish & Unk – Magic City
Beyonce – lrreplaceable
Mozella – Amnesia
Flipside – Angel
Lunik – Life ls All Around
Taio Cruz – I Just Wanna Know
Nas feat. Chrisette Michelle – Can’t Forget About You
Blue Lagoon – What Become OfThe Broken Heart
Dendemann – Endlich Nichtschwimmer
Deesha – Everytime
Z-Ro feat. Tanya Herron – Continue 2 Roll
Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End)
Lumidee feat. Tony Sunshine – She’s Like The Wind
Foxy Brown feat. Dru Hill – Big Bad Momma
Baby Bash – Na Na
Crazy Frog – Crazy Frog In The House
Kelis – Lil Star
Dos Zebras feat. M. Charles – When Susannah Cries
Eric Prydz – Proper Education
JuniorJack – Dare (Stupid Disco)
V-Heads – Paxi Fixi
Jackie 0 – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
Vandom – Take Me Shake Me
9ine – Please Don’t Go
Fuzzy Hair & AM feat. Joe Taff- Mad World
Lazard – My Heart Keeps Burning
Cut ‚N Paste – Son OfA Preacher Man
Disco Mozilla – Time Of My Life
Groovestylerz – We Are Family
DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin – Xanadu
Natalie Browne – Its All Coming Back To Me
Dr. DJ Cerla – Sexy Girl
Sophie Ellis Bextor- Catch You
Phunk Foundation – Let ls Go
Club Scene lnvestigators – Fucking Society
Starzoom – Billie Jean (People Always Told Me)
Disco Junkie – How Many Tmies
Scotty – God ls A DJ 2007
Wa Wa Deejays – Rasputin 2007
High Street Honeys – I Touch Myself
The Boy Rackers – Anthem 2
Dark Angel feat. Alicia – Shy
Jay – Emotions

Better…Harder…Wilder…! Studio 33 The 85th Story


Shaun Baker- Vip
Addicted Craze feat. The Circus – Beautiful
Pulsedriver – The Whistle Song
Topmodelz – Your Love
Bass-T – Check This
Commercial Club Crew – My Sound
Jordan – Jordan ls Back
DJ Emaxx – Make U Move
Speedmaster Project – What Is Love 2007
Molella – Originale Radicale Musicale
O Heller- Slice Me
Meyson – Summer Of Love
Anima Ladina – Extasy
DJ Adk feat. Linda – You Came
Mr. Rokk feat. FM – Je Taime De Tous
Beam feat. Lara Mc Allen – Bodyrock
Lunatic DJ’s – Baby Love
Bangbros – Yeah Yeah Yeah 2007
Manian – Turn The Tide
DJ Dean – Dreamworld
Rob Mayth vs. Floorfilla – I Power
Kimera – The Beach
Apollo Brothers – One Of Us
Marc Korn vs. San Danielle – Secret Of You
Galaxy 68 – Neverland
Ravekorr- Million Miles from Home
Ebj feat. Ange – Loving You
DJ Marcel – Music Was My First Love
Janet – With U
Simply Red – So Not Over You
Bone Thugs ‚N Harmony feat. Akon – I Tried
Mario Vasquez – Gallery
Herbert Grönemeyer- Lied 1 Stück Vom Himmel
Finkenauer- Manchmal Zwischen Den Gebäuden
Stacie Orrico – So Simple
Jiggy Joint feat. Dan Hogan – Careless Whisper
Bloomo6 – In The City
Lemon lce – Only You
Caramelle feat. Nitro – Self Control
Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado – Give lt To Me
Joss Stone – Put Your Hands On Me
Nelly Furtado – Say lt Right
Sha – Vergiss Mich
Elizabeth Tyron – Fire lnside
Mia – Zirkus
Maya Days – Drop A House
Seamus Haji feat. Key Jay – Last Night
Disco Deejays – Upside Down
Future of Vision – Here Comes The Rain Again
K La Guard feat. Andy Kiys – Shooting Star
Mario Ochoa feat. DJ Fist – Sweet Lies
Audio Fraud feat. Peyton – Ride Like The Wind
Milk & Sugar – Stay Around
David Kane – Club Sound
Cooper & Cruchot – Piano In The Dark
2 Touch – U Make Me Feel So Good
Bob Sinclarfeat. Farrell Lennon – Tennesee
Danzel – Jump
Jaybee feat. Morris – Shattered Dreams
Winman – Fade To Grey
Sandra – The Way I Am
Scooter- Lass Und Tanzen
Dancefloor Saints – Carry On
Sucker DJ’s feat. Drock – Movin On Down

Gimme All Your Lovin´…! Studio 33 The 86th Story


Master Blasterfeat. Rachel Hiew – Walking In Memphis
Paul Brugel – Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
Aycan – Devided
Alex Megane – Tonight
Skydeelight – Always
lnterphace vs. DJs @ Work – Someday 2007
D Tune – Kingz OfThe Music
Teja Haver- Virtual Girl
Basslimit – Stay With Me
Vinylworxx – Stop Lovin You
Conrete Eleven – Castles In The Sky
Groove Coverage – Summer Rain
Katie Jewels – Come Again
Rushroom – Dont Give Up
Sielce Records – You May Think
Spacecube – Forever Again
Dyce – Tomorrow Can Wait
Pimp Code – Like A Rocket
Dancing DJs – Amazed
Straight Flush – Shes Got That Light
Deep Spirit – Cover Song
Sioux Deejays – Free Your Soul
Miradey – La Lumiere
Astrada – Like An Ocean
Bulldozzer- Bring The Beat Back
Punk Rockerz – Punkrocker
Sven-R-G vs. Bass T – Flying High
Sonic Alive feat. Rollergirl – Dea Jessie 2007
Raveman & Narutho – On The Sun 2007
Bassrockerz feat. DJ Pedros – 6 Little Eggs
Kelly Rowland feat. Eve – Like This
Joss Stone feat. Lauryn Hill – Music
Jibbs feat. Melody Thorton – Go Too Far
Beyonce feat. Shakira – Beautiful Liar
Jojo – Anything
Monrose – Even Heaven Cries
Lexington Bridge – Kick Back
Natash Bedingfleld – I Wanna Have Your Babies
Moon Dust – Angels
Urbanize – Warten Auf Dich
Falco – Männer Des Westens 2007
Deesha – Let Me Freak You Out
Rosenstolz – Aus Liebe Wollte Ich Alles Wissen
Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder
Jennifer Lopez – Oue Hiciste
R.E.M – 9 Dream
Sterling Simms – Nasty Girl
Disco Deejays – Upside Down
The Disco Boys – Here On My Own
Booty Luv- Shine
Sindress – Beds Are Burning
Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
Michael Mind – Blinded By The Light
The Admirals feat. Seraphina – Männer
Mighty Dub Cats – Magic Carpet Ride 07
Delano & Crockett – Missing
Giulia Siegel – Dance
Laura – Sunflowers
Kim Leoni – Again
ATB With Heather Nova – Renegate
DJ Arnaud – Otherside 2007
Chipz – Studio 54

Listen To Your Heart…! Studio 33 The 87th Story


Volare – In Your Arms
Jump Project – The Whistle
Patrick Bunton – Eternity
Verano – Abfahrt
Ray Silver- Forever In Love
DJ Whisky – Celtic Celebration
THD – The One
DJ Aligator- Meet HerAt The Loveparade
DJ Diskant – New Day
Cookie Boyz – Heaven ls A Place On Earth
Drunkenmunky – Calabria
Basshunter – I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly
Tune Up feat. Andy Lopez – Dance Dance
Danny S – You Keep Me Hanging
DJ Serenity & Da Flow- Fuel To Fire
Jan Wayne & Scarlet – I Touch Myself
Sample Rippers – Nobody Likes The Records
Brisby & Jingles – Heaven
Ray Knox – I Wanna Hold You
Discotronic – Now ls The Time
Kindervaterfeat. Nadja – Forever
Activ B – Take My Breath Away
Liquid Spill – 5 Elements
Teenagers – Slam Down
Rave Allstars – Logical Song
Jens O – Reason
Apollo – Dance
Wds – Passion Spills
4 Clubbers feat. Silvy – Time
Dancefloor Driverz feat. Joana – Sleeping In My Car
DJ Xelerator- Endless Dream
DJ Blisco vs. Beatmonique – Out Of Your Love
Die Frauenärzte – Megageil Wie Ich
Italobrothers – Counting Down The Days
Sylwania – Summertime
DJ Analyzer vs. D Jmc – We Belong
Bassrockerz – Show Me
Roland Kenzo – Everlasting Love
Comiccon – Komodo 2007
Joss Stone – Tell Me What We Are Gonne Do Now
Stela – Hypnotizing Me
Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning
Kio – lmmerWenn Ich Dich Sehe
Janet Jackson – Speed lt Up
Beyonce – Get Me Bodied
Rustic – Come Go With Me
Ne Yo feat. Trinity Stone – Real Love
Ohrbooten – Bewegung
Booty Luv – Boogie 2nite
Bosshouse – A Place In Time
Smitty – Died In YourArms
Amy Winehouse – You Know Im No Good
T Rain feat. Akon – Bartender
2529 feat. Rah Digga – Sexual Healing
Dave Armstrong – Make Your Move
Hitmakers – Set Me Free
Yves Marcoux – Auf Dem Dancefloor
Squeeze Up – Who ls That Girl
Global Deejays feat. Technotronic – Get Up
OTC – The Year OfThe Cat
Naksi vs. Brunner- Somewhere overThe Rainbow
Crew 7 – Such A Shame
Lunatic DJs – Baby Love
Fedde Le Grand – Magnum
DCX- Knowing Me Knowing You
Martin Drafts – Once In A Life

You Make Me Hot…! Studio 33 The 88th Story


Manian vs. Aila – Heaven
Antares – Ride On A Meteorite
Alex M. vs. Marc Van Damme – Rock The House
Pinball – China In Your Hand
Floorburner- Clap Ya Hands
Rene Rodriguez – Alive
Milk Inc. – Sunrise
Die Frauenärzte – Für Dich
In Nomine Patris – Children
Brooklyn Bounce – Bass Beats & Melody
Mabra – Cursed Destiny
DJ Encore – You Can Walk On Water
Scooter- lmaginary Battle
NDS vs. Tom E – 2gether 4ever
Neo Cortex – Hold Me Tonight
Katie Jewels – Burnin Love
M & C feat. Rebecca Rudd – Magic Touch
Basslimit – More Than A Feeling
Cascada – Miracle
KLM Music feat. Coco Star- I Need A Miracle
Sylver- The One
Baby Alice – Mr. DJ
Dan Winter & Myth – Dare Me
Nina S feat. Luca Zeta – Calling
Gigi Alessandro – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Sandy D. – Truly Madly Deeply
Beat Camouflage – Moving Here Around
Starsplash – Cold As Ice
Micky Modelle vs. Jessy – Show Me Heaven
James Morrison – You Give Me Something
Annabell – Madchen Im Regen
Ne Yo – Put Your Hands Up
Chamillionaire feat. Slick Rick – Hip Hop Police
Mario – How Do I Breathe
Gwen Stefanie feat. Damian Marley – Now That You Got lt
Diddy feat. Mario Winands – Through The Pain
Beyonce – Green Light
USS – Rhythm Of Life
Banaroo – Ba Yonga Wamba
Elin Lanto – Money
DJ Blackskin feat. G Ya & Nate Da Great – Let The Music Play
Melissa Lujan – I Know What You Want
Jetzt Anders – Immer Und Ewig
Mark Medlock & Dieter Bohlen – You Can Get lt
Angelique Kidjo feat. Joss Stone – Gimme Shelter
Monrose – Hot Sommer
2 Raumwohnung – 36 Grad
Fungus – The Heat OfThe Sun
Disco Freaks – Take Me 2 The Sun
Funkerman & Fedde Le Grand – Wheels In Motion
4th Child – Now I Found You
Chicane – Come Tomorrow
Alex Gaudiono feat. Sam Obernik – Oue Pasa Contigo
DJ Jean – Sexy Lady
Cornell vs. The Lisa Marie Experience – Keep On Jumpin
Gabry Ponte – I Dream Of You
Angel Breeze – Listen To Your Heart
Stereo Di Roma – Such A Shame
Alex Rossi – Music Was My First Love
Snoeti – Every Breath You Take
Gunther & The Sunshine Girls – Summer Holiday
Hot Banditoz – Oue Si Oue No
Blank – Magic Happens
Y2k – I’m The One 8. Only
Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz – Zombie
Paffendorf- Its Not Over
Popgirlz – Do The Jumpstyle

Mixed With Goldfingers, Studio 33 The 89th Story


Stee Wee Bee – A Star
Raveboy – Get Up
Shaun Baker- Power
Topmodelz – Summer of69
Mypd feat. Liz – You Are Not Alone
DJ Phil – Ich Vermiss Dich
Yanou – Sun ls Shining
Bangbros – Bang Baby Bang
Timelight – Something About You
4 Clubbers feat. Sylver – Time
DJ Patjoo Com – The Riddle
Alex C – Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch Der Welt
Good Fader- Godfather Love Theme
Digital Bitches feat. Headline – Heaven
Scooter- The Question ls What ls The Question
Attention vs. 2 Men – Lucky Star
DJ Schwede – Music Box Dancer
Ronja Rebel – Love is All Over Me
Bootlicker- SummerWine
Crapman – Uh La La La
Tunnel Allstars feat. DJ Yanni – Crocket Theme
DJ The Base – The Summer ls Coming
Jose Galasteo – Enola Gay
Vibeout – Im Just More
Twenty 4 Seven – Like Flames
Liz Kay – Castles In The Sky
4 Elements – I Want You To Hold Me
Addicted Craze – Moovin
Breeze vs. Lost Wintess – Rise Again
Raveman – Tell lt To My Heart
Franky B – Loveshooter
Die Frauenärzte – Mit Gefühl
Down Low – Africa
Lil Mo feat. Jim Lones – Sometimes
Celina – Lösch Meine Nummer
Kelly Rowland feat. Snoop Dogg – Ghetto
Discobee – Someday
Azad feat. Adel Tawil – Prison Break Anthem
Rapsoul – Erste Liebe
Dante Thomas – What I Got
Enrique lglesias feat. Lil Wayne – Push
Lemon lce – Girl You Know lts True
Culcha Candela – Hamma
7 Faces – Du Redest Im Schlaf
Ken feat. Fatman Scoop – Talk 2 Me
Sha – Respect The Girls
Hana – Rhythm OfThe Night
Alison Hinds – Roll lt Gal
Deeme – In My Club
Mika – Big Girl
James Blunt – 1973
Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music
People OfKfeat. Crystal – Justified & Ancient
Jay Lumen feat. Antonia Lucas – Missing
Boogie Pimps – Then Came You
Sophie Ellis Bextor- Me & My Imagination
Magnetic – La Luna
Kate Ryan – Voyage Voyage
Basic Element – To You 2007
Michael Mind – Ride Like The Wind
Mallancia – Feel
Paul Van Dyk feat. Jessica Sutta – White Lies
DJ Ostkurve – The Wanderer
Casteam – I Dont
Ferry Corsten – The Race
Floorfilla – Italo Dancer 2007

Frosty The Mixman… Studio 33 The 90th Story

Linda O – Because The Night
Florida Inc – Quit All That Shit
Jordan – What lf
Paffendorf vs. The Real Booty Babes – Smile
Straight Flush – Let’s All Chant
Rushroom feat. Fara – Better ofAIone
Groove Coverage – Because I Love You
Bangbros – Arschgesicht
Dstyle – Gone
Dan Winter – Pump The Nation
DJ Bobo – Because Of You
Myc – Rock
Nathalie Und Kim Lucas – Change The World
Deep Spirit – You Are Makin Me High
Hampenberg – Acid Disco Plastic Electro
Rocco Und Bass T – Tell Me When
Steve Twain pres. Escape One – Upside Down
Micha Moor- Space
Akira – I Dream
Brisby & Jingles – Surrender
Sam G – Don’t You Know
Beat Bangerz feat. Beowulf- Close To You
Topmodelz – L’Esperanza 2007
DJ Lawless – Sex Toy
Astrada – Crazy For You
Booty Callers – Chasing Cars
Dirty Boys – Lick Me
89ers – The 89ers Boy
The Naughty Boyz – 9 P.M.
Break – Break
N. Bedingfleld feat. Sean Kingston – Love Likes This
Nelly – Wadsyaname
Alpha Gun feat. Muhabbet – Verbotene Liebe
Blue Lagoon – Alright
Christina Aguilera – Oh Mother
Clyde Carson – Don’t That
Chris Brown – Wail To Wall
Die Firma – Wunder
Urbanize – Liebe Kommt Aus Dem Herzen
Lemon Ice – Right Here Waiting
Nana – Love
Rapsoul – Laura
Bootyshakerz – All That The Wants
Befour – Litte Litte Love
Jennifer Lopez – Do lt Right
Maliq – Cheek To Cheek
Monrose – Strictly Physical
Fergie – Big Girl’s Dont Cry
Britney Spears – Gimme More
Ashanti – Hey Baby
Will.I.Am – I Got lt from My Mama
Christine feat. J Stylz – Lose Control
Melissa Cohee – Delicious
Sophie Ellis Bextor- Today The Suns On Us
Tomcraft feat. Xavier Naidoo – People Like Them
DJ Sammy feat. Nyah – Everybody Hurts
Mega Mania – Summer of69
Luke Francis – The Bomb
Milk & Honey – Didi
David Tavare feat. 2 Elvissa – Hot Summer Night
F Und K- Die Mit Dem Roten Halsband
Danzel – You Spin Me Round
Chris Rockford vs. Jennifer Paige – Crush
Bee Gees vs. Disco Boys – Ifl Can’t Have You
Backdraft – Hey Little Girl
Discodrive vs. Dave Kurtis – U 8. Me
Yamboo – Discotheque
Stefano Prada – Forever Young
Nicki French – Total Eclipse OfThe Heart
Bombi – Oh Mandy


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