Magic Megastars Minimix 1-6


Cascada The Remix Album Mix:

Cascada – Miracle
Cascada – Love Again
Cascada – Wouldnt lt Be Good
Cascada – Ready For Love
Cascada – One More Night
Cascada – Kids In America

Milk Inc. Supersized Mix:

Milk Inc. – Remember Fiction
Milk Inc. – Tainted Love
Milk Inc. – Run
Milk Inc. – Blind
Milk Inc. – Go To Hell
Milk Inc. – No Angel
Milk Inc. – Secret
Milk Inc. – Whisper

Floorfilla Greatest Hits Mix:

Floorfilla – Italodancer
Floorfilla – Anthem #2
Floorfilla – Anthem #3
Floorfilla – Anthem #4
Floorfilla – Sister Golden Hair
Floorfilla – Anthem #6
Floorfilla – Le Delire
Floorfilla – Anthem #5
Floorfilla – Komputermelody

Vinylshakerz Very Superior Mix:

Vinylshakerz – Shining Star
Vinylshakerz – Janelle
Vinylshakerz – Club Tropicana
Vinylshakerz – The Funk
Vinylshakerz – Daddy Cool
Vinylshakerz – At The Wasteland
Vinylshakerz – One Night In Bangkok

Monrose Temptation Mix:

Monrose – I’m Gonna Freak Ya
Monrose – Oh La La
Monrose – Do That Dance
Monrose – Even Heaven Cries
Monrose – Shame

Monrose – No Work It

Take That Beautiful World Mix:
Take That – Mancunian Way
Take That – Ain’t No Sence In Love
Take That – Hold On
Take That – Patience
Take That – Shine
Take That – Reach Out
Take That – Beautiful World

Scissor Sisters Tu Dah Mix:

Scissor Sisters – Might Tell You Tonight
Scissor Sisters – I Can’t Dance
Scissor Sisters – Lights
Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
Scissor Sisters – Everybody Want’s The Same Thing
Scissor Sisters – The Other Side
Scissor Sisters – Ooh


Master BlasterThe Greatest Hits Mix:

Master Blaster – Ballet Dancer
Master Blaster – Hands Up
Master Blaster – DiaI My Number
Master Blaster – How Old R U
Master Blaster – Hypnotic Tango
Master Blaster – Pay 4 Ur Life

Groove Coverage Best Of Box Mix:

Groove Coverage – Summer Rain
Groove Coverage – On The Radio
Groove Coverage – Let It Be
Groove Coverage – Poisen
Groove Coverage – 7 Years & 50 Days
Groove Coverage – The End

Paffendorf Planet Dance Mix:

Paffendorf- On & On
Paffendorf- La La La Girl
Paffendorf- Under My Skin
Paffendorf- Vogue
Paffendorf- Where Are You 2007
Paffendorf- Crazy Sexy Marvellous

Yoomiii Let The Music Play Mix:

Yoomiii – Show Me Love
Yoomiii – Rhythm Of Love
Yoomiii – Love Of My Life
Yoomiii – Fly Me To Heaven
Yoomiii – Whos Loving Who
Yoomiii – Superstar
Yoomiii – Let The Music Play
Yoomiii – I Can’t Get Enough

Chipz Past Present Future Mix:

Chipz – GangsterTown
Chipz – One Day When I Grow Up
Chipz – Waikiki Beach
Chipz – Studio 54
Chipz – Veni Vidi Vici
Chipz – Olympia

2Raumwohnung 36 Grad Mix:

2Raumwohnung – La La La
2Raumwohnung – Eins Zwi Drei Tschiu
2Raumwohnung – Mir Kann Nichts Passieren
2Raumwohnung – 36grad
2Raumwohnung – Besser Gehts Nicht

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Mix:

Rihanna – Say It
Rihanna – Rehab
Rihanna – Umbrella
Rihanna – Sell Me Candy
Rihanna – Lemme Get That
Rihanna – Hate That I Love You
Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad

Avril Lavigne The Best Damm Thing Mix:

Avril Lavigne – Contagious
Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend (German Version)
Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing
Avril Lavigne – I Can Do Better
Avril Lavigne – When Youre Gone
Avril Lavigne – Innocence


Cascada Perfect Day Mix:

Cascada – Perfect Day
Cascada – Sk8ter Boy
Cascada – What Dou You Want From Me
Cascada – Who Do You Think You Are
Cascada – Runaway
Cascada – What Hurts The Most
Cascada – I Will Believe It
Cascada – Hes All That
Cascada – Endless Summer
Cascada – Because The Night
Cascada – Just Like A Pill

Alex C feat Yass Euphorie Mix:

Alex C feat Yass – Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch
Alex C feat Yass – Traumfänger
Alex C feat Yass – Erdbeben
Alex C feat Yass – Euphorie
Alex C feat Yass – Sex An Der Bar
Alex C feat Yass – Doktorspiele
Alex C feat Yass – Du Bist So Porno
Alex C feat Yass – Ein Bisschen Nymphoman

Befour We Stand United Mix:

Befour – We Stand United
Befour – Space Race
Befour – Time To Dance
Befour – Zabadak
Befour – SMS
Befour – Live Your Dream
Befour – Happy Holiday

Madonna Hard Candy Mix:

Madonna – Voices
Madonna – 4 Minutes
Madonna – Miles Away
Madonna – Candy Shop
Madonna – Beat Goes On
Madonna – Heartbeat
Madonna – Spanish Lesson
Madonna – Shes Not Me

Mariah Carey E = Mc2 Mix:

Mariah Carey – Love Story
Mariah Carey – I Stay In Love
Mariah Carey – Last Kiss
Mariah Carey – Thanx For Nothin’
Mariah Carey – Bye Bye
Mariah Carey – For The Record
Mariah Carey – Touch My Body
Mariah Carey – Migrate

Leona Lewis Spirit Mix:

Leona Lewis – Take A Bow
Leona Lewis – I Will Be
Leona Lewis – The Best You Never Had
Leona Lewis – Better In Time
Leona Lewis – Angel
Leona Lewis – Whatever It Takes
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love


Scooter Jumping Megamix:

Scooter – Jumping All Over The World
Scooter – Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
Scooter – See Me Feel Me
Scooter – And No Matches
Scooter – Whistling Dave
Scooter – The Hardcore Massive
Scooter – Enola Gay
Scooter – Hello (Good To Be Back)
Scooter – One (Always Hardcore)
Scooter – I’m Lonely
Scooter – The Logical Song
Scooter – Neverending Story
Scooter – Apache Rocks The Bottom
Scooter – Maria (I Like lt Loud)
Scooter – Scarborough Affair
Scooter – The Ouestion Is What Is The Question
Scooter – Nessaja
Scooter – Weekend

Topmodelz Time 2 Rock Mix:

Topmodelz – Living On A Prayer
Topmodelz – Summer Of59
Topmodelz – Your Love
Topmodelz – We’re Going On Down
Topmodelz – Strings Oflnfinity
Topmodelz – Lesperanza
Topmodelz – Heartbeat
Topmodelz – I Think Were Alone Now
Topmodelz – When You’re Looking Like That
Topmodelz – Have You Ever Been MeIIow

Milk Inc. Forever Mix:

Milk Inc. – Live Her Life
Milk Inc. – Summer Rain
Milk Inc. – Guilty
Milk Inc. – Forever
Milk Inc. – Tonight
Milk Inc. – Sunrise

Kate Ryan Free Mix:

Kate Ryan – Elle Elle La
Kate Ryan – Toute Premiere Fois
Kate Ryan – L.I.L.Y
Kate Ryan – Take Me Down
Kate Ryan – Tes Yeux
Kate Ryan – I Surrender
Kate Ryan – Pour Ouel Amour
Kate Ryan – Voyage Voyage

Kate Perry One Of The Boys Mix:

Kate Perry – I Kissed A GirI
Kate Perry – Hot ‘N’ Cold
Kate Perry – Self Inflicted
Kate Perry – Waking Up In Vegas
Kate Perry – If You Can Afford Me
Kate Perry – One Of The Boys

AC/DC Black Ice Mix:

AC/DC – Rock ‘N’ Roll Train
AC/DC – Anything Goes
AC/DC – Spoiling For A Fight
AC/DC – Rock’n All The Way
AC/DC – Big Jack
AC/DC – War Machine


Aquagen So Far So Good Mix:

Aquagen – Ihr Seid So Leise
Aquagen – Destination Dance
Aquagen – Funky Flow
Aquagen – Phatt Bass
Aquagen – Rock The Disco
Aquagen – Girl
Aquagen – Tanz FiJr Mich
Aquagen – Partyalarm
Aquagen – 3,2,1 Feiern
Aquagen – Die Macht Der Nacht
Aquagen – Summer ls Calling

2 Vibez Just 4 You Mix:

2 Vibez – I Believe
2 Vibez – Love Is Hard
2 Vibez – Love Will Rise Again
2 Vibez – All I Wanna Do
2 Vibez – The Night Is Mine
2 Vibez – Trouble
2 Vibez – You Wanted Love
2 Vibez – Always Be Mine
2 Vibez – Just 4 You

Befour Friends 4 Ever Mix:

Befour – Ding-A-Dong
Befour – Message Of Freedom
Befour – Happy People
Befour – Mystery
Befour – Disco
Befour – Friends 4 Ever
Befour – No Limit
Befour – HearThe Countdown Call

Alcazar Disco Defenders Mix:

Alcazar – This Is The World We Live In
Alcazar – Start The Fire
Alcazar – Burning
Alcazar – Physical
Alcazar – We Keep On Rocking
Alcazar – Crying At The Discoteque

Lady Gaga The Fame Mix:

Lady Gaga – Just Dance
Lady Gaga – Money Honey
Lady Gaga – Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
Lady Gaga – I Like It Rought
Lady Gaga – Poker Face
Lady Gaga – Boys Boys Boys
Lady Gaga – The Fame
Lady Gaga – Love Game

Britney Spears Circus Mix:

Britney Spears – Circus
Britney Spears – Lace & Leather
Britney Spears – Phonography
Britney Spears – Shattered Glass
Britney Spears – Kill The Lights
Britney Spears – Radar
Britney Spears – Mannequin
Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy
Britney Spears – Womanizer

Cassandra Steen Darum Leben Wir Mix:

Cassandra Steen – Darum Leben Wir
Cassandra Steen – Glaub Ihnen Kein Wort
Cassandra Steen – Es lst Wahr
Cassandra Steen – Stadt
Cassandra Steen – Unendlich


Scooter Under The Radar Over The Top Mix:

Scooter – Stealth
Scooter – Jadore Hardcore
Scooter – Stuck On Replay
Scooter – Bit A Bad Boy
Scooter – Where The Beats
Scooter – See Your Smile
Scooter – The Sound Above My Hair
Scooter – Clic Clac
Scooter – Ti Sento

Bangbros Yes We Bang Mix:

Bangbros – Die Große Überfahrt Der MS Bangbros
Bangbros – Holla Die Nachtfee
Bangbros – Komm Trink Mit Mir
Bangbros – Happy Hour
Bangbros – Highflyer
Bangbros – Mein Freund Vinyl Ist Tot
Bangbros – Da Geht Er Hoch
Bangbros – Bang Of Amererica
Bangbros – Eins Zwei Polizei

Cascada Evacuate The Dancefloor Mix:

Cascada – Fever
Cascada – Why You Had To Leave
Cascada – Everytime I Hear Your Name
Cascada – Faded
Cascada – Hold On
Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor
Cascada – Ready Or Not
Cascada – Dangerous
Cascada – What About Me

Basshunter Bass Generation Mix:

Basshunter – Dont Walk Away
Basshunter – Flame To Spain
Basshunter – Can You
Basshunter – Why I Will Learn To Love Again
Basshunter – Day & Night
Basshunter – I Know You Know
Basshunter – Every Morning
Basshunter – I Promised Myself

No Angels Welcome To The Dance Mix:

No Angels – Up Against The World
No Angels – Stop
No Angels – Welcome To The Dance
No Angels – Down Boy
No Angels – Dance Ahollie
No Angels – One Life

Robbie Williams Reality Killed The Video Star Mix:

Robbie Williams – Do You Mind
Robbie Williams – Last Days Of Disco
Robbie Williams – Difficult To Weirdos
Robbie Williams – Starstrock
Robbie Williams – Bodies

Westernhagen Williamsburg Mix:

Westernhagen – Mit Beiden Füßen Auf Dem Boden
Westernhagen – Zu Lang Allein
Westernhagen – Aus Dir Mutter
Westernhagen – Schinderbannes
Westernhagen – Komm Schon
Westernhagen – Hey Hey







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