Beat-Mix Eurodance 1-5


Ice Mc – It’s A Rainy Day
Captain Hollywood – Impossible
Black & White – Do You Know
Fun Factory – Close To You
Shanana – Wigwam
Wienna – Angela
La Bouche – Be My Lover
JK – My Radio
Ice Mc – Give Me The Light
Activate – Save Me
Me Sar – Run Away
Loft – Your Live Is Magic
Bandido – Love For Sale
Master Mood – Better 4 You
Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night
Love Message – Love Message
Ian Lex – I Believe In Love
DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
Po.Lo – I Want You
Da Blitz – Let Me Be
Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain
Penelope – Take A Chance
Masterboy – Is This The Love
Antares – Ride On A Meteorite
Bandido – Vamos Amigos
Pharao – I Show You Secrets
Mr. John – Get It On
First Base – Love Paradise
Taleesa – Let Me Be
Stanley Foort – Your Make Me Believe In Magic
Jesse Lee Davis – Like A Flame
Lagic Beat – I Wanna Cry
Playahitty – 123 Train with Me
Da Blitz – Movin On
Whigfield – Saturday Night
Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight
Double You – Run To Me
Usura – Open Your Mind
Corona – Try Me Out
Fun 2 U – My Little Flower
Maxx – Get Away
Amadin – You Make Me Feel Alright
Loft – Hold On
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Never Alone
Savage – Don’t You Want Me
Playahitty – The Summer Is Magic
Le Click – Tonight Is The Night
Ondina – Into The Night
Sash – Stay
Unit – Move Your Body
Black Rose – Melody
Me & My – Dub I Dub
Venus & Marc – Xummertime
General Base – Base Of Love
Den Harrow – I Feel You
Maxx – No More
CB Milton – It’s A Loving Thing
Loft – Mallorca
Texture – Over The Night
Netzwerk – Memories
Alexia – Number One


Ice Mc – Think About The Way
Corona – Baby Baby
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams
Estrella – Come To Me
Captian Hollywood – Love & Pain
Netzwerk – Passion
Dr. Alban – Let The Beat Go On
Two Cowboys – Everybody Gonfi-Gon
Housecream – Get Me Into Your Heart
Maxx – No More
Activate – Let The Rhythm Take Control
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
Ken Laszio – What A Lonely Night
Double You – Because Im Loving You
Fun Factory – Take Your Chance
DJ Bobo – Let The Dream Come True
Orange Blue – If You Wanna Be My Only
Mr. John – It’s Not Too Late
Housecream – You Danger
Robin – Juliet
Darkness – In My Dreams
Odyssey – Riding On A Train
Bandido – Vamos Amigos
2 Unlimited – No Limits
General Base – Poison
Unlimited Nation – Move Your Body
Alexia – The Summer Is Crazy
Magic Affair – In The Middle Of The Night
Aqua – Roses Are Red
Teleesa – I Found Luv
Sandy – Bad Boy
Da Blitz – Movin On
Netzwerk – Memories
Samira – When I Look Into Your Eyes
3-O-Matic – Success
Jamie Dee – So Good
TH Express – Missing In The Rain
Dr. Bombay – Calcutta
Basic Element – This Must Be A Dream
Dane – Mystery Girl
Digilove – Touch Me
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – The Colour Of My Dreams
Jennifer – Da Dee Da
Texture – Power Of Love
Sash – Mysterios Love
Gibson Brothers – Cuba
Blue System – Laila
Ian Lex – Let Me Take Your Love
Culture Beat – Got To Get It
Savage – Only You
Loft – Hold On
Shazam – No Guarantee
Fun Factory – Do Wah Diddy
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Dreams
Major T – Keep The Frequenzy Clear
Intermission – Piece Of My Heart
TF 99 – Everybody Love
Twenty 4 Seven – Take Me Away
Miranda – Vamos A La Playa
Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – Happy People
Haddaway – Life
Stanley Foort – Heaven Is Here
Hit The Floor – Energizer
Mc Sar & The Real McCoy – Another Night


Absolom – The 90s
Alexia – Me & You
Ken Laszio & Jenny – For A Day
DJ Bobo – Freedom
Rimini Project – Wake Up
The Free – Lover On The Line
Masterboy – Show Me Colours
Afisha – Secret Of The Night
Jam & Spoon – Right In The Night
Direct 2 Danec – Burning Up
Dr. Alban – Le The Beat Go On
Capella – U Got 2 Let The Music
Daze – Superhero Lover
X-Fader – Here We Are
Ice MC – Dark Night Rider
Caught In The Act – Love Is Everywhere
Playahitty – I Love The Sun
Masterboy – I Got To Give It Up
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
SAY – Music Takes You Higher
Double You – Part Time Lover
Aqua – My Oh My
TH Express – Im On Your Side
Da Blitz – Stay with Me
Mr. President – Up ‚N‘ Away
Eclipse – Let The Rhythm Move You
Radiorama – Cause The Night
Shalima – Don’t Let Me Go
Reggy O – Move My Body
Jhava – Don’t Tell Me Lies
Dance 4 Color – More Of The Hot Stuff
Intermission – Six Days
DJ Bobo – Pray
Echo Bass – Gotta Dance with The Music
TH Express – Missing In The Rain
Barcode – Gotta Get A Moving
Sirius – This Is My Life
Cheyenne – Money Man
Marissa – The Power Of Love
Dante – Flying Away
Joymania – Touch Your Bum
Rimini Project – Sounds Good
2 Unlimited – No Limits
Chumi DJ – If You Cant Give Me Love
Pharao – There Is A Star
Dane – Mystery Girl
Skyline – Dream In The Night
Groovekult – Midnight Dream
Centory – Take It To The Limit
Magic Affair – Energy Of Light
Mr. President – Gonna Get Along
Fun Factory – Pain
Double You – Dancing with An Angel
Captain Jack – Captain Jack
Blue Heart – Singin Im Happy
T-Zone – Don’t Let Me
Dianas – All I Need Is Love
Free – Dance The Night Away
Get Wet – Something Unreal
Maradscha – Cuckoo For Your Love


MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Automatic Lover
Capella – Move On Baby
Le Click – Show Me
Kate Project – You Can
Wienna – In The Name Of Love
MAD – I Think Of You
Masterboy – Get It On
Morgana – When I Dream Of You
Blue System – Laila
HAD – Spirit Of The Night
Axel Force meets Radiorama – Nothing Can Keep Me from You
Orlando – Easy Lover
Nevada – Take Me To Heaven
Solid Base – Come & Get Me
Capital Sound – Feel The Rhythm
Emotions – Feeling Emotions
Miss Papaya – Hero
Sin with Sebastian – Shut Up (And Sleep with Me)
Soundlovers – Flow
K2 – Der Berg Ruft
Blizzard – It’s Only Love
Supertrip – Dolve Vita
E-Rotic – Max Don’t Have Sex with Your Ex
Trey D. – Higher & Higher
J.K. – You & I
Magic Force – Body & Soul
Afrika Bambaataa – Feel The Vibe
X-Pression – This Is Our Night
Solid Base – This Is How We Do It
Sex Appeal – Voulez Vous Choucher Avec Moi
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – It’s On You
Antares – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Culture Beat – Anything
Ma Radscha – Right Now
Radiorama – Like An Angel
Raul Soto – We All Need Love
Blizzard – Living In The Night
Fun Factory – Prove Your Love
Eject – Love Me Inside Out
DJ Company – Rhythm Of Love
Aladino & Sandy – Stay with Me
Indiana – Together Again
Morgana – Colours Of My Dream
Varaderos – I Like It
Mr. President – I’ll Follow The Sun
Tiggy – Daddy Boom
Radiorama – More Time
Quasimodo – All I Want Is You
Fun Factory – Groove Me
Le Click – Call Me
Radiorama – Ninna Ninna Oh
Mary Jay – Hey Call Me Now
Many More – Dream On
La Bionda – Eeah Dada
Morgana – The Miracle Of Love
Kymelle – Show That Body Baby
Dr. Alban – Look Who’s Talking
2 Raff – Don’t Stop The Music
DJ Bobo – Take Control
Ice MC – Run For Cover


Beat System – Stay With Me
Radiorama – Beautiful Man
Odyssey – Talk To Me
Orlando – Wasting Water
Fun Factory – All For You
Ken Lazlo – When I Fall In Love
Solid Base – In Your Dreams
Magic Affair – Carry On
Aqua – Calling You
MAD – Living In A Dream
Estrella – Never Be Lonely
Radiorama – Danger
Taleesa – I Found Luv
La Cream – You
Solid Base – Mirror Mirror
Jinny – Wanna Be With You
Ken Lazlo – Love Things
Euphoric – Teach Me How To Live
2 Unlimited – Be Free Tonight
Twenty Four Seven – Keep On Trying
Beach Party – Night To Remember
Wienna – Only You
Radiorama – Little Bird
Urgent C – Wish You Were Here
Dancefloor Syndroma – Can´t See You
Logic Beat – I Wanna Cry
Angelina – The Power Of Love
E-Rotic – Angels Night
E-Type – Russian Lullaby
Captain Hollywood – Flying High
Miquel Serna – Over You
Two Powers – Tireltown In The Rain
Elektra – Dancing Through The Night
Pharao – World Of Magic
Orion – Dreamlover
Captain Hollywood – Find Another Day
Captain Hollywood – More & More
Candy Beat – Saxy
Haddaway – What Is Love
Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
Passion Fruit – The Rigga Ding Dong Song
Wienna – Looking For Love
Captain Hollywood – Only With You
Unique II – Dance All Night
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Garcia – Varmonos
Heart Attack – Get Me Going
Carona – Magic Touch
K. Da Cruz – New High Energy
3-O Matic – All I Want Is You
Paradiso – Bailando
Lady Violet – Inside To Outside
Radiorama – Di Da Di
Morgana – Now And Ever
Future Beat – Faith The Night
Morgana – Feel The Night Away
Beat System – Dance Romance
Zoorn – This Must Be Love
Solid Base – C´est La Vie
Mash – Music Is Playing So Loud
Abigall – Don´t You Wanna Know
Academia – Dance To The Music
Arena – Fly Away
Wienna – Fu-Te-Re
Ice MC – Never Stop Believing
The Free – Born Crazy
Indra – We Belong Together
Sarnira – Love Train
Devotion – Fading Away






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