Happy Records – Schlumpfen-Mix

Schlumpf Dance Mix One:

Playahitty – 1-2-3 (Train with Me)
Pearl – Summer Holiday
Perfect Image – Make Love In Liberty
Damage Control – Trust
Masterboy – Generation Of Love
Scatman John – Scatman’s World
Jam Tronik – Wish You Were Here
Natascha Wright – Say You Think Of Me
Penelope – Take A Chance
Bass Bumpers – Keep On Pushing
Stanley Foort – Find Your Anyway
Nina – Unitil All Your Dreams Com True

Schlumpf Dance Mix Two:

Po-Lo – I Want You
Double You – Dancing with An Angel
U.S.U.R.A. / Datura – Infinity
Prezioso – Don’t Stop
Taleesa – Burning Up
General Base – I See You (Remix)
Mauro Pilato & Max Mone Gam Gam – Cla Clap
Mato Grosso – Moni

Schlumpf Techno Mix:

Techno Schlümpfe Minimix


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