Happy Records – Dancefloor-Mix 6-10


Dancefloor Mix 6:

Stanley Food – You Make Me Believe In Magic (Remix)
Unlimited Nation – Move On
Crazy Moon – Everbody Get On
Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain
Delegation – Wanna Be A Winner
Me & My – Magic Love
Love Message – Love Message (Dub Mix)
T.H. Express – Missing In The Rain
Captain Jack – Drill Instructor
Sensity World – Get It Up ’96
Sex Appeal – Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi
Cosmic feat. Ernie & Friends – Mah Na Mah Na Ba-Dee-Bee-Dee-Bee
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Stomp
House Arrest – House Arrest
Slam – Crazy


2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Fairytales
Datura – Angeli Domini
Z 100 – Enon Finisce Qui
Tiny Tot – Discoland
Rexanthony – Polaris Dream
KK – I Can’t Stand
Double You – Because Loving You (Frankfurt Mix)

Italian Dance Classics Vol. II:

Anticapella feat. McFixx It – Move Your Body
Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight
Space Tribe – Better Be Alright
DJ Bobo – Take Control
Cybernetica – I Wanna Be with You

Double Special Bonustrack:

Delegation – You & I
Beat System – Fresh


Dancefloor Mix 7:

Gina G – Ooh, Aah, Just A Little Bit
Rebeca – Corazon, Corazon
Magia Vision feat. Soccer – Na, Na, Hey, Hey (Goodbye)
Me & My – Lion Eddie
Ice MC – Give Me The Light
Passpar 2 feat. Sydney Fresh & MC J – My Fantasy
Alexia – Summer Is Crazy
Voice – Dance with Me
No Mery – Where Do You Go
Magic Affair – World Of Freedom
Heinz Erhardt & Cinematic – Die Made
Sqeezer – Blue Jeans
Promise – The Promise

Greatest Hits Party Mix:

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Bliss Team – Make My Cry
Taleesa – Let Me Be
Moby – Everytime You Touch Me
World Inside feat. DJ Panda
Moratto – Warriors
DJ Cerla & Moratto – Wonder
Exit Way – Welcome To The Future

Spanish Classic Cut Incl. The Hits:

Sebastian – Shut Up
Whigfield – Last Christmas (Joke)
Trance – Stayin’ Alive
Beat & Peter – V.A.N.G.
Viva – Nirvana
2 In A Room – Ahora (Now)
Molella feat. The Outhere Brothers – If You Wanna Party
New Limit – Scream
Andy – Boombastic
Generis – Dreams

Double Special Bonustrack:

Whigfield – Sexy Eyes (Special Extended Remix)
S’Express – S’Express The Return Trip (Remix ’96)


Dancefloor Mix 8:

Garcia – Vamonos (Hey Chico Are You Ready)
Culture Beat – Take Me Away (Remix)
E-Rotic – Angel’s Night
Captain Hollywood – Love & Pain
Ice MC – Never Stop Believing
Robert Miles – Fable
K. Da Cruz – I’m On Fire
Blizzard – Without You
Me & My – Show Your Love
Bananarama – Take Me To Your Heart
Real Hype – Train Of Love
LTD. Express – Bring Me Up
Ice MC – Music For Money


Los De Rio – Macarena (Remix)
Beat System – Fresh
Whigfield – Sexy Eyes
2 Unlimited – Spread Your Love
Zhi-Vago – Celebrate The Love
Paradisio – Bailando
Me & My – Lion Eddie
Garden Eden – Lemon Tree (Remix)
Captain Jack – Drill Instructor

E-Rotic The Power Of Sex Megamix:

E-Rotic – Willy Use A Billy-Boy
E-Rotic – Angel’s Night
E-Rotic – Willy Use A Billy-Boy
E-Rotic – Ecstasy
E-Rotic – Why
E-Rotic – Fritz Love My Tits
E-Rotic – Why

Bonustrack Top Hit from Spain:

The Horney Hombres – When I Go To Spain… (The Paella Song)


Dancefloor Mix 9:

Magic Affair – No Escape
Twenty 4 Seven – We Are The World
Zhi-Vago – Dreamer
Playahitty – I Love The Sun
Paradisio – Bailando
Capella – Turn It Up & Down
Magik Force – Body & Soul
TH Express – Love 4 Liberty
DJ Lorenzo – Ritmo DeLa Noche (Rap)
Pearl – Kssing Like A Virgin
Mr. President – I Give You my Heart
Ice MC – Music For Money
Outta Control – One Of Us (Dance Version)


S’Express – Theme from S’Express
DJ Dado – The X Files (Remix)
Technotronic – Crazy
Double Vision – Knockin’
La Bouche – I Love To Love (Special Euro Remix)
Masterboy – Anybody
2 Fabiola – Lift U Up
Captain Jack – Captain Jack

Italo Classics Collection:

Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Re-Remix)
CB Milton – It’s A Loving Thing
Double You – Run To Me
Usura – Drive Me Crazy
The Outhere Brothers – Pass The Toilet Paper


Masterboy – Mister Feeling (Mallorca Mix)


Dancefloor Mix 10:

Robin – Juliet (Remix)
Scanners – All I Want
Magic Affair – Break These Chains
Logic Beat – I Wanna Cry (Remix)
Culture Beat – We Walk The Same Line
Amber – This Is Your Night
Sqeezer – Sweet Kisses
DJ Bobo – Pray
DJ Phantasma – Sing Another Love Song
Captain Jack – Little Boy
Black Rose – If I Could Only Be with You
Mark ‘Oh – Fade To Grey (Remix)
Scooter – I’m Raving

Dancehouse Mix:

Livin’ Joy – Don’t Stop Moving
Fugitives – Fu-Gee-La (Dance Version)
Nina – Can’t Stop This Feeling
Third World – Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Tanya Louise – Deep In You
Nightcrawlers – Let’s Push It
Captain Hollywood – Over & Over
E-Sensual – You Should Be Dancing
Quadran – Eternally
BBE – Seven Days & One Week

Italian Dance Classics:

Fargetta – Midnight
Carol Bailey – Fever
X-Static feat. Long Leg – Move Me Up
Sandy – Bad Boy
Alexia – Me & You
KC Flight – Bang! (Fargetta Remix)
Los Locos – El Tiburon
20 Fingers feat. Katrina – Sex Machine


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