Xtended 80 – Non Stop Dance Mix 39

Whistle – Just Buggin (Peter Slaghuis Remix)
Paul Hardcastle – Don’t Waste My Time (New Extended Version)
Radiorama – Fire (Extended Swedish Remix)
Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix)
Italian Boys – Gigolo (U.S.Remix)
Plastic Mode – Mi Amor (US Remix)
The Maxx – (The Biggest Illegal Export) Cocaine (Acid Mix)
Savage – Only You (Remix)
Den Harrow – Bad Boy (Remix)
Richenel – Turn My Page (Hithouse Remix)
Lee Marrow – Shanghai (Remix)
Dayl – Double Action (Extended Version)
Valerie Dore – The Night (Special Re-Mix)
Harlequin Four’s – Set It Off (Remix)
Awesome Foursome – Funky Breakdown
Yvan Markewitch – Stalingrad (Remix)
Curacao – Yiasou (Special Russian Mix)
Planet Patrol – Danger Zone (Remix)
The Koola News – Don’t – Let Go! (Midnight Dance Mix)


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