AstroMix/DJ 7Up – EuroBeat Experience 1-7


Floorfilla – Anthem #3
Floorfilla – ItaloDancer
ATC – Around The World
Hanna – Breathless
Lady Violet – Beautiful World
Lady Violet – Calling Your Name
Carolina Marquez – Bisex Alarm
Re-Flex – Ubap
Tama – Get Up + Dance
K.K. Project – Everything Counts
Anti-Funky – Yo Deejay
Bamble B. – Coming Through The Light
Daddy DJ – Daddy DJ
Gigi D’Agostino – L’Amour Toujours (I’ll Fly with You)
Cezar – I Want To (Oh-Ah)
Warp Brothers – We Will Survive
Dr. Muffdiver – Pussy Pussy
Hampton The Hamster – The Hamster Dance Song
Real McCoy – It’s On You
DJ Jean vs. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free At The Launch
Gigi D’Agostino – Bla Bla Bla
Smiles + More – Jet Set Life
DJ Valium – Go Right For
Floorfilla – Anthem 2
Lock ‘N’ Load – House Some More
Rollergirl – Luv U More
Perfect Phase – Horny Horns (It’s Party Time)
Floor Killer – Dancefloor Killer
Prima Donna feat. Linda Scott – Why Haven’t I Told You
Cosmic Gate – Exploration Of Space
Mario Pui – Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone)
ZE Express feat. Caprice – Reach Out
Carolina Marquez – Bisex Alarm
Milk Inc. – In My Eyes
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Rock The Discothek
Sylver – Skin
Barthezz – On The Move


ATB – ATB Megamix
French Affair – My Heart Goes Boom
Nu Romantix feat. DJ John Bora – Mad World
Gigi D’Agostino – Elisir (Your Love)
Junior Jack – My Feeling
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Tell Me Why
Flexter – You Turn Me On
Tempo feat. Manola – Everybody Get Up
Ricky Trauma pres. Naive – My Destiny
ATC – My Heart Beat Like A Drum
Ratty – Living On Video
Lady Violet – Beautiful World
Voice 2 Voice – Stop
JK – You Got Me Dancing
Carolina Marquez – Bisex Alarm
Floorfilla – Anthem #3
Erika – Relations
Bamble B. – Crime Of Passion
Floorfilla – Anthem #4
2 Evissa – I Wanna Be Your Toy
Diana Fox – Running On Empty
SM-Trax – Show Me Something Special
Magic Box – Carillon
Aquagen – You Are So Quiet (Outro)


Micky + Danielli – Gloria
Red Racing – Strike
Hanna – Breathless
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Emergency 911
Floortilla – ItaloDancer
Billy More – Up + Down
ATC – So Magical
DJ Picollo – Living On Video
La Bionda – Eeah Da Da
Unabomber – Simple Text
Solid Base – I Like It
Yamboo – Kalinka
A-Teens – Mamma Mia
CRW feat. Veronika – After The Rain
Daddy DJ – Daddy DJ
Bamble B. – Coming Through The Light
Gigi D’Agostino – L’Amour Toujours (I’ll Fly with You)
Daddy DJ – The Girl In Red
Mabel – Bum Bum
Superstring – Liberate Yourself
Sylver – Turn The Tide
Hammer House – The Jumper


QC – Steady
Floortilla – Jump India!
Episode – Di Da Di
Greta – Time To Play
Floor Killer – Dancefloor Killer
Alice Deejay – Celebrate Our Love
BS – Gonna Get You
DJ Dozer + Palermo – Musik
Wienna – Tell Me What To Do
Rimini Project – Sounds Good
Rimini Project – Moving Around
Kate Ryan – Scream For More
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Gimme A Beat
Vengaboys – Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine)
Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha – Castles In The Sky
Fragma – You Are Alive
Rabanne – Bye Bye
Vengaboys – Take Me To The City
Plaything – Into Space
Shaun Baker – Somebody
Kikka – S.O.S.
Brooklyn Bounce – Born To Bounce
Chicks On Speed vs. Malaria – Kaltes Klares Wasser
Modern Talking – Win The Race
Danny Wild +Jason King – The Song
OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down
Rewinder vs. Rockstar – Pro-Gen (Move Any Mountain)
CRW feat. Veronika – After The Rain
Floortilla – ItaloDancer
Ricky Trauma pres. Naive – My Destiny
Yamboo – Fiesta De La Noche
Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle
Ann Lee – 2 Times
Loona – Bailando
Bellini – Samba De Janeiro
Whigfield – Saturday Night
Voice 2 Voice – Stop
JK – You Got Me Dancing
Consilio – I Believe In You
Carolina Marquez – Bisex Alarm
Peach – Anywhere
Eiffel 65 – Back In Time
Re-Flex – Ubap
DJ Bee – Get Your Car
Solid Base – I Like It
Admiral Warp – Dance To The House
Molella – Discotek People
Erika – Relations


Floorfilla/DJ Cerla – Enter The Arena
Floorfilla/DJ Cerla – Anthem #2
The Soundlovers – Abracadabra
Diana Fox – Running On Empty
Cezar – I Want To (Oh-Ah)
Prezioso – Bonjour
Fragma – You Are Alive
Missing Hearts – Heart Of Fire
Qu-Zar – Pleasure
Supercop – Run Run Baby
Magic Box – Carillon
Jimmy Gomma – My House
E-Type – Life
In Full Color – Into My Life
Floorfilla/DJ Cerla – Hypno
Kamel – The Dancefloor
Martin Eyerer – Euphoria
Dance Nation – Sunshine
Floorfilla/DJ Cerla – Anthem #5
Hammer House – The Jumper
Airy – Just For Tonight
E-Rotic – Tempt Me On The Line
XPY – Left Right
DJ Sammy + Yanou feat. Do – Heaven
Greta – Time To Play
Plaything – Into Space
Plaything – Electronik
E-Rotic – Baby Please Stop
Sylver – Forgiven


S.M.S feat. REHB – La Vie C’est Fantastique
Kasper – Magical Girl
Floorfilla – TR (Technoromance)
NoName – Off
Admiral Warp – Dance To The House
Gigi D’Agostino – L’Amour Toujours(I’ll Fly with You)
Underfish – Carico
Floorfilla – Jump India!
Lady Violet – No Way No Time
Jimmy Gomma – Funky Beat
DJ RPM – Bring That Beat (Shimmy Shake)
Infernal – Muzaik
Bang Gang – I Like To Move It
Nicole Brand – Remember Me
Eden – Perfect World
Missing Hearts – Hearts Of Ice
Killer K – Get On The Move
Akyra – Here Comes The Rain Again
Carolina Marquez – Dancent Avec Moi
Darude – Out Of Control (Back For More)
Dominoo – My Hero
In Full Color – Into My Life
Infinity – Naked In The Rain
Elba – Amore
Sylver – Forever In Love
Dance Nation – Sunshine
666 – Supadupafly
Perfect Phase – Horny Horns (It’s Party Time)
Aylin – Viva The Love
Hampenberg – Duck Toy
Toy-Box – http://www.Girl
Starfunk – Stupid Games
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Living In Cyberspace
Markus – Electronik
IT Girls – My Heart It Feels Like…Dub Dub
Smallteens feat. Tzigano – I Believe In Love
Caramell – Vad Heter Du?
L.I.N.K. feat. Johnny B. – Living Without You

Track 1: DJ 7Up

Janardana – I.0.U. (Extended Mix)
Millane Fernandez – I Miss You (Dam Dubi Dam) (Extended Jump For Joy Mix)
Safri Duo feat. Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom (Extended Mix)
Masterboy – Ride Like The Wind (Radio Mix)
DJ Tomcat feat. Inessa – San Francisco (Dance Edit)
Naive – Looking 4 Happiness (Pooper Scooper Extended Mix)
Knick Knack – Come Back To Me (Pooper Scooper Remix)
STG 77 – You’re In The Army Now (Extended Mix)
Amy + Nelly DJ – My Song (Radio Mix)
The Soundlovers – Living In Your Head (Radio Mix)
Safri Duo feat. Steve Winwood – Higher Love (DJ Mastermix Remix)
John Otti Band – Bette Davis Eyes (DJ 7Up Faster Mix)
DJ Piccolo – If You Really Love Me (Club Mix)
Eiffel 65 feat. Franco Battiato – 80’s Stars (Extended Mix)
ll0 – Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) (Radio Mix)
Barcode Brothers – SMS (Radio Mix)
Rimini Project – Wake Up (DJ Base Remix)
S.H.E. – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Club Mix)
T-Seven – Passion (Club Mix)

Track 2: MC Productions

Lady Violet – Inside To Outside (Extended Mix)
Barcode Brothers – SMS (Club Mix)
Caramell – Vad Heter Du? (Extended Mix)
Carol – Feeling (Extended Mix)
Bikini – Don’t Look Back (Wave Club Mix)
E-Type feat. Nana – Time
Lady Violet – Calling Your Name (Extended Mix)


Track 1: DJ 7Up

Metallic Glide – Groove Cut (Hiney Ma Tov Mix)
Lady Bouncer- Dirty Mary (Gabry Ponte Power Mix)
Datura feat. Ben – Will Be One (Todos En Todos Extended Mix)
Amy & Nelly DJ – My Generation (Hulalala) (Gabry Ponte Power Mix)
X-One – Wet Wet Wet (Living Room Remix)
Mox feat. Son – I’ll Be Alone (Extended Vocal Mix)
Boys & Girls – Down Down Down (Radio Mix)
Tamara – Over & Over (Radio Edit)
7-Eleven – Let Go (DJ 7Up Extended Mix)
Toy-Box – http://www.Girl (Radio Edit)
DJ Aligator feat. Christina Undhjem – Dreams (Original Mix)
MC Ya – Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Original Mix)
Atomic Kitten – It’s OK (Almighty Club Mix)
A-Europa – Belie Nebesa (DJ Peet Remix)
French Affair – I Like That (Extended Club Mix)
RuPaul vs. Gitta – You’re No Lady (Radio Edit)
Avenue 69 – Love Me 4Ever (Dance Extended Mix)
Gabry Ponte – Got To Get (Don Don) (Morefloor Remix)
Eiffel 65 feat. Franco Battiato – 80’s Stars (Gabry Ponte Power Mix)
S.M.S feat. REHB – Amour Bijoux Bijoux (Darkness Mix)
The Witch – Please Don’t Touch Me (Extended Mix)
Lola Williams – Because The Night (DJ 7Up Dance Mix)
Lohen & Lomax – Perfect Harmony (K@K Club Mix)
Princess Paragon – Kiss The Rain (Rainbow Mix)
Da Buzz – Let Me Love You (UltiMix)
Mabel – The Shower (M.T.J. Water Extended Mix)
DJ Melody – I Like Chopin (Club Mix)
DJ Max feat. Hellen – People Get Ready (M.A.D.R.A.S. Extended Mix)
DJ Ross – Dreamland (Extended Party Mix)

DJ Base Basic Element Mix:

Basic Element – Secret Love
Basic Element – The Ride
Basic Element – Life In Vain
Basic Element – Meant To Be
Basic Element – Deep Down
Basic Element – The Fiddle
Basic Element – Strike It Up
Basic Element – Love 4 Real


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