Mr. G – Penthouse Session 1&2

Mr. G – Penthouse Session 1

The Yorkers – Ohne Dich
Eddy Wata – La Bomba
Beatheadz – Razzia (Hände Hoch)
Botatoheads – Narcotic
Fun Brothers – Summer Dreaming
Airheadz – Stanlay
Aquagen feat. Rozella – Everybodys Free
Alex Megane – Hurricane
Tune Up! vs. Italobrothers – Colours Of The Rainbow
Base Attack – Technorocker
Gabry Ponte – Time To Rock
MC Dominator – Boom Boom Jam

Mr. G – Penthouse Session 2

Run DMC feat. Aerosmith – Walk This Way
C & C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
M.C. Sar & the real McCoy – It’s On You
MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This
Shannon – Let The Music Play
Freestyle – Don’ Stop The Rock
Deb – When I Hear Music
Afrika Bambataa – Planet Rock
Tony Garcia feat. Lil Suzy – Take Me In Your Arms
Lil Suzy – Promise Me
Five Of Ten – If You Want My Love
Body Base – Desire
Johnny O. – Runaway Love
The Officer – Cry



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