Power Mixx 08

Power Year Mix:

Culture Beat – Inside Out
La Bouche – Be My Lover
Corona – Baby Baby
Whigfield – Another Day
DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
Masterboy – Anybody
2 Unlimited – Here I Go
Adam – Zombie
Cabballero – Hymn
Haddaway – Fly Away
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Can’t Love You
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Fly
Samira – When I Look Into Your Eyes
Playahitty – 1-2-3
General Base – I See You
Nina – Until All Your Dreams Come True
E-Rotic – Willy Use A Billy
Luv Dup – Run To Me
Franky Fonell – Never Forever
Double You – Dancin‘ with An Angle
Catman – Catman’s World
Marky Mark – Babylon
Mo-Do – Gemma Tanzen
Taboo – I Dream Of You Tonight
Ana Conda – Container Love
DJ Cerla / Morratto – Wonder
Major T. – Tell Me Why
Das Modul – Kleine Maus
Scooter – Friends
Captain Hollywood – Find Another Way
Gai Jin – Reality
U96 – Love Religion
Paco – Up Where We Belong
Datura / U.S.U.R.A. – Infinity
Scooter – Endless Summer
Monti / Pilato – Clap Clap
Fun Factory – Celebration
DJ Bobo – There’s A Party
Alex Party – Don’t Give Me Your Life
Mark ‚Oh – I Can’t Get No
Whigfield – Think Of You
The Bucketheads – The Bomb
Alex Party – Wrap Me Up


Power Mixx 07

Power Dance Mix:

DJ Bobo – Freedom
F.U.N.O. – Bee In My Bonzet
J.K. – You & I
Beat Control – Dancing Madness
Key Motion – No Chance
Playahitty – 1-2-3
J.T. Company – Feel It
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Fly
Dance 2 Trance – I Have A Dream
Da Blitz – Movin‘ On
The Creatures – Call Me
ODP – One Love
Amyna – My NRG
U96 – Movin‘
Cherry Coke – Non Hagas El Indio
Damage Control – Trust
Full Speed – Happy
One Again – Nessaja (P-Remix)
Garfield – Cool Cat
Hit The Floor – Love Generator
Taucher – Infinity
Kick Boy & Demolition – Basic
D-Sign – When It’s Cold
Trecker – Energy
Magic D – Stay with Me
Fabietto DJ – Treasure
Dune – Are You Ready To Fly
Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy
Zyclus – One Of Us
Bass Bumpers – Keep On Pushing (Remix)
Kim Ono – Big In Japan

New German Wave Mix:

Gaga Club – Eisbär
Peter Schilling – Sonne, Mond & Sterne
Airbags – 99 Luftballons
Spaceone – Flieger, Grüß Mir Die Sonne
Chakomo – Ich Will Spass
Reunion – Knutschfleck
Rave Club – Mamor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht
Das Modul – Kleine Maus

Da Blitz Megamix:

Da Blitz – Let Me Be
Da Blitz – Take My Way
Da Blitz – Stay with Me
Da Blitz – Movin‘ On


Power Mixx 06

Power Dance Mix:

Alex Party – Alex Party
Alex Party – Don’t Give Me Your Life
Whigfield – Think Of You
Masterboy – Generation Of Love
Scatman John – Scatman’s World
E-Rotic – Fred Come To Bed
Prezzioso – Anny Scratch
Corona – Baby Baby
Darkness – In My Dreams
Beatsic feat. 64 – Passion
Rhythm & Dance Machine – Never
Rave Base – To The Beat Y’all
Nina – The Reason Is You
Twenty 4 Seven – Keep On Trying
Michael J. Gibbs – Back To Heaven
A.D.A.M. feat. Amy – Zombie
Vertical Vibe – Everybody Free
Imperio – Nostra Culpa
DJ „H“ – Space Love
Cabballero – Dancing with Tears In My Eyes
Ana-Konda – Container Love
Bass Bumpers – Keep On Pushing
Ramirez – Baraonda
Paco – Up Where We Belong
Major T. – Tell Me Why
Gai-Jin – Reality
Alptraum – Ich Will Kühe

Sunshine Mix:

U.S.U.R.A. feat. Datura – Infinity
Netzwerk – Memories
Jinny – Wanna Be with You
Ti.Pi.Cal – The Colour Inside
Alex Party – Wrap Me Up
Pilato feat. Montini – Clap Clap
Molella – X.S.
Capella – Tell Me The Way
Bliss Team – Hold On To Love
Mato Grosso – Moai
Taleesa – Burning Up
Double You – Dancing with An Angel
Prezzioso – Don’t Stop

Corona Megamix:

Corona – When I Give My Love
Corona – Do You Want Me
Corona – Baby Baby
Corona – Rhythm Of The Night
Corona – When I Give My Love
Corona – Try Me Out
Corona – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Corona – I Don’t Wanna Be A Star


Power Mixx 05

Power Dance Mix:

General Base – I See You
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Can’t Love You
DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
Ice MC – Take Away The Colour
Luvdub – Run To Me
Da Blitz – Stay with Me
La Bouche – Be My Lover
Video Kids – Woodpeckers from Space
Corona – Baby Baby
2 Unlimited – Here I Go
Centory – The Spirit
Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark – Babylon
Taboo – I Dream Of You Tonight
The Free – Dance The Night Away

Power Rave Mix:

Aqualuna – Take On Me
Intermission – All Together Now
Mr. Zino – It’s Time To Move On
Das Modul – Computerliebe
Tanzdiebe – Fred vom Jupiter
Mark ‚Oh – Tears Don’t Lie
Captain Hollywood Project – Find Another Way
Jam & Spoon – You Gotta Say Yes
Kosmos – Codo
Coloured Vision – Fly Away

Power In An Oak Mix:

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak
Rednex – Swamp Thing
Rednex – Mary Lou

Yabba Dabba Power Mix:

Da Blitz – Stay with Me
Pan Position – Jacky‘ All
Whigfield – Saturday Night
20 Fingers – Short Dick Man
Silvia Coleman – Take My Breath Away
Pilato, Monti – Gam Gam
Systematic – Love Is The Answer
Twenty 4 Seven – Leave Them Alone
Taleesa – I Found Love

Power Night Mix:

MC Sar – Another Night
The Outhere Brothers – La La Hey Hey
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Let Me Be Free
Ice MC – It’s A Rainy Day
U96 – Love Religion
Moby – Feeling So Real

Power Bumper Mix:

Hyper Logic – Only Me
Deuce – Call It Love
Bass Bumpers – Good Fun
Zong – Tangoa


Power Mixx 04

Poweryear Mix 1994:

La Bouche – Sweet Dreams
Le Click – Tonight Is The Night
Double You – Run To Me
Whigfield – Saturday Night
Cappella – Move On Baby
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Dreams
Magic Affair – Middle Of The Night
Mo-Do – Supergut
Mo-Do – 1,2 Polizei
Cappella – U + Me
Intermission – Six Days
Ice MC – Think About The Way
DJ Bobo – Let The Dream Comes True
Corona – Rhyhtm Of The Night
E-Rotic – Max Don’t Have Sex…
K2 – Der Berg Ruft
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
DJ H – Everybody Confi-Gun
Ice MC – It’s A Rainy Day
Ava & Stone – Bye, Bye Baby
Magic Affair – Omen 3
MC Sar – Automatic Lover
Playahitty – The Summer Is Magic
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
Lost – Love Is Magic
Fun Factory – Close To You
2 Unlimited – Let The Beat Control Your Body
Real 2 Reel – I Like To Move It

The Incredible Masterboy Mega Mix:

Masterboy – Everybody Needs Somebody
Masterboy – I Got To Give It Up
Masterboy – Hey, Hey, Hey
Masterboy – Fall In Trance
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
Masterboy – Different Dreams
Masterboy – Do You Wanna Dance
Masterboy – Is This The Love
Masterboy – Fall In Trance (94 Remix)
Masterboy – Everybody Needs Somebody (Remix)


Corona – Rhythm Ot The Night (Unreleased Remix)

Power Classics In The Mix:

Madonna – Like A Virgin
Yazz – The Only Way Is Up
Black Box – Right On Time
Deee-Light – Groove Is In The Heart
Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – Push It
Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way
New Order – Blue Monday
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Amie Stewart – Knock On Wood


Power Mixx 02

Queenology – The Medley Part I:

Queen – I Want To Break Free
Queen – Flash Gordon
Queen – Friends Will Be Friends
Queen – We Are The Champions
Queen – Another One Bits The Dust
Queen – Radio Ga-Ga
Queen – Under Pressure
Queen – We Will Rock You
Queen – The Invisible Man
Queen – Love Kills
Queen – A Kind Of Magic
Queen – I Was Born to Love You

Simpley Mix In Red – The Medley Part I:

Simply Red – It’s Only Love
Simply Red – Move On Out
Simply Red – Stars
Simply Red – To Be with You
Simply Red – Freedom
Simply Red – Open Up The Red Box
Simply Red – Jericho
Simply Red – The Right Thing

Janet Jackson – Again (F.E.I. Mix)

Tears For Fears – Mad World ’94 (Extended Mix)

The World In Hardtrance Mix – Live Megamix:

The Year ’93 In The Mix – Megamix :