MPA Records – Space Zone 1-11+Space Zone Millenium Mix+Space Zone The Beginning (flac)



The Age Of Sex, Drugs & Hardcore


Includes Club Niveau, Misty D., Mia X. (A Part Of Magic Rap I…To Be Continued On Rap I)

Baby Doll – All I Do Is Cry (Magic Version)
Shana – I Want You (Planet Rock 12″)
Bernadet – You Are The One
Teaz II Pleaze – I Was The One
Count To Twenty – You Are The One
Vla – I Gave My Heart
Buffy – Give Me (CD – Dream Version)
Intonation – Died In Your Arms
Gladiss-Remix – Here I Am (No Trompet / Guitarrs Mix)
Conscious Doughters – Something To Ride
Spice I – Welcome To The Ghetto
Father Dom – Rumors


G-Funk/Soul Mix Special For DJ’s:

Master P. – Mr. Ice Cream Man
Bone – Tha Crossroad
Ray Luv – Definition Of Ah Hustla
2 Pac – Brenda’s Got A Babe
The Click – Scandalous
Coolio/Montell Jordan – Payback
Fugees – Ready Or Not
Fugees – Fu-Gee-La
Mary J. Blige – I Love You
LL Cool J – Doin It
Udi – It’s Goin‘ Down

Freestyle Part I:

Opening II
Giggles – Love Letters
George Lamond – Bad Of The Heart
Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock
Sir Mix A Lot – Baby Got Back
Shannon – Let The Music Play
Cover Girls – Because Of You
Candy Fresh – Do The (Get Busy)
Cover Girls – Show Me
Nocera – Summertime
African Bambaata – Perfect Beat
Freeze – I.O.U.
Dino – Summergirl
Trinere – It’s Time To Say Goodbye
Will To Power – Say It’s Gonna Rain
Stevie B. – Dreamin
Will To Power – Say It’s Gonna Rain
Stevie B. – Party Your Body
Trinere – I’ll Be All You Ever Need
Buffy – Give Me
Heartbeat – Neverending Story
Buffy – Love Me
Heartbeat – Think Twice
Heartbeat – Neverending Story (Dedicated To M.) (Special Long DJ Version)

Bonus Soul & G-Funk Part:

Ro-Cee – Gettin All Da Babes
Warren G. – Kill
Fat Joe – Envy
Luniz – Playa Hata
Rappin’4 Tay – Still Puckhin
Skee Lo – Supermann
MC Lyte feat. Exscape – Keep On
Rappin’4 Tay – Ain’t No Playa
Groove Lounge – Money
Nonchalant – 5 O’Clock
2 Pac – California Love
Foesum – Just Get On Down

Special Song from Magic Freestyle 5:

Buffy – Love Me


G-Funk Part:

Fugees – Special
Mel-Low – Make It Through Another Day
Die Coolen Säue – Wie War Das Nochmal
E.S.G. – 187 Skillz
Capleton – See from Afar
The Click – Wolf Tickets
Jackers – Down 4 Life
Seff Tha Gaffla – Choppaz
Kool G Rap – Fast Life
Mic Jeranimo – Wherever You Are
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – Breake Of Dawn
Slow Pain – Money Mad
Tres Delinquentes – Delinquent Habits
A.M.W. – No Bitches, No Money
SH‘ Killa – Go Down On It
G-Groove – Everybody
Rap -Sody – You Don’t Understand
Tibro – Got Me A Man

Miami Bass Part:

Classic’s Special
Infinite Maas – Area Turns Red
Ro-Cee – Angel Of Death
Black Power – Shake It Baby
Beatproduction – Tell It To My Heart
Allison Angel – Turn Me Off
Scoopy – Everybody
Fatal Attraction – Humpty Dump

Soul Part:

Code 3 – Humpin Bumpin
Dr. Dre – Turn Of The Light
Immature – Please Don’t Go
Keith Sweat – Funky Dope Loving
SH‘ Killa – Now You Wanna Come Back
Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby
Maxi Priest – That Girl
Mona Lisa – Can’t Be Wasting My Time
Shyheim – It’s You That’s On My Mind
Monifah – I Miss You
Keith Sweat – Twisted
Case – Touch Me, Tease Me
Fugees – Killing Me Softly
Closing – Hasta La Vista Babies


Jetz Orkhestra – The Case


MPA Magic – Space Zone Millenium Mix
MPA Magic – Space Zone The Beginning


PW: mixandremix

Pump Up The Party III (flac)

01. Nasa Records – Arabian Bass Mix I (25:38)
02. Tag Team – Bring It On ’96
03. Benz – UCG (Urban City Remix)
04. Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack
05. Audio Knights – Feel The Music (Heart Remix)
06. Dj Fresh – Listen To My Music (Remix)
07. Linear – Sending Al My Love (Cameron Paul Remix)

Bonus Tracks:

08. Rob Base & Dj EZ Rock – It Takes Two (Ghetto Remix)
09. Run DMC – Ghostbusters


Pump Up The Party II (flac)

01. Nasa Records – Miami Grandmix II (29:51)
02. Slam – Cracy
03. Timmy T – What Will I Do (Cameron Paul Remix)
04. Will To Power – Dreaming
05. Ben E. King – Stand By Me (Ultimix)
06. Salt‘ N‘ Pepa – Push It (The Lost Tracks)
07. Daize – Missery

Bonus Tracks:

08. Seduction – True Love (You´re Ny One And Only)
09. The World Class Wrecking Cru – Turn Off The Light


Pump Up The Party I (flac)

01. Nasa Records – Miami Grandmix I (28:50)
02. Stevie B – Funky Melody (Remix)
03. Dino – In The City (Funky Dub Remix)
04. Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
05. Johnny O – Fantasy Girl

Bonus Tracks:

06. Trinere – It’s The Music (Ultimix)
07. Newcleus – Jam On It


US Blackpool – Freestyle Area 1

US Blackpool – Freestyle Area 1

US Blackpool präsentiert Freestyle Area Volume 1


US. Free Miami Bass Style:

Pain – Sara
Jacquil Cenci – Memories
Mr. Miami – Betrayed
Buffy – Someday
Cynthia – lfl Had A Chance
Samantha G. – Reflections
Rockell – Can We Try
Rimberly – Neverland
Dauby – Is It Real Love

Freestyle Part:

2 AM. – One Night Alone
Tony Moran – Dreaming Of Making Love
Syntex – All Through The Night
U.D.I. – Tennis Skirts
Broore Lewis – Get Me Of Your Mind
Mo Thugs Family – All Good
Gazebo – Masterpiece
2 AM. – Don’t Say Goodbye
Stevie B. – Dreamgirl
Artie & Chrissy lcey – Secret Love
Stef ‘N‘ Stace – Call Me Tonight
Randy – Wanna Be Your Lover
T.H.T. – Don’t Set Me Free
Collage – Love OfA Lifetime
Xscape – My Little Secret
George Lamond – Without You
Willie Max – Can’t Get Enough
Ricky Bell – When Will I See You Again
Inoy – Time After Time
Choco A Box – Mirror Mirror
Booty Girls – Freak Me
firigo – What It Is
Mya feat. Sisqo – It’s All About Me
K-Ci & Jojo – Don’t Rush
DJ Kizzy Rock – Kind Of Bass

Bonus Remix Track:

J.T. feat. Luca – Magic Summernight


Hot Dream – The Dark Side Of Funk & Freestyle 04

Freestyle ‚N‘ Booty Shake:

Knightz Of Bass – MC T-Rock
June Dog & Kizzy Rock – Bounce Around
DJ Smurf & Kizzy Rock – Pop That Thang
Rose MC – Da Partyjam
Lathun – Gimme What I Want
Inoj – Time After Time
Buffy – 2 Find You
Cynthia – Thinking About You
Five Of Ten – If You Want My Love
Stevie B – If You Leave Me Now
Lil Suzy – I Still Love You
Audrey Hannah – It’s Dezember
Leila Simone – Memories
Cynthia – Save Your Love To Me
Innerlude – I Don’t Wanna Go On
DJ Taz – Yearning
Flip Da Scrip – Just Feel It
DJ Nasty Knock – Doo Doo Brown

Electro Mix:

Party Patrol – Jam On It
Electric Hunter – Miss Electra
Lucas Valley – Round & Round
Freestyle Crew – Pump Da Beat
Smash – Supermodel
Newtronic – Let’s Dance
DJ Bobo – Celebrate
Trans Mission – Trans Europa Express
Music Instructor – Electric City

Bonustrack / Remix:

Music Instructor – Get Freaky (Remix)


Hot Dream – The Dark Side Of Funk & Freestyle 03

Funk Mix:

VSF – Velocity Speed & Force
Tricky D – Take It To The Max
Unknown DJ – Dance Your Ass Off
The Arabian Prince – Situation Hot
C-Vello – The Jam Is Cold
Egyptian Lover – Kinky Nation
K5 – Passion
Egyptian Lover – The Lover
Black Power – Shake It To The Dancefloor
2 Live Crew – Get It Girl
Beatmaster Clay D – Do Your Duty
M4Sers – Get It Boy
C-Jam & Kid Frost – Commando Rock
Captain Rock – Cpt. Rock To The Future Shock
Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
B.O.S.E. – Rock The World
Freestyle – In Your Face
Beat Club – Security
Kraftwerk – Tour The France

Freestyle Mix:

Samira – I Can’t Get You
Freestyle Project – Music For My Soul
Real Mc Coy – Operator
Freestyle Project – Rock Your Body
Pandera – In My Dreams
Zweety – Rumphaka
Geena D – You
Marcello – Every Day & Night
Lil Suzy – Just Can’t Get Over You
Laura Branigan – Self Control
Kosta Dee – Come Back
Trinere – When I Hear Music
Elissa – I’ll Keep Searching
Baby Doll – Always & Forever
Rockell Team – I Feel In Whoomp


Trinere – Minimix


Hot Dream – The Dark Side Of Funk & Freestyle 02

Classic Phonk Mix:

Jaya – If You Leave Me Now
Pajama Party – Yo No Se
Sweet Sensation – Hooked On You
Angelique – I Can’t Live Without You
Cynthia – Endless Night
MC Cook Rock – Let The Music Play
MC Cool Rock – Taking Control
RJ Kole – The Party
Gucci Crew II – Sally
T.N.T. feat. DJ Boom – Bobby (The Little Boy)
Tone Loc – Wild Thing
Keisha Boom – Lame Thing
Wild Boys – Pissy Thang
2 Live Crew – We Want Some Pussy
Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – Push It
Mc Cool Rock – Clax D Get Funky
TechMaster P.E.B – Dont Stop The Bass

Rap ‚N‘ Phonk Mix:

Activate II
Leot Littlepage – The Rain
Camelot II – We’re In The House
Starr Crew – Oakuree Rap
Royalcash – Radiactivity
MC Fosty & Lovin-C – Radioactivity Rapp
Missy Mot – Make It Mellow
Buffalo Solders – Penny
RJ Kole – Ich Bin Der Mann


69 Boys – Tootsie Roll
Ginuwine – Pony
Knightz Of Bass – Renegades
Stylz & The Jiz – Don’t Stop Shakin
Knightz Of Bass – Star Traxx
Sleezy Boys – Zoids
Dis-N-Dat – Party
The Get Funky Crew – Tonight
Sleezy Boys – Let’s Dance
JJ Fad – Slipersonic
Pressha – All The Way Life
The Dogs – Let’s Go Let’s Go
2 Hyped Brothers – Doo Doo Brown
Knightz Of Bass – Cooleys In The Panic Zone
DJ Laz – Latin Swing
Get It Boyz – Shake To The Booty
Captain Rapp – When Doves Cry Rapp

Surprise Bonus Track:

Flim Flam Gang – Don’t Look Into The Future