MPA Records – Roxette In The Mix

Roxette Megamix:

Roxette – Fireworks
Roxette – Silver Blue
Roxette – Run To You
Roxette – Sleeping Single
Roxette – I’m Sorry
Roxette – Fading Like A Flower
Roxette – Knockingion Every Door
Roxette – Surrender
Roxette – The Look
Roxette – Joyride
Roxette – Fading Like A Flower
Roxette – (I Could Never) Give You Up
Roxette – I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars
Roxette – Things Will Never Be The Same
Roxette – (Do You Get) Excited
Roxette – What’s She Like
Roxette – Listen To Your Heart
Roxette – Voices

Slow Mix:

Roxette – Always Unreal
Roxette – Go To Sleep
Roxette – Spending My Time
Roxette – The Rain
Roxette – It Must Have Been Love

Back To Another Fast Mix:

Roxette – How Do You Do
Roxette – Neverending Love
Roxette – Dressed For Success
Roxette – Cinnamon Street
Roxette – Small Talk
Roxette – I Remember You
Roxette – Dangerous
Roxette – Dance Away
Roxette – Turn To Me
Roxette – Secrets That She Keeps
Roxette – Paint
Roxette – Sleeping In My Car
Roxette – Physical Fascination
Roxette – The Big L
Roxette – Queen Of Rain
Roxette – Crash! Boom! Bang!