US Blackpool – Splash Area 1+2

US Blackpool – Splash Area 1 & 2

US Blackpool präsentiert Splash Area Volume 1


European Rap Part:

Puff Daddy feat Usher – My Way
Black Attack – Heartless
R‘N’G – Open Up Your Mind
Down Low – Johnny B.
Tyme Bomb – One By One
ATO – Call Me
MC Ace – Twilight Party
Thin Line – I’ll Give My Love
Hoodys – Back On The Map
Prophet G – Killer

Freestyle Part:

Two Minutes Of Perfect Sampling
Vita – Tonight & Forever
T.L.R. – Unforgiven Love
Eye 2 Eye – l Promised You
T.L.R. – One More Try
Samantha Gervasio – Take Me
Cliche – Show Me
Elissa – Keep My Love
08. Brothers – Last Chance 4 Love
Lil Suzy – Memories
Stephanie Marano – Surrender Your Love

U.S. Rap Part:

N.B.K. – AZ Side
C.S.G. – Bad A Bitch
Lil ‚O‘ – Can’t Stop
U.D.I. – Under Da Influence
C.L.S. – Down From The Get Go
Y-D – Money
M.J.G. feat 8-Ball – Just Like Candy
Master P. – Stop Hatin
D-Flexx – Playaz Play
I.F.A. – Rollin‘


Orange Juice Jones – The Rain (Classic Remix)

US Blackpool präsentiert Splash Area Volume 2


U.S. Rap Part:

Dignity – Talk To Me (Remix)
Taral – How Can I Get Over You
Next – Gutta Love
J.O. feat. Da Brat & Usher- The Party Continues
Sunvibe – Dreamer
Chocolate – The Deadly Kiss
Jermaine Dupri – Jam On It
Notorious B.I.G. – Nasty Boy

Remix Track 1:

Usher- Nice & Slow (Bass Re-Remix)

Freestyle Part:

Invasion A – Protect Me
Andre – Reach For Me Tonight ’98
Lil Suzy – You’re The Only One
Joe Zangie & Samantha Gervasio – My Baby
Jill – Show Me
Eddie Mix feat. Carole Anne – Baby Love Conquers All
Jonnell – Sexy DJ
Soniya – A Fantasy
Emotion In Motion – Forever

Remix Part 2:

Stevie B. – Summeright (X-Rated)

European Rap Part:

Rappers Against… – I Wanna Know What Love Is
R.N.G. – Can’t Talk About It
Poetry-N-Motion – What You Want
R.N.G. – 1st Ways
Nana – Remember The Time
MC Ace – Werewolf
Ruback – Tell My Why
Queen Pen – All My Love
Will Smith – Gettin‘ Jiggy Wit It
2 Ruff- Own Of A Lonely Heart

Electro & House Part:

House Empire – Excuse Me
Music Instructor – Supersonic
Kay Cee – Like This