DJ AM – Number One 6-26


Intro By G.?.
Potatoheadz feat. Da Rook MC – Turn It Up
Cascada – Bad Boy
M.Y.C. – Rock
Tooga feat. Pit Baily – Behind Blue Eyes
JK – River Run Dry
Phase-X – Angel
Jan Wayne feat. Charlene
Accuface – You Destination
Double Nation – I’m Gonna Get You
DJ Dean – Every Single
Haiducci – Dragostea Din Tei
Lichtenfels – ? Boys, Fly Girls
Blank & Jones – Perfect Silence
Pulsedriver – Slammin
Super Strinzz – One More Chance
2 Vibez – Sometime
Tune – In Rockin For Myself
Frankie Jones – Eternity
Angel – You Sure Do
Sam G – Feelin Fine
Brooklyn Bounce – Cracy

The Best Of The Rest 2003:

Flipside – Juliet
Club Maniax – Memories
NFK – Don’t You Want Me
Mandy & Randy – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
RMB – Spring
4 Elements – Turn Up The Bass
Yuma – You & Me
Floorfilla – Anthem 6
Andromeda – Feel Like In A Dream
Frankie Jones – The Summer
T90 – Taste The Summer
DJ Thoka feat. DJ Taylor – You Make Me Feel So Good
Mario Lopez – Where Are You
DJ Rock – Sometimes My Heart
Raccoon – Fly with Me

Novaspace & Pulsedriver Artist Mega:

Novaspace – Beds Are Burning
Novaspace – Run To You
Pulsedriver – from The Deep
Pulsedriver – Take Me Away
Pulsedriver – Touch The Sky
Pulsedriver – Galaxy
Pulsedriver – Close My Eyes
Novaspace – Come Out Of Your Darkness
Pulsedriver – Koma
Pulsedriver – Time
Pulsedriver – Move from Freedom
Novaspace – Dancing with Tears In My Eyes
Novaspace – Guardian Angel


Intro By G.?.
DJ Bobo – Let’s Groove One
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Another Night
Haddaway – What Is Love
Haddaway – Life
DJ Bobo – Somebody Dance with Me
Corona – Rhythm Of The Night
2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance
Dr. Alban – Groove Machine 4
Aqua – Cartoon Heroes
Captain Hollywood Project – Over & Over
Dr. Alban – It’s My Life
DJ Bobo – Another Night Without You
DJ Bobo – Freedom
Aqua – Calling You
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
Aqua – Doctor Jones
Mr. President – I’ll Follow The Sun
Sandmanns Dummies – Ach Du Meine Nase
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Automatic Lover
Masterboy – Is This Love
Masterboy – Different Dreams
Masterboy – Get It On
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Run Away
Magic Mix Trenner – Last Boy Scout
Sandmanns Dummies – Der Fuchs Geht Durch Den Wald
Erotic – Willy Use A Billy Boy
Captain Jack – Captain Jack
Erotic – Sex On The Fon
Loona – Prince Of Love
Jum Knopf Und Lukas Der Lokomotivführer – Eine Insel Mit Zwei Bergen
Squeezer – Blue Jeans
Double Trouble – I Swear
Music Instructor – Dance
Masterboy – Anybody (Remix)
Music Instructor – Hands In The Air
Masterboy – Give Me Your Love
2 Unlimited – Jump For Joy
Slam – U Got 2 Know
Marusha – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
RMB – Experience
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Wonderfull Days
Mark ‚Oh – Love Song
Music Instructor – Hymn
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy – I Kiss Your Lipps
Intermission – Planet Love
Scooter – Endless Summer
Das Modul – Kleine Maus
Rednex – Wild & Free
Party Animals – Have You Been Mellow
Lovenet – Mondsüchtig
T Ma feat. Falco – Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da
Scooter – Friends
?.I.O.S. – Computer Nr. 3
Blümchen – Kleiner Satellit
Das Modul – Frühlingsgefühle
Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy
Major T – Dicky Down
Collo Rossi – Ein Bisschen Frieden
Outro By Moneytrain (The Voice Of Sound)


Intro By G. ?. & Moneytrain
Beatheadz – Razzia
Lichtenfels – ? Boys, Fly Girls
Novaspace – Beds Are Burning
Jan Wayne feat. Charlene – Here I Am
DJ Alpha – Dreamin
2 Vibez – Trouble
4 Clubbers – Secret
Master Blaster feat. Turbo ? – Ballet Dancer
DJ Pontos – Still In Love
Lichtenfels feat. Phil & Inusa – Kill The Silence
Djane Nikita – Game Of Live
Tooga feat. Pit Baily – Behind Blue Eyes
Pinball feat. Alberto Tapia – Time
Day Dee – Here I Am
?-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei
Freddy Fader – Everybody Scream
Aquagen – Girl
2 Vibez – Sometime
Stee Wee Bee – In Bed with You
Anaconda – Sound Of Love
Beatheadz – Razzia
Flashrider – Sex In The Club
Cascade – Miracles
IPC – The Sky Is No Longer The Limit
Point Guards – Never Fall In Love
Phase-X – Angel
Ian Van Dahl – I Can’t Let You Go
Kate Ryan – Only If I
Planet Punk – Keep Your Head Straight
Lacuna – Celebrate The Summer
Bass-T- P.O.W.E.R.
DJ Tom Joins Patrick Marsh – Small Town Boy

MusicOverLoad Part 2

Jens O. feat. Marco Kubik – & Back
Paffendorf – Welcome To Afrika
Le Zoo – Dance The Jamba Hippo
Accuface – You Destination
Miss Unique – Reaching Out For You
Predator 2 – Trenner
Alex M vs. Marc Van Damme – Technodisco
M.Y.C. – Rock
Tune – In Rockin For Myself
Akira – Piece Of Heaven
JK – River Run Dry
Tatsächlich Liebe – Trenner
??? – Rock Ya Body
Dickheadz – Wir Brauchen Bass
DJ Pinson – Rock with Me
Raccoon – Sound Of Love
Mark ‚Oh vs. Tjerk – Words
Kodac – The Nighttrain
Central Seven – Proper II Men Recovered
Keira Green – My Heart Goes Up
Angel – You Sure Do
Krid P – Backpipes
Mysterio – Fading Like A Flower
Nackte Kanone – Trenner
TeamX pres. – Your Smile 2004
Special D. – Nothing I Won’t Do
Special D. – You
Techno Citizens – Timeslot
Rave Allstars – Hardcore Feeling
Tune Up! – Ravers Fantasy


Intro By Moneytrain
Centory – The Spirit
Co Ro feat. Taleesa – There’s Something Going On
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Haddaway – Rock My Heart
DJ Bobo – Move Your Feet
Culture Beat – Take Me Away
Masterboy – Mister Feeling
Time To Time – Der Tanzpirator
Lyte Funkie Ones – Step By Step
Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – Babylon
Pearl – Kissing Like A Virgin
Technotronic – Hey Yo
DJ Bobo – Pray
X-Perience – A Neverending Dream
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
Chak – Summer Party
Swing feat. Dr. Alban – Sweet Dream
Splash – One More Dream
DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
Three-O-Matic – Success
Scooter- I’m Raving
2 Unlimited – Here I Go
Magic Affair – World Of Freedom
Mark ‚Oh – Fade To Grey
E-Rotic – Max Don’t Have Sex with Your Ex
Herbie – Right Type Of Mood
Cappella – Tell Me The Way
Pearl – Summer Holiday
Pharao – There Is A Star
Souladelic – My System
Activate – I Say What I Want
Mr. President – I Give You My Heart
Fun Factory – Pain
TNN – Ayayay Cielito
Imperio – Quo Vadis
Intermission – Give Peace A Chance
Cymurai – Magic Touch
Captain Hollywood Project – The Way Of Love Is
Captain Jack – Little Boy
The Montini Experience – Rock Your Body
Slam – Back To The Music
Trenner – Shrek 2
Interactive – Forever Young
The Free – Dance The Night Away
Star Wash – Disco Fans
Onda – Storia D’Amore
Pharao – World Of Magic
Three-O-Matic – Hand In Hand
Interactive – Tell Me When
Odyssey – Everybody Move
Twenty 4 Seven – We Are The World
Wave Kid – Baby I Need Your Lovin
Das Modul – Robby Roboter
Intermission – All Together Now
U96 – Love Religion
Joachim Witt – Goldener Raver
Mark ‚Oh – Tears Don’t Lie
Marusha – Raveland
Dune – Are You Ready To Fly
Paul Kuhn + Die Raver – Es Gibt Kein Bier Auf Hawai
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Party
Paul Kuhn + Die Raver – Es Gibt Kein Bier Auf Hawai
General Bass – I See You
Blümchen – Du Und Ich


Intro By Moneytrain
Floorburner – Get Ready
4 Clubbers – Element Of Culture
Freddy Fader feat. Locana – Boom, Boom, Suenan
Redwing – Rocket
Staccato – Changes
Springbreak – Big Bad Love
Novaspace – Dancing with Tears In My Eyes 2004
FTU pres. Secound Spring – Irresistible
M2B – 2nd Stars (Masterblaster Remix)
Brooklyn Bounce – This Is What Wo Are
Paffendorf – On & On
Groove-State – Truly In Rapture
Galimar – Sunshine On A Rainy Day
Trancecore Project – Infinity
Ron Van Den Beuken – Endless
Adrima – Discoland
DJ Sammy feat. Loona – Rise Again
2Worlds feat. Lizzy Pattinson – Whereever You Go
Diamond – Reason
Dance United – Help!
Future Breeze – Out Of The Blue
Harry Chester – Trust Your Eyes
Mandaryna – Here I Go Again
Manyou – Take Me Home
DJ Session One – The Beat
Kareeema – Cool Your Engines
Rosendahl – To You
DJ A.M.s MusicOverLoad
Siria – Endless Summer
Picco – It Goes On & On
?-Base meets DJ Thoka – Into A Fantasy
Dancefloor Rockaz – Attention
Michael Splint feat. Sasja – Secret
Aliens – Trenner
Scooter – One
Sam G. – Wanna Be with You
2 Vibez – Always
Rave Allstars – More Than Words
Sven-R-G vs. Base-T – On A Party Trip
Nick Storm – Come Along
Dave McCullen – Stars
Redcode – Miracles
DJ Pinson – To Be Beat
Special D. – Reckless
Issue – Everytime
Anaconda – I Hear The Sound

The Cryptkeeper pres. No. One Classix (No. One Vol. 5) E Nomine Darkness Megamix:

Intro Voice By The Cryptceeper
E Nomine – Die Schwarzen Reiter (Stimme Anthony Hopkins)
E Nomine – Wolfen, Das Tier In Mir (Stimme Jack Nicolson)
E Nomine – Die Sinflut (Stimme Jack Nicholson)
E Nomine – Vater Unser (Special Remix Version) (Stimme Robert De Niro)
E Nomine – Dracula’s Bluthochzeit (Stimme Gery Oldman)
E Nomine – Mitternacht (Stimme Robert De Niro)
E Nomine – Denn Sie Wissen Nicht Was Sie Tun (Stimme Robert De Niro)
E Nomine – Das Omen Im Kreis Des Bösen (Stimme Robert De Niro)
E Nomine – Himmel & Hölle (Stimme Nicolas Cage)
E Nomine – Deine Welt (Stimme Robert De Niro)
E Nomine – Die Ruinen Von Asgard (Stimme Mel Gibson)
Outro Voice By The Cryptceeper


Part I (The Dance Part):

Intro By Moneytrain
Alex Megane – Hurricane
Groovelikers – Stop & Go
2 Vibez – The Night Is Mine
Drunkenmunky – Calabria
Jens O. & 666 – Supadupa Fly 2005
Megara vs. DJ Lee – Musical Society
Scooter – Suavemente
Marc Van Linden & Matys – Am 2 Pm
Mandaryna – Here I Go Again
Dave 202 – Abyss
Siria – Endless Summer
Rocco – Breath Of Life
Global Deejays – Flashdance (Remix)
Vinylshakerz – One Night In Bangkok
V.l. – Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Danzle – You Are All Of That
DJ A.M. Music & Samples Overload
Phobos & Deimos – The Key Is Secret
Dogma – Trenner
S-Force One – DJ Convention (No. One Samples Overload)
Alex Megane – Hurricane
Base Attack – Techno Rocker
Clubroovers – Warrior Of Love
Alex Megane – Hurricane

Part II (The New Zealand Summer Love Party):
Blue Lagoon – Now that We Found Love
Milk & Sugar – What Is Love (Special Bootleg)
Seal – Killer 2005
Seal – Crazy (Orange Factory Mix)
Britney Spears – Everytime (Valentin Remix)
Marilyn – Whenever
K-Mario – Femme Like U
Sarah Connor – from Zero To Hero
Buddy – Gott Sei Dank (Wochenende)
Global Deejays – The Sound Of San Francisco
Axia – Lay All Your Love On Me
DJ Sputnik – Africa (Extended Straight Mix)
Ignition – There’s Nothing I Won’t Do
A Klana Indianer – Uiiii Tuat Des Weh!
On Air – Barbie Girl 2005 (Club Mix)
Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Almighty Mix)
Motiv8 – Riding On The Wings
DJ Black Dragon – Be My Baby (Remix)
Dromedar – Walk Like En Egyptian
Global Deejays – What A Feeling
Dromedar – Walk Like En Egyptian
DJ Black Dragon – Superstar (RWL Remix)
Party Pimpz – Holiday
DJ Martello – Sex On The Street (Prezioso Remix)
Caldera – Funky Town
Indygo – Subway (DJ ?? Remix)
Mental Thing – The One (Club Mix)
Jet Set – In The Name Of Love
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Right Here Waiting

Part III (Partyhits In The Mix):

Richie – A.L.D.I.
Die Gerd Show – Zuhause
DJ Stylus feat. Scooby – I Like To Move It (Ghostbusters Remix)
Sound Convoy – Kadeng Kadeng
Alcazar – This Is The World We Live In
Jovan – The Hustle
Hot Banditoz – Veo Veo
Heinz Erhardt – Immer Wenn Ich Traurig Bin

Ein Sachsen DJ Prodly Presents:

Remmi & Demmi – Sing Mein Sachse Sing
Roberto Blanco & Captain Jack – Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein
Remmi & Demmi – Sing Mein Sachse Sing

Part IV (Möhre Total Dicht Megamix):

Möhre – Ich Liebe Einen Jungen
Möhre – Heidi
Möhre – Frauenfussball
Möhre – Scheiss Die Wand An
Möhre – Mamor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht
Möhre – Wir Ham Doch Keine Zeit
Möhre – Heute Abend Hab Ich Kopfweh


Part I The Extrem Sampling Megamix:

Rocco – I Don’t Know
Potatoheadz feat. Lizzy Pattinson – Narcotic
Rumbel! feat. Dick Rules – Tricky Tricky
Crazy Frog – Axel F.
Freddy Fader – The Sun
Jan Wayne – Mad World
Keira Green vs. Sam G. – I Want You back
Baracuda – Ass Up
89ers – Funky Beatz
Pulsedriver – Vagabonds
Mandy & Randy – B-B-Baby
Cascada – Everytime We Touch
2 Vibez – Just 4 You
Clubb Ticket – Feel Like Jammin
The Real Bootsy Babes – Airport
DJ A.M.’s Music & Sampling Overload
Patrick Bunton – Here I Am
Rave Allstars – Hardcore Vibes
Rob Mayth – Can I Get A Witness
Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T – Drift Away
2 Vibez – Just 4 You
Naski vs. Brunner – Rodian
Bangbros – Stampfen

Trenner Part II The Dance Megamix:

Roy Rivers & Dolly Parton – Thank God I’m A Country Boy
Gale – Call Me Booty
Chipz – Cowboy Syndikat
Kosmonova – In Trance
DJ Aligator – Protect Your Ears
Clubraiders – Move Your Hands Up
LCM – Ambition
Brisby & Jingles – We All Love Disco
Marc Depulse – Force Of Habbit
Lance Inc. – Cold As Ice
Milk Inc. – Blind (Extended Version)
Candee Jay – Lose This Feeling

DJ Masterfaker pres. Part III The Summermix 2005:

Lutricia McNeal – Ain’t That Just A Way
Herbert Grönemeyer – Mensch
New Kids On The Block – Keep On Smilin‘
Sean Paul & Sasha – I’m Still In Love
Joe Cocker – Summer In The City
Inner Circle – Wrapped Up In Your Love
Young Denay – Wanna Be Your Lover
?-Block – It’s Summertime
Die Fantastischen Vier – Picknicker
?kon – Lonely
Diana King – Shy Guy
Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me
Maroon 5 – This Love
Nana – Lonely
Nathalie Imbruglia – Torn
Ace Of Base – The Sign
Mr. President – Coco Jambo
Fun Factory – I Wanna Be with You
King Africa – Bomba
DJ Bobo – Everybody
Groove Coverage – She
Lighthouse Family – High

Part IV Bonus Remixe:

Voice Of Buddha – Can You Hear The Voice Of Buddha (DJ A.M. Remix)
Alcazar vs. Fanta 4 – This Is The Troy We Living (DJ Masterfaker Remix)


DJ A.M.:

Intro by Moneytrain
Groove Coverage – Holy Virgin
Hatmaker – Boo Shock Shock, I Wanna Rock
DJ Pinson – Forever
Age Pee – When The Rain Begins To Fall
Project B. – Eye Of The Storm
Danielle – La Poupee
Florida Inc. – Let Me Love You
DJ Sammy – Why
Dancefloor Saints – Mr. Tambourine Man
Beatfactory feat. Massiv 4 – Sugar Sugar
Rocco – I Don’t Know
Elize – Automatic
Hatmaker – Boo Shock Shock, I Wanna Rock
United Beats – Por Que No. 05
Sylver – Take Me Back
Ilona – Un Monde Parfait
Issue feat. Linn – Take My Hand
Trenner – Spaceballs
Alex Cole – Rock This Club
Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T – Never Talking
One More Angel – Breathe
Double Nation – Move Your Love
Marc Korn – Feel Free
Clubgroovers – Warriors Of Love
Klubbingman feat. Trixi Delgado – Revolution
X – Cloud 9
Murphy Brown – Don’t Stop The Rock 2005

DJ Masterfaker:

Langenhagen – Hamburg Süd
Chipz – Bang Bang
Drop Kickz – How You Feel
DJ Taylor & Flow vs. DJ Thoka – Happy Song
Jens O. feat. Marco Kubik – And Back
Shaun Baker – Xplode 2
Tune Up! – Feel Fine
Age Pee – When The Rains Begins To Fall
East West Rockerz – Never Stop
Freddy Fader – Bom Bom Sueanan
Scooter – One (Always Hardcore)
Franky B. – Mr. Lonely
Eddy Huntington – U.S.S.R.
Jason Donovan – Another Night
Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky
Al Bano & Romina Power – Sempre Sempre
London Boys – Requiem
Chyp Notic – Nothing Compares 2 You
Silent Circle – Stop The Rain In The Night

DJ Luckyloop – First Time On No.One!:

Vinylshakerz – Club Tropicana
Groove Agents – The Day That I Die
Global DJ’s – Funkytown
Danzel – Put Your Hands Up In The Air
Hot Steppaz feat. Silver Pozzol – Around My Dream
Lite Frequency – High Energy
General Moders – Cross The Sky
Party Pimpz – Give It Up
Prezioso & Marvin – Rockin Dee
Chevallier & Tobi Diamond – Ea
Royal Gigolos – California Dreaming

DJ A.M. Sandra „My Favourites“ In The Mix:

Sandra – Secret Land
Sandra – We’ll Be Together
Sandra – Maria Magdalena
Sandra – Heaven Can Wait
Sandra – Around My Heart
Sandra – Celebrate Your Life
Sandra – Won’t Run Away
Sandra – Tell Me More


Danzel – Put Your Hands Up In The Air
Conways – A Walk In The Park
Vinylshakerz – One Night In Bangkok
Thomas Falke – High Again
Groove Agents – The Day That I Die
Global Deejays – What A Feeling
Sunset Strippers – Falling Stars
Playablanca – La Ola
Danzel – You Are All Of That
V.l. – Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Aaron D. feat. Wes – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Et Cetera feat. Kincade – Dreams Are Ten A Penny
DJ Bobo – Amazing Life
Party Pimpz feat. M.C. Miker G – Holiday Rap
Dancefloore Saints – Mr. Tambourine Man
Beatfactory feat. Massiv 4 – Sugar Sugar
General Moders – Cross The Sky
DJ Rob Boskamp – Pump It
Axia – Lay All Your Love On Me
2 Small DJs – I Only Wanna Be with You
Global Deejays – What A Feeling
Hypertrophy – Just Come Back 2 Me 2005
Datura – Will Be One 2005
DJ Bomba – Pump & Pipe
A Klana Indiana – Uiiii Tuat Des Weh!
Cargo – The Party
Rimini Project – A Day In The Sun
Chipz – Cowboy-Syndikat
Dreamland – Color Of The Night
Atomik Harmonik – Turbo Polka
Amanda Lear – Paris La Nuit
Voodoo & Serano – Blood Is Pumpin 2005
Peran – Wanna Have A Good Time 2005
Voodoo & Serano – Blood Is Pumpin 2005
Potatoheadz feat. Lizzy Pattinson – Narcotic
Shana Vanguarde – Mamma Mia
Klubbingman – Love Message
Marc Van Linden & Matys – A.M. 2 P.M.
Baracuda – Ass Up
Banaroo – Dubi Dam Dam
Hatmaker – Boo Shock Shock, I Wanna Rock
Rocco – I Don’t Know
United Beats – Por Que No. 05
Siria – Endless Summer
Groove Coverage – Holy Virgin
Project B – Eye Of The Storm
Pulsedriver – Vagabonds
DJ Dean – Music Is My Life
Lyra – Travelling
Pulsedriver – Neptuna
Megara vs. DJ Lee – Musical Society
Sunport – Anges Fall First
Jan Wayne – Mad World
DJ Pinson – Forever
Bulldzoer – Dance
Mandaryna – Here I Go Again
Rocco – Breath Of Life
Freddy Fader – The Sun
Groove Coverage – Runaway
Sylver – Take Me Back
Rocco – Breath Of Life
Scooter – Suavemente
Morgen vs. Kate Hall – Spread Your Wings
Alex Megane – Hurricane
DJ Merlin & DJ C Bass – The Human Spirit
Alternative For Asia – Dont Close Your Eyes
Icarus – All Systems Go
Spring Break – Shut Up
S Force One – DJ Convention
Mandy & Randy – B-B-Baby
Bangbros – Stampfen
Alex Megane – Hurricane
X – Cloud 9
Seven-R-G vs. Bass-T – On A Party Trip
Club Ticket – Feel Like Jammin
Rob Mayth – Can I Get A Witness
Special D. – Come with Me
Base Attack – Techno Rocker
Seven-R-G vs. Bass-T – Drift Away
2 Vibez – Just 4 You
Danielle Paris – I Can t Stand It
Double Nation – Move Your Love
DJ Yanny – Take Me To The Top
Naksi vs. Brunner – Rodian
Rave Allstars – Hardcore Vibes
Cascada – Everytime We Touch
Klubbingman feat. Trixi Delgado – Revolution
Angel City – Sunrise
P.G. feat. Jane – Whipe Away My Tears
Cascada – How Do You Do
Gina T – Kiss Me Goodbye
DJ Dark-E – Goes Classic
D.H.T. – Listen To Your Heart
89ers – Kingston Town
Groove Coverage feat. DJ Sammy – Time Of My Life
Simon – Dreams
Flair – Feel The Beat
Astrada – Just Another Day
Stacccato – Can’t You See
Brisby Jingles – We All Love Disco
Floorfilla – Kosmiklove


The Party Part One:

Intro By Moneytrain
Andreas Martin – Nur Bei Dir
Delegation – Where Is The Love
Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O.
Duran Duran – Wild Boys
Bee Gees – Tragedy
Ingrid Peters – Afrika
Falco – Der Kommisar
Eruption – One Way Ticket
The Supremes – Stop In The Name Of Love
Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love
La Bionda – One For You One For Me
Black Lace – Agadoo
B3 – Nightfever
Beagle Music Ltd. – Daydream
883 – Sei Un Mito
Blue System – Deja Vu
Bus Stop feat. Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
C.C. Catch feat. Krayzee – Soul Survivor ’99
Andreas Dorau – Girls In Love
Chyp Notic – Nothing Compares 2 U
Henry & The Fun Company – Lady In Black
Hermes House Band – Life Is Life
Fancy – Lady Of Ice ’98
F.R. Davids – Words
Modern Talking – Cheri Cheri Lady
Modern Talking – Brother Louie ’98
Boney M. – Rivers Of Babylon
Bosson – One In A Million
Fancy – Slice Me Nice ’98
Zollfreie Ware

The Party Part Two:

Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow
Gigi D’Agostino – The Riddle
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Dance Version)
Haddaway – Life
Rocky M – Fly with Me To Wonderland
Heaven – Drive
Lazette – Last Christmas
Lorindo – Right Here Waiting
Nick Kamen – I Promised Myself
Houseboyz – Father & Son
Passion Fruit – The Rigga Ding Dong Song
X-Perience – I Dont Care
Anderson Farah – Viva El Tango
Discorama – Born To Be Alive
Loona – Latino Lover
Haddaway – Come Back
Ben McCosker – lolo
Blue Ice – Keep Me Hanging On
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Ben McCosker – Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
Europe – The Final Countdown 2000
Fancy – Pretty Woman 2001
Joy – Touch By Touch 2003
Backstreet Boys – Shape Of My Heart
Jam Tronik – Do Anything For Love

The Party Part Three:

E.A.V. – Küss Die Hand Schöne Frau
4 Love – I Just Called
Wolfgang Petry – Ganz Oder Gar Nicht
Wolfgang Petry – Der Himmel Brennt
DJ Tequilla & DJ Grappa – Mamma Maria
Whigfield – Be My Baby
Blue System – Laila
Erasure – Oh L’Amour
Chipz – Chipz In Black
Nico Gemba – I Just Can’t Get Enough
Gottlieb Wendehals – Polonäse Blankenese
Dschinghis Khan – Dschinghis Khan
Harajuku – Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Undercover – Every Breath You Take
Safri Duo – Played A Live
Vengaboys – Kiss


The No. One Dance Part:

Intro By Moneytrain
Wild & Pain – Your Heart Keeps Burning
Shaun Baker – Push!
Tune Up! – Feel Fine
Tonic & Serenity – Downfall Dancing
Renegade Masterz – Crystal Ship
The Real Booty Babes – Since U Been Gone
Shaun Baker – Push!
Denga & Manus – Cenwen
Dawes – Your Touch
Double Nation – Reach For The Light
Aycan – Devil In Disguise
Special D – Here I Am
The Usual Suspects – The Love You Promised
Rushroom feat. Fara – Kiss Me!
Marco Juliano – I Wanna Be You Star
Tonic & Serenity – Downhill Dancing
Ramon Zerano – Kill 4 Love
Scooter – Apache Rocks The Bottom!
Wild & Pain – Your Heart Keeps Burning
Tune Up! – Feel Fine
„War Es Für Dich Auch So Schön?“

Hard Beats from 2005:

Startmusic Overload
Infernal feat. Redstar – Banjo Thing
Crazy Frog – Popcorn
Bumperheadz – Get Ready For This
Alex Cole – Life Is For Living
Antibazz – Sun Of Jamica
Alana Dante – D.I.S.C.O.
DJ Subsonic & DJ Saddock – You Are Ready
Marc Van Linden – Sturm Der Nacht
Big Brothers – The Party Is On
DJ Over vs. DJ Nessen – Hey Dee-Jay!
2 Brothers On The 1st Floor – Time
Groovelikers – We Are Machines
Join Forces – Pizza 2005
Zoo Gang – I Like To Move It
Floorfilla – Disco-Roller
Jan Van Dahl – Inspiration
Outatime – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Master E feat. Miss H – Ave Maria
M-Train – Wonderland
DJ Lawless feat. Hypeman – Her „I Swear“
Bangbros – Banging In Dreamworld
Mental Theo – Revolution 2005
Alvaro Munzon & Dark Bearz pres. Chrissle – Everytime
Mysterio – Innocent
Boss Records – Made Of Stone
Drop Kickz – Bring Da Noize
Bass Records – Everywhere I Go
Nightclubbers – Living The Life
Rob Mayth – Can I Get A Whitness
Pitchers – Black Is Black
Amen Project – Never Alone
Lorena – How Will I Know

The No. One Party Part I – DJ Ötzi Mega:

DJ Ötzi – Anton Aus Tirol
DJ Ötzi – Cherrio
DJ Ötzi – Hey Baby
DJ Ötzi – In Meiner Kneipe
DJ Ötzi – If I Was
DJ Ötzi – Today Is The Day

The No. One Party Part II:

DJ Daz – The Woah Song

Hot Banditoz In The Mix Part 1:

Hot Banditoz – Shake Your Balia
Hot Banditoz – Kiss Me Kiss Me
Hot Banditoz – Hola Hola
Sonny O Brien – Superwoman
John Smith & Marc Willcox feat. Jacley – Love Changes
Macho Man – Macho Man
Hot Banditoz – Veo Veo
Mr. X feat. Monkey Circus – How Do You Do 2005
Mr. X feat. Monkey Circus – How Do You Do 2005 (A.M. Pitch)
Cool Girlz – Reggae Nights
Blue 6 – Bright Eyes
Starstylers feat. Michy – Keep On Moving

Hot Banditoz In The Mix Part 2:

Hot Banditoz – Oh! Oh! Oh!
Hot Banditoz – Canta Mi Cancion
Latinovela – Abeja Maya
Mr. X feat. Monkey Circus – How Do You Do 2005 (A.M. Pitch)


Dance Part:

Intro by Moneytrain
DJ Tora & R-Seq – Mother Funker
Mike Wind & Mark Korn – On My Way
Sylver – Lay All Your Love On Me
Maintfeld – Land Of Fantasy
Tranceforma – Self Esteem
Accuface – Pure Energy
DJ Masterfaker – Feel Allright
Alex Megane – Little Lies
Barcera – Secret Of Love
DJ Roberto K – Everyday
The Usual Suspects vs. C.Y.T. – China Girl
Partycheckerz – Baby I Love Your Way
Paffendorf feat. Leyla De Vaar – Under My Skin
Knightclub – Ab Geht’s
Kelra Green – My Heart Goes Up
89ers pres. Rimini Rockaz – Blue
Second Spring – Living On My Own

Party Part:

Girls Of FHM – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy
Hermes House Band feat. Tony Christie – Is This The Way To Amarillo
Hermes House Band – Football’s Coming Home
Arash feat. Rebecca – Temptation
Discoblaster – Fading
Lazard – Living On Video
Groove Coverage – On The Radio
2 Small DJ’s – Shining For Love
Tunnel Allstars – Das Boot
Genesis – Invisible Touch
Ann Winshorn – Kiss Of A Butterfly

Hardbass Part:

Candy Boyz – Life Is So Sad
Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T – Take My Hand
DJ Satomi – Hung Up
DJ Albertinos – Boys
Steve Twain – Work This Pussy
Blue Nature – In My Dreams
Candy Boyz – Life Is So Sad
Space Cowboys – Lets Go Tripping
DJ Mafia pres. Nasty Deejays – Pussy Pussy
Miguel Serna – Feel Your Love
Cascada – One More Night
Rocco – Street Knowledge
Tune Up! – Have U Ever Been Mellow
Partystylerz – We Are The Partystylerz


DJ Masterfaker – Feel Allright


Intro By Moneytrain
DJ Lhasa – Super Tanz
Head Hornys – Do U Believe In You
Blu Star – SMS from Space
Aycan – Lambada
Dario G – Ring Of Fire
Novaspace – All Through The Night
Apache – Let Me Live My Life
X-Solution – Magic Melody
Age Pee – Out Of The Dark
Antares vs. Bigroom Society – Ride On A Meteorite
Clubraiders – I Want Your Love
Antares vs. Bigroom Society – Ride On A Meteorite
Team X – Love Generation
Double You feat. Don Cartel – Everything I Do
Bermuda Lovers – My Girl
2 Jays – Heartquake
Clea – Lucky Like That
New Day – Reach The Sky
Diva DJ’s vs. Nikki French – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Deep Spirit – Lonely
Bassstylerz – Bassdrive
Max Deejay vs. DJ Miko – Whats Up

The Last Summer Partymix 2006:

DJ Bobo – Hey Nanana
Blue Lagoon – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 2006
Amel Bent – Eye Of The Tiger 2006
Robbie Williams – Sin Sin Sin
Blue Lagoon – Isle Of Paradise
Rednex – Mama Take Me Home
Two 4 Family – Stand Up

The Hardbass Part:

Deep Spirit – The One That I Want
Amsterdam DJ Team – Pink Panther Theme
Sander – I Don’t Care
Mr. Stringer – Miss Marple Is Here 2006
Hands Up Squad – Popp That Pussy
Pulsedriver – On A Whistle Maker
Deejay Max – My Valentine
Commercial Club Crew – Diggers Song
Greg City – Make Some Noise
Beatdropperz feat. Deanne Berry – Changes
Titus – Endless Dreams 2006
Bass Cap – Time Flies
Bass Bros – Let It Go
Bangboy vs. Hansebanger – Kiezstyle


Queens – Polska Gra
Amel Bent – Eye Of The Tiger 2006
Blue Lagoon – Heartbraker 2006
Da Playaz vs. Clea – Bad Girls
Para Para feat. Jo – Summer Is Going
2-4 Love – Ti Amo
US5 – Here We Go
Two 4 Family – Stand Up
DJ Bobo – Hey Nanana
Rednex – Mama Take Me Home
Karmah – Just Be Good To Me
Nate Dogg – Shake That
Die Fantastischen Vier – Geboren
DJ Happy Vibes – African Spirit
Destinys Child vs. Prince – Kissaboo
Crazy Frog – Crazy Frog In The House
Chipz – Carnival
US5 – Maria
T.A.T.U – Friend Or Foe
Robbie Williams – Trippin
Bananarama – Look On The Floor
Ann Winsborn – La La Love On My Mind
Fame – All In The Game
Antibazz vs. Deep Melange – Wonder 2006
Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
Backstreet Boys – Just Wan’t You To Know
Elize – Into Your System
Easyjetter – La Soupe Aux Choux
Hot Banditoz – I Want It That Way
Duncan & Wilde – I Just Died 2006
Pink – Who Knew
Dime Store Cowboys – Thriller 2006
Michael Turtel – Ghostbusters
3 Am feat. Tracey Cole – Stars Are Blind
Bahia Kings – Samba Pa Ti
DJ Delicious pres. Phunk – A Delic Rockin
Milkshake feat. Jennifer Rush – I Come Undone 2006
Euphonix – My Girl Wants To Party
John Parr vs. Thommyknockers – New Horizon
Jimi Jameson – I’m Always Here
Sunblock feat. Robin Beck – First Time
Liz Mc Claron – Woman In Love
Mr. Rokk feat. Fancy – Slice Me Nice 2006
DJ Space C – Forever Young 2006
Deejays On Wax – Moviestar
O – Another Night 2006
Clea – Lucky Like That
Right Said Fred – Play On
Erkan & Stefan – Checker
Prezioso & Marvin – Rockin Deejays
Most Wanted Deejays – Bad Boys
Shaun Baker feat. DJ Black Dragon – Bakerman
De Lancaster – Touch My Body
Colonia – So Sexy
De Lancaster – Touch My Body
Electric Girl – Forever
Miss A – Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2006
Ellen feat. Kristof – Lucky Lucky
Queens – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Sophie – Cest Lamour
Da Playaz vs. Clea – We Don’t Have To Take Our Cloth
French Kiss – Jealousy
Chipz – Gangstertown
De Lancaster – Toch My Body
Ashlee Simpson – Boyfriend
Karol – Le Bateau Blanc
Machoman – Wockie Wockie
Yamboo – Oh L’Amour
Rythme Fatal feat. Redd-Angel – Man In The Mirror 2006
Wickit – Party Party
Dum ‚N‘ Kaj – Ride My Pony
Deejay Anady – I’m Alive
Lacuna – Celebrate The Summer 2006
Basic Element – Raise The Gain
Raccon – Summer Vibez
Bikkini Girl – Touch my Bikini
United DJ’s vs. Pandora – Trust Me
D-JMC feat. Beat Monique – You May Think
Beat Gangstaz – Behind These Hazel Eyes
Kangaroo – Promises
Knightclub – Ab Geht’s
DJ Scotty – Perfekte Welle
Hot Bloggers – A Nueva Vida
Spirit & Crane – Mic 1 Check
The Yorkers – Ohne Dich
DJ Borja DJ Naz & DJ Nen – Dcibelia
Blue Nature – In My Dreams
East Rockerz – Sound Of My Dreams
Cascada – Love Again
Deejay Goldfinger feat. Felisha – Baker Street
Floorfilla – Sister Golden Hair
Clubraiders – Move Your Hands Up
Dancing DJ’s feat. Victoria Oconner – Right Beside You
Cascada – Wouldn’t It Be Good
Marc Korn – Spirit Of The Night
Space Cowboys – Let’s Go Tripping
Bass Cap – Time Flies
Novamode – I Want Your Love
Commercial Club Crew – Diggers Song
Candy Boyz – Live Is So Sad 100
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night 2006
Bulldozzer – Funky Groove
Candy Boyz – Life Is So Sad
Deep Spirit – The One That I Want
Crazy Heaz – Can You Rewrite
Scooter – Hello Good To Be Back
Galaxy 68 – DJ Play My Song
Alyssa – Superstar
TV Junkeez – Knightrider
3 Amigos – Think I Better Let You Know
Alexia – Number One Spanish (Remix)
Rave Allstars – Wonderfull Days 2006
Newton – Streamline
2 Fabiola – I’m On Fire


All Intros By Moneytrain „The Voice Of Sound“
Xavier Naidoo – Dieser Weg
Dido – White Flag
Die Firma – Die Eine 2005
Enomine Zorn – Die 12 Verbotenen Tone
Celine Dion – A New Day Has Come
Alexia – Uh La La La
Emilia – Big Big World
Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine
Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes
Enomine Zorn – Die 12 Verbotenen Tone
Britney Spears – Sometimes
Phil Collins – Can’t Stop Loving You
Lighthouse Family – Free One
Lutrica Mc Neal – 365 Days
Enigma – Sadeness
Die Fantastischen Vier – Die Da
E-Rotic – Gimme Good Sex
DJ Bobo – There Is A Party
Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
Die Prinzen – Monarchie In Germany
Snap – Ooops Up
Spike – It Takes Two
Snap – Cult Of Snap
Go West – Faithful
Roxette – The Centre Of The Heart
Blue Lagoon – Beautiful Day
Blue Lagoon – Break My Stride
Las Chicas International – Do The Boogaloo
Henrry & The Fun Company – Lady In Black
Sqeezer – Saturday Night
Blue Lagoon – Now That We Found Love
Michael Jackson – Black Or White
Ferris Mc Und Tobi Tobsen – Feieralarm
Superboy – Whats That Girl
Beat System – Reggae Night
Camen – Rhythm Of The Night
Adamski – Killer
Bizz Nizz – Don’t Miss The Party Line
K-Mario – Femme Like U
Bizz Nizz – Don’t Miss The Party Line
Sarah Connor – from Zero To Hero
Carlito – Who’s That Boy
Mr. X feat. Monkey Circus – How Do You Do 2005
Die Gerd Show – Alles Wird Gut
Buddy – Gott Sei Dank
Schnitte – Sweet Home Alabama
David Hasselhoff- Crazy For You
U96 – Das Boot
2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This
Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy
Denise Lopez – Tarzan Boy
Alcazar – This Is The World We Live In
Hot Banditoz – Agadou
C.C. Catch – I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
Fancy – Lady Of Ice ’98
DJ Bobo – Somebody Dance with Me
Right Said Fred – Don’t Talk Just Kiss
Haddaway – What is Love
Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
Captain Hollywood Project – Only with You
Tinman – Eighteen Strings
2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone
Time To Time – 10 Kleine Negerlein
Squeeze Up – La Isla Bonita
Ann Lee – Voices
U96 – I Wanna Be A Kennedy
DJ Bobo – Take Control
DJ Bobo – Keep On Dancing
Captain Hollywood Project – More & More
2 Unlimited – The Magic Friend
Doop – Doop
Bombalu – Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Macho Man – Macho Man
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Hot Banditoz – Es A Mi Maniac
Gigi D’Agustino – The Riddle
Haddaway – Life
Hot Banditoz – Kiss Me Kiss Me
E-Nomine – Lords Prayer
Vangaurde – Gimme Gimme Gimme
Party Pimpz – Give It Up
C.C. Catch – Backseat Of Your Cadillac
Vinylshakerz – One Night In Bangkok
Vangaurde – Gimme Gimme Gimme
The Tabledancers – Invisible Touch
Smash – Faith
Global Deejays – Happy Station
Party Pimpz feat. Mc Miker – Holiday Rap 2005
Global Deejays – The Sound Of San Francisco
Beat Factory feat. Massive 4 – Sugar Sugar
E.A.V. – God Bless America
Heinz Und Erhardt – Immer Wenn ich Traurig Bin
Double Nation – I’m Gonna Get You
50 Cent vs. Bobby Blanco – In Da Club
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Twenty 4 Seven – Take Me Away
Stella getz – Dr. Love
Antibazz – Sun Of Jamica
Mc Sar & The Real McCoy – Automatic Lover
Fun Factory – Close To You
Gina G – Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit
Fly – Throught The Starry Night
45 Flat – 45 Flat
666 – Confusion
Aqua – My Oh My
Die Gerd Show – Zu Hause
Hot Banditoz – Summer Of Love
Dancing DJ’s feat. Roxette – Fading Like Flower
Aquagen feat. Rozalia – Everybodys Free
Real McCoy – One More Time
Candy Beat – Saxy 99
Carlos T. Quila – Everybody
Anaconda – Sound Of Love
La Bouche – Be My Lover
United Deejays For Central Africa – Too Much Rain
Boa Terra – Boa Terra
Anderson Farah – Viva El Tango
2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor – Dreams


Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Party
Sequential One – My Love Is Hot
Active 8 – Take My Breath Away
Tune Up – Start The Game
Olinda – Playboy Bunny
Möhre – Heidi
Möhre – Ich Liebe Einen Jungen
Chipz – Bang Bang
DJ Bobo – Pray
Dr. Bombay – Calcutta
Klubbheads – Bounce 2 Da Beat
Shanin & Simon – The Rebel
Da Sylver & Deefour – The Last Unicom 2005
Florida Inc. – Let Me Love You
C.B.Milton – It’s A Loving Thing
DJ The Crow – Piece Of Mine
Porn Kings – Amour
Master Blaster – Dial My Number
Drumdummies – Bang The Beat
Bang Bros – Banging In Dreamworld
Bulldzoer – Dance
Whitelabel – Bad 4 Good
Ace The Space – Nine Is A Classic
Twenty 4 Seven – Is It Love
Ogg – Be My Baby
Aqua – Dr. Jones
Penelope – Take Your Chance
DJ Bobo & Vsop – Shadows In The Night
Electric Fruit Orchestra – Rock Da Beat
Twenty 4 Seven – Leave Them Alone
A Klana Indiana – Uiii Is Des Bled
Shana Vanguarde – Mamma Mia
Alex Cole – Give Me More
Voodoo & Serano – Blood Is Pumpin 2005
Encore – Le Disc-Jockey
Bandido – I Drave All Night
Scooter – How Much Is The Fish
Nanin – The Sound In You
Scatman John – Scatman
Central Seven – The God Of House
Dr. Motte & Westbam – Sunshine
E Nomine – Deine Welt
Nick Kamen – I Promised Myself 2004
Taucher Battles Talla 2XLC – Nightshift
DJ Zuul – It’s The Day After The Party
Manyou – Take Me Home
Floorfilla – Sex Is Danger
Groove Coverage – 7 Years & 50 Days
DJ Bobo – Pray
Coolgirlz – Reaggae Nights
Rollercoaster – Danm
Magic Affair – World Of Freedom
Siria – Endless Summer
Marta Wisniewska – Here I Go Again
Hot Banditoz – Smack Da Maniac
Chipz – 1001 Arabian Nights
3-O-Matic – Success
DJ Paul D. – La Luna
DJ Lhasa – Together Forever
DJ Sakin & Friends – Dragonfly
Priority – Time To Unite
De La Cruz – Tonight
DJ Quicksilver – I Have A Dream
Ladykillaz – Jeanny
Cosme – The Wild Track
Klubbheads – Bounce 2 Da Beat
Jan Wayne feat. Charlene – Here I Am
DJ Taylor & Flow vs. DJ Thoka – Happy Song
Age Pee – When The Rain Begins To Fall
Deep Spirit – Lonely
Fahrenheit – Don’t Stop 1999
Manyou – Drifting Away
Hatmaker – Boo Shock Shock
Pulsedriver – Slammin
M.y.c. – Rock
Akira – Piece Of Heaven 2004
Cappella – Angel
Möhre – Frauenfussball
Alana Dante – D.I.S.C.O.
Just Friends – Any Time Any Place
Splash – One More Dream
Dido – Don’t Leave Home
Toy Box – Tarzan & Jane
Oriental Space – Happy Hour
Loft – It’s Raining Again
Cascada – Everytime We Touch
Squeezer – Scandy Randy
Maxi Paul – Tic Tuc Tac
Astrada – Just Another Day
Clubgroovers – Warriors Of Love
DJ Pinson – Rock with Me
Active 8 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Full Gainer – Bip Bip Bop
2 Unlimited – No Limit
Raccoon – Play This Tune
Interactive – No Return
Raccoon – Play This Tune
Full Gainer – Bip Bip Bop
Team X – Your Smile
89ers – Kingston Town
Alex Cole – Rock This
Jan Van Dahl – Where Are You Now
Prezioso feat. Marvin – Right Here Waiting
Dario G – Made Of Stone
DJ Mental Theo – Think Of You
2 Unlimited – Let The Beat Control Your Body
Members Of Mayday – Sonic Empire
Anna – Over The Mountain
The Untouchables – Untouchable
Mr. President – I Give You My Heart
2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor – Fly
Captain Hollywood Projekt – Flying High
Afrika Islam feat. Melle Mel – Just Do It
DJ Santana – I Got The Power
Captain Jack – Together Forever
Dr. Alban – This Time I’m Free
DJ Ostkurve – Codo
Active 8 – Simply The Best
Captain Jack – Captain Jack
K Da Cruz – Love Is Lifting Me Highter

DJ AM – Number One 21
DJ AM – Number One 22
DJ AM – Number One 23
DJ AM – Number One 24
DJ AM – Number One 25
DJ AM – Number One 26


US Blackpool – Freestyle Area 1

US Blackpool – Freestyle Area 1

US Blackpool präsentiert Freestyle Area Volume 1


US. Free Miami Bass Style:

Pain – Sara
Jacquil Cenci – Memories
Mr. Miami – Betrayed
Buffy – Someday
Cynthia – lfl Had A Chance
Samantha G. – Reflections
Rockell – Can We Try
Rimberly – Neverland
Dauby – Is It Real Love

Freestyle Part:

2 AM. – One Night Alone
Tony Moran – Dreaming Of Making Love
Syntex – All Through The Night
U.D.I. – Tennis Skirts
Broore Lewis – Get Me Of Your Mind
Mo Thugs Family – All Good
Gazebo – Masterpiece
2 AM. – Don’t Say Goodbye
Stevie B. – Dreamgirl
Artie & Chrissy lcey – Secret Love
Stef ‘N‘ Stace – Call Me Tonight
Randy – Wanna Be Your Lover
T.H.T. – Don’t Set Me Free
Collage – Love OfA Lifetime
Xscape – My Little Secret
George Lamond – Without You
Willie Max – Can’t Get Enough
Ricky Bell – When Will I See You Again
Inoy – Time After Time
Choco A Box – Mirror Mirror
Booty Girls – Freak Me
firigo – What It Is
Mya feat. Sisqo – It’s All About Me
K-Ci & Jojo – Don’t Rush
DJ Kizzy Rock – Kind Of Bass

Bonus Remix Track:

J.T. feat. Luca – Magic Summernight


US Blackpool – Rap Area 1

US Blackpool – Rap Area 1

US Blackpool präsentiert Rap Area Volume 1


Bass Mix:

Tag Team – Whoomp! (Si Lo Es)
Kinsui – Hubba Bubba Baby
MC. Cool Rock & MC. Chas/Y Ches – Taking Control
Nasty Wil – Pump Da‘ Sure Shot
O.L. – Transeuropa Express
2 Live Crew- You Go Girl
Raheem The Dream – Short Shorts
A Town Playa’s – A Town Drop
Jive – 122
Wink-D – Get Busy
Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
MC’s Of Rap – This Is The Jam
Kaisha Boom – Just Dance
Miami Boyz – Getting Off
2 Live Crew- Pop That Pussy
Sir Mix-A-Lot – Rippin‘
D.J. Magic Mike – Bounce
Melvin Riley – Oh Sheila
Ready ForThe World – Oh Sheila

Hip Hop Mix:

Break 1
Krs-One – The MC.
Fat Joe – Firewater
Break 2
The Almighty Rso – One In The Chamba
Nine – Make OrTake
Madstyle – Free Your Mind
Break 3


US Blackpool – Splash Area 1+2

US Blackpool – Splash Area 1 & 2

US Blackpool präsentiert Splash Area Volume 1


European Rap Part:

Puff Daddy feat Usher – My Way
Black Attack – Heartless
R‘N’G – Open Up Your Mind
Down Low – Johnny B.
Tyme Bomb – One By One
ATO – Call Me
MC Ace – Twilight Party
Thin Line – I’ll Give My Love
Hoodys – Back On The Map
Prophet G – Killer

Freestyle Part:

Two Minutes Of Perfect Sampling
Vita – Tonight & Forever
T.L.R. – Unforgiven Love
Eye 2 Eye – l Promised You
T.L.R. – One More Try
Samantha Gervasio – Take Me
Cliche – Show Me
Elissa – Keep My Love
08. Brothers – Last Chance 4 Love
Lil Suzy – Memories
Stephanie Marano – Surrender Your Love

U.S. Rap Part:

N.B.K. – AZ Side
C.S.G. – Bad A Bitch
Lil ‚O‘ – Can’t Stop
U.D.I. – Under Da Influence
C.L.S. – Down From The Get Go
Y-D – Money
M.J.G. feat 8-Ball – Just Like Candy
Master P. – Stop Hatin
D-Flexx – Playaz Play
I.F.A. – Rollin‘


Orange Juice Jones – The Rain (Classic Remix)

US Blackpool präsentiert Splash Area Volume 2


U.S. Rap Part:

Dignity – Talk To Me (Remix)
Taral – How Can I Get Over You
Next – Gutta Love
J.O. feat. Da Brat & Usher- The Party Continues
Sunvibe – Dreamer
Chocolate – The Deadly Kiss
Jermaine Dupri – Jam On It
Notorious B.I.G. – Nasty Boy

Remix Track 1:

Usher- Nice & Slow (Bass Re-Remix)

Freestyle Part:

Invasion A – Protect Me
Andre – Reach For Me Tonight ’98
Lil Suzy – You’re The Only One
Joe Zangie & Samantha Gervasio – My Baby
Jill – Show Me
Eddie Mix feat. Carole Anne – Baby Love Conquers All
Jonnell – Sexy DJ
Soniya – A Fantasy
Emotion In Motion – Forever

Remix Part 2:

Stevie B. – Summeright (X-Rated)

European Rap Part:

Rappers Against… – I Wanna Know What Love Is
R.N.G. – Can’t Talk About It
Poetry-N-Motion – What You Want
R.N.G. – 1st Ways
Nana – Remember The Time
MC Ace – Werewolf
Ruback – Tell My Why
Queen Pen – All My Love
Will Smith – Gettin‘ Jiggy Wit It
2 Ruff- Own Of A Lonely Heart

Electro & House Part:

House Empire – Excuse Me
Music Instructor – Supersonic
Kay Cee – Like This


Party Dance Production – Partydance 1-6

Party Dance Production – Partydance 1-6

Party Dance Production präsentiert Partydance Volume 1


Chart-Dance-Mix No. 1:

DJ Bobo – Too Many Nights
Kingskrew – Genie
C.B. Milton – Open Your Heart
Bingo Boys – No Communication
Sparks – When Do I Get To Sign „My Way“
Kim Appleby – Free Spirit
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams (Remix)
49ers – Rockin´ My Body
The Wheather Girls – Party
The Free – Lover On The Line
Centory – Take It To The Limit
Odyssey – Into The Light
Ophelia – Hand In Hand
Love Preacher – Love Takes You Higher
Mo-Do – Super Gut
Chirou – I Show You
DJ Eric – Burnin´ Up
Brain – Crazy Planet-I Don´t Care (Remix)
Mo-Do – Super Gut
Apollo Five – Fly

Techno-Dance-Mix No. 1:

Members Of Mayday – We Are Different
Basic Gravity – Rajah
Deep Star – Somewhere Out There
Rodriguez – Attacke (Remix)
Onda Del Futuro – Il Sogno
Tube Tech – Caress Me

Party-Rap-Mix No. 1:

Heavy D & The Boyz – This Is Your Night
De La Soul – Keepin´ The Faith
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring
Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray
Naughty By Nature – O.P.P.
Soul II Soul – Get A Life
Queen Latifah – Fly Girl
Marty & Charlemange – The Key The Secret

In The Mix Tonight – Quick-Mix (20 Songs Following Very Fast)

Roger Troutman – I Wanna Be Your Man (Extended Version)

Party Dance Production präsentiert Partydance Volume 2


Chart Dance Mix No. 2:

La Bouche – Be My Lover
McDuley – Countryboy
Country Revolution – Wi Di Ge Da Da
Baby D. – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Remix)
Boytronic – Blue Velvet
Nina – The Reason Is You
Techno Cop – The Miracle Of Live
N-Trance – Set You Free
Splash – One More Dream
Trance-Vision – Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night (Dance Mix)
Melodie MC – Give It Up
Cymurai – Magic Touch
E-Rotic – Fred Come To Bed
Moby – Everytime You Touch Me
Com-Eta – Faraway
Charty T – Love´s Gonna Get The Feeling
DJ Duck – Donald D. Is Gay
Komakino – Can´t Stop
U96 – Club Bizarre
D-Sign – When It´s Cold
DJ Thoka – You Make Me Feel So Good

Party Rap Mix No. 2:

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
R.Kelly – Sommerbunnies
Arrested Development – Tennessee
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom Shake The Room
Kriss Kross – Jump
Eric B. & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul
Bart Simpson – Do The Bartman
The Real Milli Vanilli – True Love
Salt `N´ Pepa – Let´s Talk About Sex
Arrested Development – Mr. Wendal
Jungle Brothers – What U Waitin´4
Monie Love – It´s A Shame

Italo Party Mix No. 1:

Laura Branigan – Self Control
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
The Twins – Ballet Dancer
Spagna – Call Me
M.C. Miker „G“ & Deejay Sven – Holiday Rap
Den Harrow – Don´t Break My Heart
Trio Rio – New York, Rio, Tokio
Righeira – Vamos A La Playa


The Jacksons 5 – Blame It On The Boogie (Extended Disco Remix)

Party Dance Production präsentiert Partydance Volume 3


Chart-Dance-Mix No.3:

Nightcrawlers – Let´s Push It
La Switch – Kiss Me Baby
20 Fingers – Sex Machine
Liquid – Closer
Mighty Dub Kats – Magic Carpet Ride
B-Zet – Caught Within (Gonna Miss You)
La Bouche – Forget Me Nots
740 Boyz – Bump Bump (Booty Shake)
Sweetbox – Shakalaka
Fun Factory – Doh Wah Diddy
The Bucketheads – Got Myself Together
KMC feat. Dahny – Somebody To Touch Me
Masterboy – Land Of Dreaming
Me & My – Dub-I-Dub
Me & My – Baby Boy
Outta Control – Tonight It´s Party Time
The Grid – Diablo
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Stomp
Open Minded People – Are You Ready
Undercover – Every Breath You Take
Awex – Back On Plastic
Double Vision – Knockin
Clubfish – Was Guckt´n Die
Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain
La Bouche – I Love To Love
Bronsky Beat – Hit That Perfect Beat Boy ´95
Mission – Your Loving Arms
2 Unlimited – Jump For Joy
Captain Jack – Captain Jack
Taleesa – Burning Up
Music Instructor – Hands In The Air

Soulparty Mix No.1:

L.V. – Gangsta´s Paradise
Father Dom – Rumors
Monifa – I Miss You (Come Back Home)
Tri – We Got The Love
B.G. Knock Out & Dresta – Jealousy
Skee-Lo – I Wish
Down Low – Don´t Look Any Further
Skee-Lo – Top Of The Strais
Coolio – Too Hot
3T – Gotta Be You
R2 Swing – Get Ready (Paris, New York, L.A…)
Alliance Ethnik – Honesty & Jalousie (Fais Un Choix Dans La Vie)
Cheryl Lynn – Good Times
Flip Da Scrip – Everybody Funk Now
Gladys – Move That Body
Backstreet Boys – We´ve Got It Goin´ On

Party On People No.1:

Human League – Don´t You Want Me
Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters
Koto – Visitors
Frank Zander – Kurt Will Tanzen
Genesis – Land Of Confusion
Depeche Mode – Strangelove
Moskwa TV – Generator 7/8
Bionic Force – The Age Of The Atom
Westbam – The Roof Is On Fire
E.L.O. – Don´t Bring Me Down
MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Make A Move!
Mysterious Art – Das Omen (Teil 1)
Bad Boys Blue – How I Need You
Westbam – Monkey Say, Monkey Too

Party Dance Production präsentiert Partydance Volume 4


Chart Dance Mix No. 4:

Deep Forest & Peter Gabriel – While The Earth Sleeps
Two 4 You – Baby I Love You
Indian Fire – Try A Little Harder ´96
Hysterie – Are You Man Enough?
Shauna Davis – Get Away
The Wheather Girls – The Sound Of Sex
Captain Hollywood Project – Over & Over
Taucher – Miracle
Baby D – Take Me To Heaven
O.N.B. – Israelites
Major K – Who The Fuck Is Captain Jack?
Tom Novy – I House U
Whigfield – Sexy Eyes
Sex Appeal – Voulez Vous Choucher Avec Moi
Rochelle – Holding On To Love
Cymurai – Vibe (Sending Messages)
Slam – Crazy
The Gibson Brothers – Cuba ´96
T.H. Express – Missing In The Rain (Remix)
Dark A.T.8 – Dreams
LDC – Each Generation
Ice MC – Give Me The Light

Soul Party Mix No. 2:

Beverly Knight – Moving On Up
Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack
Sugs – What´s Up Star
Cultured Pearls – Tic Toc
Bed & Breakfast – If I Could Change The World
2 Pac – All About U
Kool & The Gang – Life In The 90s
Pauline Henry – Never Knew Love Like This
Toni Di Bart – Turn Your Love Around

House Party Mix No. 1:

Mousse T – Umdeh
DJ Mellow Man – Be Happy
X-Static – I´m Standing
Andrea Mendez – Bring Me Love
Diss-Cuss – Save The Day
Kadoc – Yeahh!
Kadoc – The Night Train
Davida – Time 2 Move
Human Instinct – Human Instinct
Interrupt – Upside Down
Paulzone – Male Stripper ´96
Space Kiddens – Rock Da House

Special Bonustrack:

Snap – Oooops Up (The 1996 Fonkey-Partydance-Remix)

Party Dance Production präsentiert Partydance Volume 5


Chart-Dance-Mix No. 5:

740 Boyz – Party Over Here
Culture Beat – Take Me Away
Livin´ Joy – Don´t Stop Movin´
H.I.M. – Lookin´ Out 4 Luv
S-Express – Theme from S´Express ´96
2 Unlimited – Spread Your Love
DJ Hooligan – System Ecstacy
Westbam – Terminator
Members Of Mayday – The Day X
Zhi Vago – Celebrate (The Love)
Taucher – Way To Your Heart
Robert Miles – Fable
Mr. President – Goodbye, Lonely Heart
Jennifer – Da-Dee-Da
Hardsequencer – Get Wicked
Awex – Wicked Plasticman
K.O´s feat. Michael Buffer – Go For It All
Once & Twice – Sunshine & Rain
Blind Date – I Wanna Have Fun
Tic Tac Toe – Leck Mich Am A, B, Zeh
Simon Harris – Bass ´96
E-Rotic – Fritz, Love My Tits
Magic Affair – World Of Freedom
Whigfield – I Want To Love
LDC – Der Satellit
DJ Sammy feat. Charisma – You Are My Angel
RMB – Spring
Double Vision – All Right
U96 – Heaven
Break 2 Rave – Sequence
Spanish Fly – We Will Rave You
Dune – Rainbow To The Stars
Dune – Hand In Hand
Music Remixer – Dancing with Tears In My Eyes
Scooter – Rebell Yell
Majort – Dicky Down

Italo-Dance-Mix No. 2:

Scotch – Disco Band
Valerie Dore – The Night
P. Lion – Happy Children
Doctor´s cat – Feel The Drive
My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
Ken Lazlo – Don´t Cry
Ivan – Fotonovella
Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
Mike Cannon – Voices In The Dark
Sabrina – Boys
Raff – Self Control

Classic-Groove´s-Mega-Mix No. 1 (The Originals):

Intro Beat 4 DJs
Dennis Edwards – Don´t Look Any Further
Imagination – Just An Illusion
Ashford & Simpson – Solid
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain´t Nobody
Bill Withers – Lovley Day
The Brothers Johnson – Stomp
Earth, Wind & Fire – Let´s Groove
Midnight Star – Operator
Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
Kool & The Gang – Fresh
KC & The Sunshine Band – I´m Your Boogie Man
The Whispers – & The Beat Goes On


Chart-Dance-Mix No 6:
Klarabella – Intro
E-Rotic – Gimme Good Sex
Quad City DJ’s – C’mon N’Ride It (The Train)
Garcia – Vamonos
Marisa Turner – Deeper In The Night
MK – Burinig
Praise – I’m Flying Like A Dove
Disco Nation – Kick Da Disco Nation
DJ Dado – The Same (Wave Mix)
Daisy D – Angel
Camarco – Boom Boom Boom
No Mercy – Where Do You Go (La Bouche Remix)
Pearl – Kissing Like A Virgin (Doug Laurent Euro Mix)
Strike – Inspiration
G.T – The Music Is Movin
Jam feat. N. Wright – What’s The Way To Your Heart
Bass Bumpers – The Music’s Got Me 96
Starproject & Toni D. – I’d Never Thought
DJ Bobo – Pray
Loft – Mallorca
Culture Beat – Walk The Same Line (Euro Mix)
Supertrip – Dolce Vita
Masterboy – Show Me Clolours
Scooter – I’m Raving
Free 2 Dance – Piece Of Heaven
High Score – Game Over
Magic Affair – Breake These Chains
Imperio – Wings Of Love
Squeezer – Sweet Kisses
Mega Lo Mania – Time
Interactive – The Sun Always Shines On TV
U-Nit feat. C. Simmons – You
Blümchen – Du Und Ich

Soul-Party-Mix No. 3:
Fugees – Ready Or Not
New Edition – Hit Me Off
Aaliyah – Giving You More
Down Low – Murder
Tony Braxton – You’re Making Me High
Yo Yo – One For The Cuties
HipHop Alliance – Nothing Like VIVA
Subway – I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True
NAS – If I Ruled The World
Goldmine – Mic Love
Warren G – What’s Love
Emel – Music To My Eyes
LL Cool J – Loungin
Mark Morrison – Crazy
C&C Music Factory – What Can I Do
Sandy B – Make My World Go Round 96
Peter Andre – Flava

SAI – Human
Shark – Karma Chameleon
J’Bond – Chek It Out
E-Rotic – Gimme Good Sex
Captain Hollywood – The Afterparty
Robin Cook – I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down
Clock – Oh What A Night
Daniel Aminah – Turn Me Up
Lotto King Karl – Da Ist Die Tür
Slam – Big Fun
King Of Paradise – One Nightstand
Heath Hunter – Revolution In Paradise
Masterboy – Mr Feeling
Spice Girls – Wannabe
Da Flave – Do That To Me One More Time
Solid Harmony – Got To Have Ya


Party Dance Production – House & Tekkno 1-6

Party Dance Production – House & Tekkno 1-6


Mellow-House Mix:
Everything But The Girl – Missing (Remix)
N.U.K.E – Keep It Coming
Body Base – My Only Desire
Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend
Elli Mac – So In Love
Clubland – Gimme Love, Gimme All
Fanny Cadeo – I Want Your Love
The Beloved – Satellite
The Free Lancers – U Got Back
Ken Doh – I Need A Lover Tonight
X-Static – I’m Standing
F-Action – Let’s Get Closer Baby (Remix)
Sweet Tee – It’s My Beat (Remix)
Jaspa Jones – This Is My House (Remix)
Eskimos & Egypt – Come Together (Remix)
E-Motion – Naughty North, Sexy South
Pro-Gress – The House Of Pain
Intermission – Miracle Of Love (Remix)
Mac Music – The Music
Selecta – Natural To Me
Mike Nero – Song with The Dip
X-Form – Hiroshima
Sarah – Lovin’ You
Dark A.T. 8 – Dreams
Prezioso – Feel The Rythm
Quadran – Eternally
Kathy Mc’ Ivor – Let Your Rythm Flow
The Un-Xplained – Theme from The X Files
Mary Kiani – Let The Music Play (Remix)

Techno Acid Mix:
The Good Men – Give It Up (Remix)
Jonas – Mond
Bi-Nom – Get Up (Remix)
Miss Jones – Passion (Remix)
Paul Zone – Male Stripper (Remix)
Montini Experience II – My House Is Your House (Remix)
Awex – Wicked Plasticmen
Myk’s Magic Marble Box – Tokyo Trax (Remix)
Raver’s Nature – Somebody Scream (Remix)
X-Cabs – Neuro
Microwave Prince – The Colour Of Love
Brain Wibe II – It’s Hot

Goa-Trance Mix:
Zyon – No Fabe (Remix)
Blue Alphabet – Timetable
Taucher- Miracle
Quench – Dreams (Remix)
Cygnus X – Superstring


Mellow House Mix:
Faithless – Insomina
Digital Experience – Touch Me
Everything But The Girl – Wrong
Uplifters – Mr. Real (Remix)
Livin’ Joy – Don’t Stop Movin’
DJ Delicious – Such A Feeling
N678 All feat. Jean Shy – Summernation
Me & Mr. Jones – Keep On-Be Strong
Baby D – Take Me To Heaven
Poltergeist – Vicious Circles
Amorph – Wooden Fruits
Michelle – Standing Here All Alone
White Label – Promo
DJ Tonka – Radical Noise
Scotti Deep – Brooklyn Beats
Donna Summer – State Of Independence
Ten – High On Air
2 Unlimited – Spread Your Love (Remix)
Floormen – Do It To Me
Sash – It’s My Life
Danny Lee – (Now Here Comes The) Music
Sound Lovers – Run-A-Way
Casino – Touch Me (Remix)
Klubbheads – Klubbhopping (Remix)
Merlyn & 6 Wicked Kids – Get Ready
Stormy Weather – Stormy Weather
Kadoc – You Got To Be Here
6 By Six – Into Your Heart
Commander Tom – Round My Brain
B.B.E. – Seven Days & One Week
Tennessee – Feel The Magic
Oxigyzer 1 – Coloured Life
Der Zithermann – The 3rd Man

Tekkno Trance Mix:
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy – To Annother Galaxy (Remix)
Acidphase II – Airforce
Tecmania Rebel – So Get Up
DJ Misjah & Groovehead – Acid Energy
Y Traxx – Kiss The Sound
Caucassus – My Dream (My Wish)
K-Go – Genesis
Skurge – South Of The River
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye
Alien Factory – Higher
Phantasma – Sing Another Love Song
Shahin & Simon – Do The Right Thing (Remix)
Mega Lo Mania – Close Your Eyes (Remix)
Star Trek – Farpoint
DJ Jo – Space Harmony (Remix)
PFZ – Love To The Future
Scooter – Stuttgart

Dutch Happy Hardcore Mix:
Destruction EP – Sax On The Rocks
DJ Groovy – Shake It
B. Feranzano & T. Salmonelli – Daddy Snow
DJ Isaac – Let Da Beat
B. Feranzano & T. Salmonelli – Class Action Take II
DJ Delirium & DJ Buzz Fizz – Immortality
DJ Isaac – Bad Dreams (Remix)
Duo Penotti – The Beat Goes On


Mellow House Mix:
Soulful Distortion – Deep Trip
DJ Tonka – She Knows You
Kama Sutra – Storm In My Soul
Louise – Naked
Future Force – What You Want
Andrea Mendez – Bring Me Love
Arman Van Helden – Cha Cha
Teeko X feat. Rod O – Killing Me Softly
Wiggle Funk – Promo
4 Tune feat. Frankie McCoy – Love Is My Whole World
Shellshock – K-Jee
Casino – Sounds
Stretch ‘N’ Vern – I’m Alive
Blunt Funkers – Move Around
Tori Amos – Professional Widow
The Additive – Groovacacious
Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy
Paperclip People – Floor
Golden Girls – Kenetic
Trance Setters – The Search (Remix)
Armin – Check Your Mind
The Sunclub – Fiesta
Reel To Real – Are You Ready For Some More
Code Blue – Red Alert
Express Of Sound – Real Vibration
Bubble Solution – Chemistry
The M Experience – Break You Down
DJ Tonka – Radical Noise (Remix)
The M Experience – Fibre
Paul Van Dyk – I Like It

Tekkno Trance Mix:
Arpegiators – The Doors Of Perception
Format #1 – Solid Seeion ’96 (Remix)
Canyon – Cosmos
Denkigroove – Niji (Remix)
Paul Van Dyk – Seven Ways
Paragliders – Share Of Bitterness
Paul Van Dyk – Heaven
Paul Van Dyk – Come (And Get It)
DJ Alblaze – Based On Acid
The M Experience III – The Box
DJ Groovehead – Lost Sector
Trope – Amphetamin
U.F.O. – Don’t Stop
Senor Carlos – La Casa Latina
Locutos – Bust The New Jam
DJ Energy – Believer
Repulser – Sentimental Circiut
Cygnus X – Hypermetrical (Remix)
Tranquilizer Od – State Of Acid Trash
The M Experience III – Rock Your Body
Terra Ferma – Floating


Mellow Club Mix:
Robert Miles – One & One
The Republic – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
DJ Duke – Keep Movin
Carrol Park – To Be True
Skuba – Kuba
Kim English – Nite Life
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life
CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter
Klubbheads – The Magnet
Bossi – Work It Out
Porn Kings – Up To No Good
MK – Burning ’96
Groove Yard – Mary Go Wild
Airscape – Cruisin
Oshawa – On It
East Anglia – Unmanageable
Quick Reverse – We All Want Love
X-Press II – Tranz Europe Express
Tigrinum – Music Is The Answer
The Funk Blasters – Hey DJ
DJ Supreme – Tha Wildstyle
Max Lee – Sensation
Dub Foundation – Emotions
Nick & Nack – Celluloid
Soft Lips Inc. – Love Me
Van Haze – Funky Rhythm
Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall ’96
Shadowman – Funkanestic
DJ Paradise – Consumption
Randy – Pandomia
Tecmania Rebel – Circus Beat
Randy – Fly By
Tron Dogs – Stoned Visions

Mellow Trance Mix:
Groove Planet – Sunflowers
Psyco – Free
The Pinkclub – Erect
DJ Tecmania – Joyfull
Three ‘N’ One – Reflect
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Remix)
MR – To France
DJ Quicksilver – I Have A Dream
The Course – Straight Ahead
Quake X – Timeless
2 B Continued – Laydown
MB – Schattenmund (Remix)
The Nutter – Gimme Your Love
Moonman – Don’t Be Afraid
Indra – Style-O-Phonic
Sequential One – Hypnotize
Sacroblast – Sonar
Kaylin – The Vampire State Building
Pet Shop Boys – Discoteca
Mauro Picotto – The Test
TB Turner – Snavalo


House Sequences:
Patrick Prins – Contrast
Star Treks – The Next Generation
Lithium – Ride A Rocket (Remix)
Way Out West – The Gift
Burger Queen – Boom + Pound
E-Dancer – World Of Deep
Three ‘N’ One – Shotgun Blue
The Experts – Motor
Crydamoure – Santa Claus
Dave Angel – This Is Disco (Remix)
Buddy Booth – Misbehavin
Slacker – Scared
Sugar – Progressive Love
Alter Ego vs. David Homes – The Evil Needle
Da Techno Bohemian – Pump Da Bass
The Prophet – Tomorrowland
Milk Inc. – La Vache (Remix)
Hole In One – Life’s Too Short
Crighton & Alvarez – The Relish
Kinky Toys – Somewhere Out Here
Penetrator – Love Entry
Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade
Virtual Element – Bsic Energy
Sovid – Emprisoning Sound On A Piece Of Wax
Interzone – Let’s Get It On
NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Remix)
J. Daniel – Sensual Delirium
Junk Project – The Junk Hunters
Barbarus – Virtual Religion
Lexicon – Schlangenlinie
Housetrap 3 – The Future
The Lone Gunman – Seny
Housetrap 3 – Absolution
Robert Armani – Hit Hard (Remix)
Earth Nation – Educated
LSG – Hidden Sun Of Venus
Terra Ferma – Lunar Sunrise
Third Bass – High Speed
Terra Ferma – Visions
LSG – Transmutation
Talla 2XLC – What Time Is Love


Tekkno Mix:
Sour Mash – The Spirit
Rain Box – Look Out
Stef & Voncent de Moor – Details
Damon Wild – Indigo
Purpose Maker – The Bells
DJ Jamo & Marc Taylor – The Movement
Sour Mash – Leap Of Faith
Dariush Fattahi – Hacker
Woodpeckers 3 – Distruction Machine
DJ Misjah – Bastardo
Kriss Dior – Orange Walk District
Poltergeist – Vicious Circles (Remix)
Legend B – Lost In Love (Remix)
DJ Taucher – The Physical Thing
LSG – The Netherworld
CJ Bolland – The Prophet
Spectrum – Prakticus
Andrew Wooden – Manslaughter
Spectrum – Atomizer
Junk Project – Acces

Club Mix:
Drummers – Funky Drums from Hell
NBG – Soul System
Arman van Helden & DJ Sneak – Psychic Bounty Killaz
Curly E – When In Doubt
Age of Love – The Age Of Love (Remix)
Drummers – Come To The Fuiture
The Fruit Loop – Show Me Love
Gray Scale – Future Fuss Ep
Luce Drayton – To Be Loved (Remix)
Nalin & Kane – Beachball
Bellini – Samba De Janeiro
Victor Calderone – Give It Up
Continius Cool – Reletions
Tronik – Jackass Transporter
Mike S – Oscar Clasani


Party Dance Production – Kuschel Mixes 1-6

Party Dance Production – Kuschel Mixes 1-6


Kuschelmegamix No. 1:
Joshua Kadison – Jessie
Phil Collins – A Groovy Kind Of Love
George Michael – Carelsess Whisper
Roxy Music – Jealous Guy
Bonny Bianco – My First Love
Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up
Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is
Bee Gees – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Roxette – It Must Have Been Love
Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face
Curtis Stigers – I Wonder Why
Tina Turner – I Don’t Wanna Lose You
Toni Braxton – Another Sad Love Song
Paul Young – Now I Know What Made Otis Blue
Luther Vandross – The Rush
SWV – Right Here
Michael Jackson – Human Nature

Kuschelmegamix No. 2:
Vaya Con Dios – What’s A Woman
Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues
Alison Moyet – This House
Scorpions – Still Loving You
Barry Manilow – Mandy
Genesis – In Too Deep
Roxette – Queen Of Rain
Phil Collins – Against All Odds
Eric Carmen – All By Myself
Mariah Carey – Love Takes Time
Timmy T. – One More Try
Stevie B. – Because I Love You
Nilson – Without You (Old Version)
Natalie Cole – Miss You Like Crazy
Phil Collins – One More Night
Sandra – One More Night
Michael Jackson – Heal The World

Maria Carey – Without You (Special New Remastered Echo Version)
Michael Jackson – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Recutted Orchestra Mix)
The Flying Pickets – Only You (Mixed To The Rhythm Version)


Kuschelmegamix No. 3:
Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone
Rednex – Wish You Were Here
Mariah Carey – Without You (Remix)
Stevie B. – Dream About You
Mariah Carey & Boyz II Man – One Sweet Day
Roxette – Vulnerable
3T – Anything
Karyn White – Superwoman
Collage – You Are Everything
Whitney Houston – Exhale
All 4 One – So Much In Love
Connels – 74-75
Denine – All Cried Out
Hammer – Have You Seen Her
Will To Power – Baby I Love Your Way
Toni Braxton – Breathe Again
Take That – Back For Good
Caught In The Act – You Know

Kuschelmegamix No. 4:
Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now
Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry
Peter Cetera – Glory Of Love
Michael Bolton – To Love Somebody
Maria Mc Kee – Show Me Heaven
Haddaway – I Miss You
P.M. Sampson – We Love To Love
Reo Speedwagon – Can’t Light This Feeling
ZZ Top – Rough Boy
Bangles – Eternal Flame
Roxette – It Must Have Been Love
Toto – I’ll Be Over You
Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan – Especially For You
Gloria Estefan – Don’t Wanna Loose You
Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over
Mr. Big – Don’t Be with You
Genesis – Hold On My Heart
Enigma – Return To Innocence
Eros Ramazzotti – Un Altra Te
Roxette – Listen To Your Heart
Whitesnake – Is This Love
Climie Fisher – Rise To The Occasion
Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do with It
Starship – Sara
Genesis – Tonight Tonight Tonight
Arthur Baker – The Message Is Love
Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise
Johnny Hates Jazz – Turn Back The Clock
Human League – Human

Jane Birkin & S. Gainsbourg – Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus (Rhythm Mix)


Kuschelmegamix No. 5:
Michael Jackson – Heal The World
Sophie B. Hawkins – As I Lay Me Down
John Farnham – You’re The Voice
Neneh Cherry – Manchild
Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only
The Four Tops – Tonight I’m Gonna Love You All Over
Imagination – In & Out Of Love
Kandidate – I Don’t Wanna Loose You
The Three Degrees – Woman In Love
Take That – Back For Good
Scarlet – Independent Love Song
Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia
Annie Lennox – No More I Love You
Phil Collins – Do You Remember
Mike & The Mechanics – Over My Shoulder
Climie Fisher – Rise To The Occasion
Boy George – Everything I Own
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Over At Frankenstein Place
Portrait – How Deep Is Your Love

Kuschelmegamix No. 6 (The Soul Romancing Part):
Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby
Sade – Ordinary World
Xscape – Feel’s So Good
Terry Ellis – It’s You That I Need
Lionel Ritchie – Ordinary Girl
Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk
Imaginations – In The Heat Of The Night
Atlantis Starr – Time
Trey Lorenz – Photograph Of Mary
Soul For Real – Candy Rain
Deon Estos – Heaven Help Me
Fugees – Killing Me Softly
Hi Definition – Make The Babies Smile
Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further
Tevin Campbell – Back To The World
Mr. Magic – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity

Kuschelmegamix No. 7 (The New Soft Hits 1996):
Madonna – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
3T – 24/7
Hand In Hand – Children
East 17 – Someone To Love
Music Instructor – Na Na Na
Erotic – Tears In Your Blue Eyes
Troy Newman – Don’t Make Me Ask
Gloria Estefan – Reach
Backstreet Boys – Just To Be Closed
Tic Tac Toe – Verpiss Dich


Kuschelmegamix No. 8:
Kylie Minogue & Keith Washington – If You Were with Me Now
Lionel Richie – Hello
Michael Jackson – Stranger In Moscow
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aarin Neville – Don’t Know Much
Janet Jackson – Twenty Foreplay
Scorpions – You & I
Bette Midler – from A Distance
Donna Summer – Jeremy
Eros Ramazotti – Stella Gemella
Living In A Box – Room In Your Heart
Europe – Carrie
Duran Duran – Ordinary World
Celine Dion – Where Does My Heart Neat Now
Just Friends – The Present That I Want
Zucchero – My Love
Youssou ‘N’ Dor & Neneh Cherry – 7 Seconds
3T – Why
Zucchero feat. Paul Young – Senza Una Donna
Richard Marx – Chains Around My Heart
The Hights – How Do You Talk To An Angel
Troy Newman – Don’t Make Me Ask
The Jets – Make It Real
Roger Troutman – I Want To Be Your Man

Kuschelmegamix No. 9:
Bingoboys – Ten More Minutes
Madonna – Rain
Kelly Family – I Can’t Help Myself
Jan Hammer – Crocket’s Theme
MC Sar – Sleeping with An Angel
Kool & The Gang – Cherish
Twenty 4 Seven – Oh Baby
Dr. Alban – One Love
Culture Beat – Key To Your Heart
BVSMP – Anytime
Scatman John – Song Of Scatland
PJ & Duncan – All I Have To Do Is Dream
Take That – Pray

Roxette Kuschelmix:
Roxette – I Don’t Want To Get Hurt
Roxette – If Must Have Been Love
Roxette – You Don’t Understand Me
Roxette – Spending My Time
Roxette – Listen To My Heart
Roxette – Exited


Kuschelmegamix No. 10: Der Rock und Popteil
Pe Werner – Kribbeln Im Bauch
Janet Jackson – Again
Guns ‘N’ Roses – Don’t Cry
R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
East 17 – Stay Another Day
Celine Dion – Think Twice
Glenn Madeiros – Friend You Give Me A Reason
T Pau – China In Your Hand
Joe Cocker – Night Calls
No Mercy – When I Die
Freundeskreis – A.N.N.A.
Des’Ree – Feel So High
Sabrina Setlur – Du Liebst Mich Nicht
The Cars – Drive
All 4 One – I Swear
Clouseau – Close Encounters
Eros Ramazzotti – Cose Della Vita
Rödelheim Hardreim Project – Keine Ist
Tic Tac Toe – Warum
Annie Lennox – No More I Love You
Phil Collins – Do You Remember
Madonna – Crazy For You
Spice Girls – Mama

Kuschelmegamix No. 11: Der Soulteil
Classical Leader – Why U Wanna Trip On Me
Toni Braxton – You’re Makin’ Me High
Blacknuss – Dinah
Paris Red – Love Hurts
R’N’G – Rhythm Of My Heart
LL Cool J – Doin It
112 feat. The Notoriuos B.I.G. – Only You
Double Feature – Get Closer (Ooh Baby Ooh)
Damage – Love II Love
Nana – Lonely
Robin S – Back & Forth

Whitney Houston Kuschelmegamix:
Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing
Whitney Houston – I Believe In You & Me
Whitney Houston – Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Whitney Houston – I Know Him So Well
Whitney Houston – Did’nt We Almost Have It All
Whitney Houston – All At Once
Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You
Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
Whitney Houston – All The Man That I Need
Whitney Houston – One Moment In Time


Kuschelmegamix No. 13:

Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me
Mariah Carey – Hero
Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
Peter Alexander – Die Kleine Kneipe
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power Of Love
Martika – Toy Soldier
Alphaville – Forever Young
Bette Midler – from A Distance
Peter Andre – I Feel You
The Kelly Family – Nanana
Peter Cetera – No Explanation
Rod Stewart – Have I Told You Lately
Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
Dune – Who Wants To Live Forever
Zucchero – My Love
Chris De Burgh – Lady In Red
Scooter – Break It Up
Milli Vanilli – I’m Gonna Miss You
Haddaway – Lover Be The Name
Blümchen – Gib Mir Noch Zeit
Babyface – When Can I See You
Peter Maffay – Ich Fühl Wie Du
Cappuccino – Du Fehlst Mir
Purple Schulz – Sehnsucht
Markus – Kleine Taschenlampe Brenn’
LL Cool J – I Need Love
Paula Abdul – Rush Rush
Howard Carpendale – Laura Jane
Scritti Politti – Oh Patti
Jovanotti – Serenata Rap
Mr. President – Show Me The Way
Berlin – Take My Breath Away
Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last
Shakespear’s Sisters – Stay
Richard Marx – Angelina
Tina Turner – Golden Eye
Puff Daddy & Faith Evans – I’ll Be Missing You

Boygroups In Love:

Backstreet Boys – I’ll Never Break My Heart
Backstreet Boys – Anywhere For You
Kai – I’ll Be Loving You Forever
Caught In The Act – Babe
Boyzone – Love Me For A Reason
Take That – Back For Good
Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games with My Heart
Take That – How Deep Is Your Love


Party Dance Production – Souldreams Nummer 1

Party Dance Production – Souldreams Nummer 1

Today Souldreams:

Uncle Sam – I Dont Ever Wanna See You Again
Janet Jackson – Everytime
Down Low – In Someone Else Arms
S.F.P. – My Love Is The Shhh!
Trey Lorenz – Make You Happy
All Saints – Never Ever
Mary J. Blidge – Share My World
The Boys – One Minute
Boys II Men – A Song For Mama
Usher – U Make Me Wanna
Luniz – Us, Me & You
Paris Red – Love Hurts
Rappers Against Racism – I Wanna Know What Love Is
Will Smith – Just Cruisin (Remix)
Poetry `N´ Motion – Romeo & Juliet (Remix)
Toni Braxton – You´re Makin Me High
C-Block – Eternal Grace
LL Cool J – Doin´ It
Pappa Bear – Cherish
Pappa Bear – When The Rain Begin To Fall
Diana King – Ain´t Nobody
Lighthouse Family – High
C-Block – Broken Wings
Squeezer – Without You
Coolio – Too Hot
Queen Pen – All My Love
Queen Pen – It´s True
Yesterdays Souldreams:
Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love
Alexander O´ Neal – Sunshine
Glen Goldsmith – Rhythm Of Romance
Sweet Tee – Why Did It Have To Be Me
Bobby Brown – Roni
PM Sampson – We Love To Love
Roger – I Want To Be Your Man
Herp Albert – Making Love In The Rain
Desree – Feel So High
Mica Paris – One
Neneh Cherry – Manchild
Colour Me Badd – Adore Mi Amore
Shanice – I Love Your Smile
Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing


Party Dance Production – The All Time Classic Summerparty Mix

Party Dance Production – The All Time Classic Summerparty Mix

Summerparty Jam Teil 1:

Helmut & Die Dominos – Komm, Lass Die Sau Raus
Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
Sabrina – Boys
Sister Sledge – We Are Family
Fun Fun – Happy Station
Rayn Paris – Dolce Vita
Ivan – Fotonovela
Rose Laurens – Africa
Trio Rio – New York, Rio, Tokyo
Gibson Brothers – Cuba
Cita – Baby Come Back
Tony Holiday – Tanze Samba Mit Mir
Kool & The Gang – Celebration
Ibo – Ibiza
Inner City – Big Fun
Everything But The Girl – Missing
Chocolate – Everybody Salsa
Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
The Goodmen – Give It Up
Chris Wolf- Palma De Mallorca
Funky 49ers – Stars On 45
Ricky Martin – Maria
Dieter Thomas Kuhn – Über Den Wolken
Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke
Bombalurina – Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny
KC & The Sunshine Band – Give It Up
Bernd Selter – Ober Zack ‘N’ Helles
Guildo Horn – Gildo Hat Euch Lieb
Max A Million – Fat Boy
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Spice Girls – Stop
Eddy Grant – Gimme Hope Jo’Anna
TNT – Vamos Alla Playa
Wolfgang Petry – Verliebt Verloren
Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – Happy People
EAV – Fatamorgana
Whigfield – Saturday Night
2 Elvissa – Oh La La La La
Tatjana – Chica Cubana
Whigfield – Sexy Eyes
Rex Gildo – Fiesta Mexicana
R.O.O.S. – Instant Moments
N.Y.C.C. – Fight For Your Right
Groove Solution – Magic Melody
Costa Cordalis – Partymann
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams
Dario G – Carneval De Paris
Lollies – Wahnsinn
Viper – New Day
Costa Cordalis – Anita
Ace Of Base – Beautiful Life
Carlos – The Allmarilla
Costa Cordalis – Viva La Noche
Mr. President – Up ‘N’ Away
TNN – In Cumanchera
DJ Spencer – Birthday Party
Gilberto – Da Samba
Dario G – Sunchime
Scooter – How Much Is A Fish
Kosmonova – Celebrate
Loft – Mallorca
DJ Red Five – Da Bass
Hape Kerkeling – Das Ganze Leben Ist Ein Quiz
Erotic – Max Don’t Have Sex
Corona – Rhythm Of The Night
Bellini – Samba De Janeiro
Sunclub – Fiesta
Salt ‘N’ Pepa – Twist & Shout
Dolls United – Eine Insel Mit Zwei Bergen
U96 – Heaven

Summerparty Jam Teil 2:

Inner Circle – Sweat (A La La La La Long)
Shabba Ranks – Mr. Loverman
Banana Band – Reggae Lovers
UB 40 – Red Red Wine
Papa Winnie – Bootsie & Boopsie (You Are My Sunshine)
Ace Of Base – All That She Wants
Michael Jackson – Human Nature
Die Ärzte – Manner Sind Schweine
Dr. Alban – One Love
Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me
Paula Abdul – Straight Up
DNA feat. Suzanne Vega – Toms’s Diner
Mr. President – Coco Jamboo
Blackbox – Fantasy
DJ Bobo – Everybody
Snow – Informer
Ice MC – Easy
Fun Factory – Don’t Go Away
Madonna – La Isla Bonita
Masterboy – La Ola Hand In Hand
Los Del Rio – Macarena
Stefan Raab Und Die Bekloppten – Ein Bett Im Kornfeld
Boney M – Brown Girl In The Ring
Amazulu – Montego Bay
Jermaine Stewart – Get Lucky
French Connection – I Don’t Like Reggae
Laura Braningan – Self Control
Loft – Summer Summer
Bananarama – Cruel Summer
Spagna – Easy Lady
Roy Black & Anita – Schön Ist Es Auf Der Welt Zu Sein
Richie – Lach Ich Oder Was
Blue System – My Bed Is To Big
Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
Rock Steady Crew – (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew
Madonna – Holiday
Wham – Bad Boys
Kaoma – Lambada
Los Lobos – Baile
Roco Granata – Marina

Chocolate – Ritmo Della Noche
Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA
Roy Black & Anita – Schön Ist Es Auf Der Welt Zu Sein
Die Ärzte – Westerland